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ESPN: It’s safe to assume that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant haven’t talked privately about giving the world what it wants – the dream NBA Finals matchup between James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers. But in January, the two superstars talked about giving another gift to the basketball world, or at least to the basketball world’s greatest players.

James and Bryant decided to buy each member of the 2010 NBA All-Star team a pair of custom-made “Beats by Dr. Dre’’ Monster headphones. James bought them for his 12 Eastern Conference teammates, while Bryant did the same for the 14 other Western Conference all-stars.

Speaking via blackberry, James and Bryant settled on getting Dre’s $350 “Studio’’ version headphones. They then contacted Dr. Dre and asked him to customize each set of headphones by making them in the All-Star colors (blue for the East, red for the West) and putting each player’s number on them. That cost an extra $100 per set.

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  • LC09

    now they shud team up on da lakers n we’d get every championships lol

  • 242LakerFan

    Love the idiot in the comments section whining about millionaires buying each other expensive gifts.
    What are they supposed to do? Give each other a pat on the back and say FU, you gat money, go buy your own crap?
    Moron. I guess if this dude had millions, he’d be handing out McD’s gift certificates at Christmas, right?

    • gus26

      everyone does realize this is a business write off right?… even when kobe got his teamates watches for his mvp award… its a write off… its a nice thing for them to do and make sense for them to do it.. why wouldn’t they do something like that..

      just to put it in perspective for everyone this cost a total of $6300 for kobe… if you do the math of what he makes over an 82 game schedule… he makes more than that in one minute of a game..

  • poop

    so kobe bought more than lebron? figures, lebron is 2nd place again

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    Why do you keep mentioning the kobe with LEBRONZE?sure it makes the kobe look good but its bringing down the MVP.Please come out of the darkness into the bright fresh light……………