Enjoy LD2k’s Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series!

21:16 Minutes Long | 491MB (.mp4/H.264)

LD2k’s “Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series” video based on Kobe’s amazing and acrobatic JAMS from his 2008-2009 season! Download links to come; leave all your feedback here!

  • weeezy

    love ittt

  • x2kb4x

    ugh i hate watching videos on this site
    theyre so laggy to me..
    just my pc i guess

    anyone got a different link with different player?

  • http://www.jjceleb.com Jackenton

    The quality isn’t great but good music selection. DEFENSE series was best. This is better than the AND1 series though.

  • x2kb4x

    no i mean its really laggy like bad.. i cant even watch it

  • Sopi

    post out the link god damn it!!
    i cant wait to play these great videos in better quality on my big screen tv

  • Short Dog

    Best Video I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait for Kobe to do more damage!

  • Stump

    Thank you for that. Well enjoyed.

  • willow

    So does anyone know where the download links are?

  • pauu

    gotta post a download link. videos are lagging for me as well

  • http://n/a FLAny

    Thanks heaps Chris!
    BTW, can you release a HD version?