With the Spurs advancing, they will face our very own Los Angeles Lakers this Wednesday night.

These two teams have more history in recent memory than any other two around the League. Last time they went was one of the most tough, hard-fought series in recent memories which was highlighted by one of the greatest shots in NBA history.

Enjoy this 35+ minute video, relive the memories, and gear up for Game 1 on Wednesday…

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  • GotAce

    damN props.
    im watchin this after i do my paper

    LD2K always with the exlcusives.


  • lakrfan4life


  • LakersFirst

    I’m glad we are facing the Spurs. If we want the championship, then we need to TAKE it from the defending champion. As a Laker fan, I don’t want to take the “easy” road and face the easier teams. I want us to go through the toughest teams and prove we are the best.

    San Antonio, then Boston/Detroit – we shouldn’t want any other way. Let’s go through the best teams. Let’s welcome the challenge!

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    very nice video Chris! :D

  • RD

    nice vid! brings back old memories. i remember when fish hit that shot, me and my dad yelled so loud, our neighbors called 911 to check on us. lol. good times.

  • Defense

    88-76 was the final score. DANG! That Spurs team was able to keep Kobe, Shaq, Malone, Payton and Fisher down under 90 points. I mean that sounds almost impossible. It’s a good thing a lot of those defenders are no longer there along with some of the good offensive players the Spurs once had.

    The Spurs seem so much older, but the nucleus is still pretty much the same while the Lakers look softer but more offensively skilled.

    Can’t wait to get it on.

    Go Lakers!

  • vida8

    uh..that was great….

  • David

    What a series. My favorite player on that team was Malone. You guys remember his defense on Duncan? How he would pull the chair? Damn, it’s ashamed he wasn’t healthy in the finals.

  • ricky

    great video! i agree that as a lakers fan, im more excited about facing the spurs rather than the hornets. the history and battles we have had with them were tremendous. it’s only right to face them again. i want us to take the “challenging” path to the finals because it will test how good we really are against the top teams.

    phil, kobe, and fish know the spurs the best because of our history with them. hopefully that can serve as some sort of advantage. the spurs can’t really make a clear game plan against us since our team has changed dramatically, albeit, the style of play is mainly the same only with minor differences due to all the personnel changes. the spurs are basically the same team every year, just getting older is what they have done with their roster. although the lakers don’t necessarily prefer the run and gun style, i think we should deploy a more free flow style vs the spurs because they can’t really keep up with speed. the only worry is tony parker, who is super quick. im sure this series will be another one of many epic battles with the spurs while they still have their big 3 intact.


  • Showtime

    Bring it on San Antonio! We are going to dethrone the champs like we did before.

    Nice vid LD2K!

  • xxv112002

    Where’s the video?

  • daboss1848

    LD2K, tell the truth: did u just phone this one in? 35 minutes?

  • gugy

    nice video,

    good and bad memories.

    Fisher is my hero. 0.4 simply amazing.

    Incredible, if was not for Malone injury, we would probably won one more ring. Too bad.
    I am glad we are playing the Spurs. I am confident Kobe will take us to the finals and we will play Detroit and avenge 2004.

    Go Lakers!