Description: They’ve said he isn’t the best. They’ve criticized him and continued to make every argument work in their favor. At the end of the day, Kobe is the greatest player of our generation and everyone else is chasing his greatness. As his legacy continues, make no mistake Kobe is not only the best, but far from finished.

Title: Kobe Bryant: Catch Me
Created By: LD2k
Length: 4:00
Size: 190MB
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  • chad b

    he’s back! Nice work Chris – that was sick! Love the begining I had never seen that MJ clip before

  • EugeneMY

    AWESOME stuff LD2k legendary!

  • Robert.

    Great Vid!
    I think we needed that, after all the hype they (espn) are ramping up for the heat.
    It’s great to see all the ‘last second shots’ in one video. Thanks again! I hope to see more of these during the year. The Lakers have a better team, so we might have even more great highlights.

  • LC09


  • showtime4eva

    hey Chris,glad your still making vid’s…Kobe the GREATEST BALLER EVER! who’s STUPID enough to say otherwise??

    • 242LakerFan

      That would be laffs atu, about six posts down. I’m surprised it took that long.

      • showtime4eva

        242 I could see laffs coming a mile away and was ready. but like Forrest Gump say’s “STUPID is as STUPID does”he was gonna open that mouth…but not before he seen Kobe watching lebra’s heat video,then Kobe laffs at them.

  • DN2LA

    kobes and the lakers are good and all, but kobes kids are ugly AF…


      bash on adults and us here but leave kids alone. Just looking out for my customers.

  • Jack Y.

    Nicely done Chris. Welcome back! Contact me if you need web designing! :)

  • Brett

    Lebron: “We’ll be able to win multiple championships now that I’m here.”
    Kobe: “Phhffffffffhahahahahaha”

    • trippleoccho

      That was the best part LOL.

  • anon

    good vid.. great actually ^^

  • Alex

    Great video.
    Kobe is the greatest basketball player ever and Chris is the best vid maker ever!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    of course he has game winners, has missed 40 and made 12?someone wrote a book where he`de set up high school games so he could get the HERO shot.still playin that game………..Keepin it still?

    • Good Money

      you so damn lame kid ————–> exit please

    • laffs atu

      keepin’ it real

      • laffs atu sissy girl

        All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!

  • DCLakeshow

    Awesome video Chris. I know it was editing, but I nearly lost my $h*T when you showed Kobe looking at the 3 Stooges on TV. His face said it all. What a bunch of clowns.

  • LakerNationCitizen

    Black Mamba indeed. Man got ice in his veins…..and he ain’t done yet!!!

    All them haters, will ALWAYS hate. That’s just how it is. Great vid. Love the background music too!

  • 242LakerFan

    Love the video, Chris, and the music is noooiiice!!
    I love that you ended it on my favourite soundbite from last season’s broadcasts, “He’s hard to believe!” “No, he’s not.” Love it!

  • lakers2000

    “He is hard to believe”. “No he’s not”. LMFAO That was a great ending. Keep it up! Can’t wait for the season to start. I’ll bet Laffs Atu was seathing.

  • blue

    Great Vid Chris… I’m sure Laffs Atu was!

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  • purple-N-gold

    best part when lebron we will win 6 or more championships, kobe respond ” jajajjaja good joke lebron”

  • Dave

    Great video but all the “F” bombs were not necessary!

    • shakenbakekake

      @Dave yes they r, gives video intensity

      • daboss1848

        silliness – such language does not bring intensity, it brings classlessness and utter disregard for the youth that visit this site.

        • blue

          I second that! as I always show my 8 yr old son the LD2K vids.. no prob though, I’l just turn down the volume

  • Lakers 24 7

    FINALLY! LD2k, your vids are great, but I was gettin’ tired of those 1 minute teasers..we got something a bit more lengthy this time. Good shit!

  • JD

    Lebrat be carefully watch his big mouth once kobe is gonna hear it.

    • blue


  • Mamba4Life

    Epic stuff Chris ;) what’s the name of the song btw?

  • Anna

    Just what we needed to get us even more pumped up for the new season!! Excellent job as usual, Chris!!!!!

    • shakenbakekake

      song name is “when they come for me” by linkin park.
      i kno b/c i gave ld2k the idea lol

  • bostonSUCKS88


  • shakenbakekake

    AWESOME freaking video Chris!!!!


    S I C K !


    Mike looks cool even in his old age. “Who’s better lebron or kobe…Kobe”.

    • Lakers 24 7

      Mike answers that question every year at his basketball camp, and some kid records it with his camera phone and uploads it to YouTube. lol least they keep us up to date on Mike’s opinion. This is like the 3rd time Mike’s said Kobe > LeBron

  • Chris Manning

    My fault. Completely forgot the EXPLICIT WARNING for the lyrics. For those wondering, I will be releasing a CLEAN version of this soon.

  • F__K That!

    Great video Chris.
    I like the music.
    Keep the good work.

  • Likwidsage

    Linkin Park + Kobe Bryant = Auto-FTW. Seriously great video, nice job matching the lyrics to Kobe’s career as well. And the over all message of telling ppl to stfu and get something to compare to him before making any comparisons of what might be.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Chris!! Thank you so much! I needed that.. you always make the best videos!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    earth to ballwash nation…..gayest video ever…now everyone is laughing at you!……..keepin it real.

    • si pepe


      • showtime4eva

        it’s very’s every thing,it wishes lebra was.until he fizzled.betting or hating against THE greatest N.B.A player EVER is a poor pathetic choice. when it get’s jealous it’s an obvious thing. that’s why we ALL laff at this total loser.. GO LAKERS!!!

    • LizzakeShizzow

      Laffs Atu,
      I come on this site occasionally and I always see you on here trollin. Is your life so unambitious and unproductive that all you do is hate all day, everyday? I understand fans coming here often to post and check in on their favorite team, but you actually dedicate time from your life to come here and spew negativity on a consistent basis.
      Dude, on the real… Advice from bro to bro…
      1. First and foremost. Get laid man. At least a hooker or neighborhood rat. Something, anything.
      2. Get a hobby and stay busy with something that will benefit your life and/or the life of others.
      3. theres gotta be someone that can give you a hug right? go to the next room and ask your mom to give you one. haters need love too.

      • si pepe

        hahaha! got owned again…nice one LizzakeShizzow!

    • laffs atu!

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!!!!

  • si pepe


  • unagi

    Hi Chris. Great video. You’ve probably been asked this before but can you tell me what software you use to edit your videos? Thanks!

  • Robert.

    Here’s how I look at it: the heat can be ‘no better’ than the 2006-07 run & gun Suns. Recall that they were an ‘offense oriented’ team. Like the Suns, the heat will NEVER, EVER be a defense oriented team. There may be high scoring games, but … as Kobe always says (and I repeat): D Wins Championships.
    The Lakers have ‘become’ a defense oriented team that happen to have great offense as well. Adding Barnes & Blake fills up the ‘defense’ gaps in our previous bench (Farmar was not much of a defender, in general, for example).
    Granted, the heat will have some great ‘circus’ plays, but so did the Suns. Who didn’t like to see the ‘run fast down the court’ plays of Steve Nash & his crew (granted, they are the enemy, but they played some exciting bball). The heat will provide plenty of entertainment.
    But – LeBroom and DWon’t are not ‘defense oriented’ players. In fact, ANYONE who has a natural propensity for great defense tends to not be as great an offense oriented player, and vice versa. Exceptions? Basically only one: Ron Artest. Well, add Dwight Howard to that. (& recall Kobe is great ‘offense oriented’ player who is ALL-D, an even rarer occurrence). Maybe a few more here and there. It’s just not easy to have great offense and great defense on the same team, or in the same person. No ‘serious’ defensive stoppers on the heat. Who? Ilgauskas? ha! Udon-is? um, I forget the others. Nobody ALL-D. LeB & DW can ‘steal’ a little, block some shots, between the two of them. Not a defensive juggernaut, by any means or possibility.
    heat will have killer scoring, but … who on their team is going to stop the Lakers? Who? Nobody. If the Lakers can hang in there with their current team, for the next few years, the heat will have trouble winning a championship. Cut down the # of rings to 2 or 3 ‘tops’ for the Queen (and prob. after Kobe retires). Meantime, Kobe – the GREATEST, will have ‘at least’ 7.
    I’ll go out on a limb a say this: Kobe, on his ‘worst’ day, is better than LeCornBall on his best day (including offense AND defense). If Kobe only gets 20 points, you can bet there will be a few extra rebounds (hm .. maybe 15??).

  • Robert.

    Another thing I do ‘foresee’ WAY in the future, when the Lakers & Heat meet up (in the later part of the season, or ‘remotely possibly’ in a finals, either this year, or in future years): The heat may not be able to handle the Triangle with their defense. If DWon’t and LeBroom ever ‘think’ of double teaming Kobe, I predict that you will see the Lakers employ ‘pic n roll’ (which they tend not to do in traditional Triangle).
    It’s gonna be a fun year.
    (Mike Miller might have a future ‘Kobe elbow print’ for his face, waiting for him).

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so your saying the mamamba might pass the ball?really ……….in our life time? se caca tell your mom to use more lemon pledge………si!

    • laffs atu!

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!!!!!!!

  • laffs atu

    East or West Kobe is the best..

  • lakers0828

    With out a doubt the best Laker of all time is Kobe

    • 242LakerFan

      I still have Magic with a very slight edge, but winning number 6 would put him over the top, especially if the beat the Celdicks again.

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    This is the greatest LD2K Video I’ve ever seen. Great Job!

  • Laker420

    People get trapped into thinking about just one way of doing things…

  • Kush


  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    Go Lakers…


      Wow proves my point laffs atu is a lakers fan.. his comments are just to pull in traffic

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    I am so excited about the upcoming season and how Le BJ is gonna give a head to the league..

    • Showtime4eva

      He wants to give head to the league..

      • 242LakerFan

        It’s called “projection”. Our friend is projecting her own fantasies onto LeBron.

  • Phone

    Wow… so many laffs atu(s) have spawned. Great Video btw Chris. I hope you continue making them.

  • edsel

    wattup guys… cannot wait for the season to begin….

    Mamba, is apart from concerned, real real excited… you can see his eyes narrowing on the target.. and his attitude is contagious.

    Go Lakers.

    I’ll rather have the Young Thunders than this circus Heat.

    from Bicol Philippines,


  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    really…… can tell when a rat narrows his eye`s?now thats funny!….si caca?

  • Kobe bi curious?

    go wash your pussy baby girl we can smell it online

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so the mamaba has never had a triple dbl. in a play-off game?magic and lebronze are true team players……….not selfish like mr me……….20 misses a night.

    • 242LakerFan

      I know LeBonbon takes great solace in that every time his little boy walks past his empty trophy case and says, “Daddy, when are you gonna get one of those trophies like Kobe to put in here?”
      “But son, I’m the ultimate team player.”
      “Yeah, okay, sure Daddy. Can I have some money for some Zoom VI’s?”

      • DCLakeshow

        “But son, they’re not out yet.”
        “I know daddy. They come out the day after the first Lakers Heat game. I figured I’d ask you now, cause you’re probably gonna be in a bad mood afterwards.”
        “Good thinking son. Good thinking.”

      • Lakers 24 7


        • 242LakerFan



      Hmmm… true team player with 0 championships to show for, or a selfish team player with 5 rings? Such a hard decision…

      STFU you stupid idiot! All these attacks on Kobe, and propping up your whiner LeRace Card. At the end of the day, Kobe leads his team to 2 more championship rings without the Big Benedict Arnold while LeRun Away jumps onto Wade’s team with Ru Paul to try to get his first.

      I’m thinking that LeCon is about to wear Wade’s shoes too now! LeBum’s shoes shouldn’t be called ‘SOLDIERS’, they should be called ‘TURNCOATS’.

      What’s a ‘TURNCOATS’ you ask laffs atu? You should have learned that in grade school, but I’m not gonna laugh at your education resume… ‘HOOKED ON PHONICS’ can only do so much. But, here, let me help… just google it!

  • KUSH

    A friend will help you move…But a real friend will help you move a body