Title: The Kobe “CHAMPIONSHIP” Series Teaser Trailer
Created By: LD2k (Video)
Length: 0:45
Size: 21MB
Type: MPEG-4 (HQ)
Play With: You can use Quicktime or VLC Player.


Description: The trailer for the upcoming project by LD2k. This project, like last year’s Kobe MVP Series (Exclusive to TheLakersNation.com) is one of the largest Kobe Bryant projects ever assembled… Like the Kobe MVP Series, this will feature all of Kobe’s defensive plays, three pointers, and 1’s and jams from his championship season in 2008-2009! COMING SOON!

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  • trbo823

    Cant wait for the finished product.

  • INGL3W00D


  • roscoe

    what’s the intro from.. sounds so familiar.

  • Patrick Chewing

    wtf, i barely opened the wrapper to my snickers bar and it was over!

  • blackmamba24

    the intro is from fable 2 lol