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L.A. Times: The NBA is reviewing the flagrant foul called against Lakers center Andrew Bynumthat landed Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallacein the hospital to determine if any disciplinary action should be taken But league officials said Wednesday that it’s common practice for the NBA to review flagrant fouls.

  • 24kar33m24

    that would suck if he got suspended…hes playing the best he has all year right now

  • Sako

    If Bynums getting suspended, than why not Morrison for hitting Pau on the head.

  • ryguy2303

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    Morrison didn’t break Pau’s rib or collapse his lung. Haha. But yea a suspension isn’t warranted for this foul. It was a clean hard foul (defending the basket) but the result (which was not intended) was terribly unfortunate.

  • Paul

    Well that’s the risk of Wallace being a driver. Bynum just so happened to try to block the shot.

  • David

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    He wasn’t trying to block the shot. He just fouled him hard to save an easy basket.

  • Banzai

    I think Bynums suspension will be based on the injury of Wallace.

  • xUSCx

    not going to happen

  • LakersFirst

    I remember back in the 80’s when a hard foul like this would just be a personal foul (remember, McHale’s clothesline on Rambis?). The NBA itself is getting soft. I only wish Bynum did this to a Boston Suckdic.

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

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    THEY SELL DICKS! :cool:

  • LakersFirst

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    LOL, that’s a good one too.

  • joe grande

    bynum can use the suspension time wisely

  • bernzter

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    He shouldn’t be suspended in the first place… Bball is supposed to be a tough sport and NBA is supposed to the be pinnacle of the sport… Unfortunately it’s gone soft to the cream puffs and the marshmallow marshals out there…

    Bynum just went back old school… Remember Laimbeer? Barkley? Dr. J? Moses Malone, Karl Malone and even The Worm?!?!?! They took no for an answer on people going to the paint and they made them pay… Bynum did just that… He fouled the guy HARD! No excuses for that… The only flipside is that G Wallace is now injured (shout outs to G Wal though hope you get better). But that’s it you play in the best leagues and you should be expecting to get tougher competition in all aspects…

    Nuff Said…


    Well, Justic Prevails!
    …If you don’t know by now, Bynum will NOT be suspended!