Enjoy LD2k’s Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series!

32:22 Minutes Long | 498MB (.mp4/H.264)

LD2k’s “Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series” 3’s. – LD2k’s final installment in the Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series! Download links to come; leave all your feedback here!

  • Short Dog

    Thats what I’m talking about. Witnessing a living LEGEND! Kobe is better than Jordan. Lakers 2009-10 champs baby.

  • Salty

    So many clutch 3s for Kobe this year. Those last four in Boston, Houston, San Antonio, and Denver had me going crazy when they each happened.

    Another great job as always Chris, you are the man!

  • thisisweaksauce


    I listened to your talk with those a-hole Celtic bloggers/fans at redsarmy.com, on the podcast. You should have told them the Fish was also wearing the shirt that Kobe was wearing at the parade, the one with four rings on it. Those imbeciles. Getting four titles was a momentous achievement for the two of them, and they couldn’t have done it without the other. We’ll kill them in the Finals – I do not mind a sweep.

    • http://hellbydante.deviantart.com hellbydante

      …. i see a sweep! and there will be a sweep! ron-ron’s gonna tear the celtics up on D!!!

  • alphaquae

    do us the fans a favor, put if up on rapidshare, megaupload, sendspace, ya da ya da… compressed into multiple (.rar)’s for us to download. that should fix your 500mb server limit upload problem.