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The match-up was sure hyped up. As every media outlet begged the question…

Who’s better LeBron or Kobe?

Unfortunately the game was not competitive, as the Miami Heat got the lead early and never let it slip away. However, there was some interesting quotes after the game when LeBron was asked about his 2008 Team USA teammate.

TNT’s Craig Sager asked how it is playing against Kobe Bryant. James mentioned how Bryant goes 100% on each possession, but he also said the following:

“He’s someone I idolized in high school.”

James then expanded on the above in his post-game locker room interview:

[Kobe] was someone when I was in high school I looked up to. [Kobe] going straight out of high school and seeing the success he had, I looked up to him. Like I said, its always a pleasure and honor to be out on the same court with one of the greatest.”

“Its never been between me and Kobe, even-though we get all the press and all the limelight we try to do whaveter it takes to help our team win…I don’t need to prove anything to Kobe, and he of course does not need to prove anything to me.”

Kobe Bryant, now in his 16th NBA Season, came into the league as a rookie in 1996.

At that time LeBron James was only 11-years old.