Enjoy LD2k’s Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series!

13:44 Minutes Long | 270MB (.mp4/H.264)

Enjoy all of Kobe’s amazing defensive effort and blocks from his 2008-2009 season! Download links to come; leave all your feedback here!

  • lyk13

    First. :D

  • http://www.inverter-china.com/blog lovekb

    wow, great!

    I love this.

  • http://www.inverter-china.com/blog lovekb

    may I download this video?

    I am eager for next season.

  • trbo823

    Great Video!!! Thanks!!

  • lakerschamps-09

    wow great video chris!!!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    the last block is funny. i remember that one from last year- i remember that i was mad that- that play did not make the top ten plays of the night….

  • osm0nd

    great video but can u make a youtube hd version so i can post it on facebook?

  • http://www.jjceleb.com Jackenton

    Does anyone know what the background music song is?

  • desecrator93

    That last block on Butler was absolutely cruel. Sick vid man, keep em comin!

  • http://bestplayerontheplanet.com bestplayerontheplanet

    Love it! I find it hard to believe that he has not won defensive player of the year yet!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    wow i`ll be wackin it to that for months,!!!

  • 242LakerFan

    O My Gawd, that last play was SICK!!!
    Fantastic work as usual, Chris. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there for almost 14 minutes. It was that good. Can’t wait for the rest.
    When can we get to download these?

  • Ko8e_f@n

    great vid! :)

  • Topher

    Defensive player of the Year, he should win one, one of these years.
    I mean how did LBJ get more votes than him

  • gugy

    great video but we need this in HD at least 720p to watch on my plasma. This current quality is lame. Do it TLN!

  • 151rummer