Description: It all comes down to one shot, one opportunity… one video. Game 7: Lakers/Celtics. Time to kill them off for good.

Title: SEVEN
Created By: LD2k; Original concept by “mramos4131″ who allowed me to expand on it!
Length: :57
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  • Sasha4Lvp

    not the best ld2k video but it still got my pumped…good job.

  • bdmf

    GO LAKERS !!!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Good Morning, Good afternoon, and Good evening nation wherever you are whomever you are whatever time your reading this. I write this to prepare myself and my fellow nation that one game stands between OUR teams immortality. Sadly Mediocrity could also occur if we fail. To the celtics…the Celtics. let me repeat this to the Celtics. In my heart nation I reflect on the lakers wins and losses in the past and I’ve come to this conclusion. The stars are aligned for us to witness something remarkable albeit good or bad. I am not going to preach how we will win blah blah blah, The team with the most mental toughness tomorrow will win, the team that refuses to fold will win tomorrow. The team that imposes its will on the game will win, but i digress, As i stated the stars are aligned. Why you ask? well… If the Lakers beat the Pistons in ’04 the team would have tried to continue to keep that dysfunctional team together or maybe Kobe would have left and signed with can keep a bird caged but for so long… That team needed to fail in the worst way to lead us to this day, convinced? ok how about. If Mike Krzyzewski had signed that deal with LA we might not have been here today? No? If the lakers had beat the #1 seeded suns in 2006 they would have played the clippers all things considered they would have beat the Clippers, played the Mavericks who had no defense possibly beat them and played and won or lost to a mighty heat team that was constructed for that one title… everyone on that team would have gotten large contracts e.g. Sasha Vujajic, Smush parker would have been our starting point guard D Fish would have never returned…Pau Gasol would be an after thought and we wouldn’t have been in this situation that were in now. What if the lakers smoked the celtics in ’08 they might have not repeated they might have coasted thinking winning championships are easy Artest would not be on this team Pau would never be here or even if Pau did come here they would have stayed mentally a Offense first team, This is an offensive team that believes in Defense, It starts with Phil all the way down to AMMO (heh) What Boston did was teach a young team w/ a well seasoned superstar right on the cusp of winning how to win. how to become meaner tougher and more gritty then any other team in the NBA. More importantly they “christened”(no offense) us young fans and Laker players into understanding what so many older Laker fans & players have experienced the bitter “Hatred” for the Celtics. their fans, their speech, their town, their colors, their players. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am disturbingly emotionally attached to the Lakers, no I don’t cry, nor “blackout” like a spoiled child when LA loses but It does bother me to no end. especially when I feel it’s not fair… Life isn’t fair I know. But like most of you. when you see people not giving Kobe his props or saying bogus stuff that the NBA caters to the Lakers you lose it. you try to bring logic into a conversation and people look at you stupid. whatever..Nation I was born into the Hatred that I have for the Celtics I watched the classic games of the 60’s and 80’s to breed myself into the disdain for the Celtics but I can now say I do not need that to show my malcontent for the Celtics. I no longer need flashes of Magic and Bird Michale or Rambis to remind me of the “good ‘ol days” I have right here right now many goons that I would love to see fail, from KG to Perk, Rondo, Baby, Allen to Pierce, I’m an avid fan of Basket Ball and I know I was “in” when the moment I say Ray Allen in a celtic jersey I hated him, seeing KG becoming a Celtic I hated him i’m a new yorker and i was never a big fan of Nate robinson but i wasn’t against him but the moment he donned a Celtic jersey I wanted to see his ankles broken and fingers snapped. I knew with feelings like this that I did not need a reminder to spark my disgust with the Celtics I had my fuel, you see nation I despise them, I loathe them I want nothing but suffering and pain for that franchise and it’s team. the more people come out of left field and cheer against the lakers with no reason just hate, the more a silent victory makes me proud. it stuns them leaving them baffled and me getting a good nights rest. I don’t know how many people are going to take the actual time to read this, I don’t know where i could really place this in a place to get everyone’s attention but NATION we are a band of brothers united under Purple and Gold. cheering on anyone who dons OUR uniform and booing the rest who doesn’t. Do I promote violence, no I promote peace but I watched a YouTube video of Laker fans beating up a Celtic fan, I’m sure that Celtic fan must have popped off at the mouth to rile up the Laker fans and did I feel sorry for him? no why because It made me proud to be a Laker fan, it made me proud to know real laker fans wont allow people to come into their house and talk smack, it made me remember that in Boston back then and now Celtic fans would do the same thing and no one would think anything of it. In Closing I just want to say this Nation most if not all of us will not be attending that game, if we were there we would raise hell and make our voices heard, but I am a big believer in energy and spirit and if for one day for TWO hours if you can put your energy into each and every player that is in a Laker uniform not only will we be crowned champions tomorrow or today pending when your reading this but we will also see something special. That as we age we can past on to our future Laker fans. yes most of us knew grew and heard of Magic…hell he’s single handily why I am a Laker today, but time changes and we now have Kobe Bryant, lets give him our energy so that he can in return reward US with another championship. When you watch the game tomorrow know that there should be no mercy or applause for Boston, in victory nor defeat, shake there BUS if you can, Throw rocks at there BUS if you can laugh at them call them names make them remember the horror of playing in LA let them know from your TV or Bar, Arena or Radio, that Yes Hollywood pays for the seats but us small timers gave LA the Win. F*** Boston F*** the League, F*** the world. LAKERS WORLD ORDER STAND UP WE BLEED FOR 16!!!! EMBRACE HISTORY.

    And that’s my rant…

    • Sasha4Lvp

      do you really expect people to read your novel?

    • Kobe24Bauer

      Damn dude, get a life. We don’t need a freaking book.

      • TheLakerGenera11

        :-/ …yea it was OD..Lol but uhhh no need 4 da severities…I need blog space not comment space I’ll refrain from the war n peace articles tho…

  • FuckYoMama

    Were going to burn LA down tomorrow night. All u Niggaz with me?

    • Lkrfan1968

      No all us “niggaz” aren’t with you. The lakers have a certain poise that should also reflect on us fans. People like you give us a bad name. Too bad somebody had to fuck your momma to make a miserable shit like you.

      • 09champs!

        I know man, somebody also posted on the shoutbox we were going to make a riot if we win. c´mon , what does that say about LAKER FANS? Celebrate properly, the right way, its a celebration party, a happy day, not a day waiting for tragedy because the lakers win!

  • Sir

    It’s the Lakers’ to win or lose; Let’s hope they decide they want to win this thing.

  • Day

    Love that clip of sheed lol

  • gameplan

    The lakers understood that this series is for us, sterns fools around game 2-4. game 6 tells how mighty the lakers are. Now that perk is down there is no celtic first five that wins game 7….

  • 242LakerFan

    Chris, you’ve done it again, man. Your stuff never fails to get me pumped and strike exactly the right emotional chord. I CAN’T WAIT TO BURY THE SEPTICS!!!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Apologies to the nation **I kno the post is a flippin journal too much reading lol but ne1 who did read it only takes the context of me “claimng to riot” is bogus Hell F’n no I’m not saying riot I’m saying give the Lakers your ENERGY cheer and let us passionately watch something spectacular…also I was saying that we (the nation) have been “inaugurated” into the rivalry like so many others that watched Boston beat up on the lakers thus making us want REVENGE so we’ve now experienced the highest and hardest leevel of defeat in the face of our worst enemy So this should mean more to all involved and watching let’s go Lakers not riot whatever idiot thinks that is either a troll or a clown.

    Srry nation

  • LakerNationCitizen

    Good job on the vid, Mr. Chris. I’m excited for Game7 – it’s gonna be gooooooood!!!

    PORKins is out (boohoo), Drew is in (hell yeah, tough it out), and we, the 6th man, will give it all we’ve got!!

  • iiTzDanny

    i like this BETTER

  • chad b


    We got this!!!!!!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    that was funny :)