Ohio.com: ”I’d give it to Kobe,” James said. ”What he’s done this whole year, to carry that team to the No. 1 team in the West right now. He’s playing his best basketball all around. I’ve watched him the whole year. I saw it last summer when I played with him with USA Basketball and the sacrifices he’s made for the team and he’s done that with the Lakers.”

Various polls done around the country have Bryant and Paul in a dead heat for the award with James coming in third or fourth. Two years ago, James finished second in the voting. Last year, he finished fifth. Bryant hasn’t won the award in his 12 years in the league, but this appears to be his best shot.

”I’ve been quoted millions of times saying Kobe is the best player in our league for the last five years,” James said. ”He hasn’t received the MVP. This is his year I think.”

  • gugy

    everybody know Kobe deserves it.

    But there is a chance that those Kobe haters will prevail, unfortunately.

  • kelvlam

    now King James is talking some sense :-)

  • Young

    he’s always been a supporter of kobe. like he said, it can be quoted for miles that he thinks kobe is the best player on the planet.

    lebron’s time will come. in a few years, theres gonna be perrenial battles between lebron, cp3, and howard.

  • as1084

    what is with lebron’s man crush on kobe??? he kisses kisses kobe’s a.s.s any chance he can get.

  • rondeputa

    It’ll be funny if the lakers take the no.1 spot in the west and paul wins the mvp.For the past few years kobe should’ve had the mvp award, but they gave it to nash and dirk because they have the best record.It will just prove that the voters hate kobe bean bryant.


    Wow, I really can’t believe that this might actually be the here Kobe24Bryant is going to receive this award that he deserved to win the past 5 yrs.
    Its pretty exciting seeing other great players and coaches around the league arguing for Kobe to get it. This is really good stuff…he desperately deserves it, only reason he didn’t was because People love to hate the most talented player in the world, and since he came after MJ…they loved to hate him more, this is his time, and the lakers time to go far in the playoffs baby! LETS GO! do work SON!!!

  • west213

    damnnn look at that cross over….

  • drake hunter

    F@CK LEBRON, he says all this crap and kisses Kobe’s Azz, but you know deep down he tries to be better and mimics Kobe in everything he does and really wants to win MVP even though he says Kobe deserves it. Lebron you wish you could be KOBE!

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

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    it’s called RESPECT!

  • jack

    oh sure we needed lebron’s agreement. bull shit. I don’t care wat lebron thinks.

    it doesn’t matter how long kobe hasn’t won MVP.

    Kobe deserves it this year. period.

  • IGWT24

    Kobe is the man as much as we can say we didnt like the way he attitude in the past the boy can flat out play. period no one like MJ for years. Kobe is the best thing the NBA has MJ jr.. everything is just like MJ” be like mike” the jumper the talk everything about kobe is is MJ i love it. the game needs it. Labron will be next but just let Kobe have his time now. the King will come. but he has to wait his turn. the way its looking is Kobe is going to run at the rings. I am a die hard Laker fan to the death. Kobe MVP

  • west213

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    respect my ballzzz, haters dont respect kobe, they want to be kobe

  • berks_kb24

    kobe mvp

  • berks_kb24

    why at this time?they said the mvp is the one who make their teammates better?nash won because he made amare n marion better no doubt!what about dirk did he makes his teammates better?no just because they are the no.1 team wat about shaq duncan n garnett?do they make their teammates better yet they won the mvp because they lead their team in scoring actually kobe makes shaq better,look at him now!kobe haters has too many allybys,but now KOBE leads n makes his team better there are no reasons to deny him……….KOBE………MVP……………LAKERS…………..

  • iLakers

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    since wen is LeBron a KB hater?

    Did u call Kobe an MJ hater wen he praised MJ?

    LeBron is the next one to take the torch…maybe he’ll to come to LA in 2010…Imagine…

    PG – Farmar
    SG – Kobe
    SF – LeBron
    PF – Gasol
    C – Bynum


  • ab4sure

    Those who say Lebron is kissing kobe’s ass don’t know much about how true great players respect the game and others. Did Bird kiss Magic’s ass when he said Magic was the best player? Did Magic kiss Bird’s ass when he said the same thing about Bird? I don’t think so!!! It is about respect. When Lebron says that he is doing the same thing those great players did. I wouldn’t use it to say he is kissing his ass. In fact both Bird and Magic said the same thing about MJ when he came along and won all his MVP’s. It’s respect guys not Ass Kissin no matter how much you want to see Lebron kiss his ass.