Description: Derek Fisher put on a heroic performance to lead the Lakers to a 2-1 series lead against the Boston Celtics. Take a look at Fisher’s focus and intensity in this video.

Title: Derek Fisher: CHAMPION
Created By: LD2k; Original concept by “joeblow” & “stephenson” who allowed me to expand on it!
Length: 2:57
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  • Kobe24Bauer

    Fisher is the man.
    The video is nice but a bit tedious and long. good job anyway.

  • L.Alaker_show

    video doesnt play


    WOW! THIS IS ONE RANKS #1 IN MY BOOKS! GREAT FCUKIN JOB CHRIS! Nobody deserves this video more than Fish! Through it all he’s been there. Every made shot, every missed shot, every hug, every fight, every steal, every turnover, every praise, and every cry of how he’s too old, too slow, can’t shoot, can’t D, can’t dribble… throughout every championship run that our Lakers have had in this past decade!

    I’m so happy and proud of Fish for his performance last night! So glad to see that it was him who got to be the closer and hero last night! It really was great to see him FINISHING at the rim, cause there’s the knock on him not being a finisher also.

    Chris, it’s easy to pick Kobe as your subject matter because more often than not, he’s our hero and there’s just so much material for you to choose from. It’s so awesome to see Fish get the nod this time. I know that it’s an obvious choice really given what he had just done, but he so often is the unsung hero and to see him get raised on the pedestal really got me a little choked up!

    Seriously man, your BEST video to date! I loved the montages and how you kept going back and forth between all his big shots and the winning AND 1 DRIVE! Simply beautiful! It was a great touch with the fcukin Irish tune in the background too! Just so fitting for Fish to do all this while people doubted and at the biggest stage and at the most hostile place!

    GREAT JOB CHRIS!!!!!!!
    GREAT JOB FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I had trouble loading the video at first also, but got it to work!


  • lakeb



    By the way, Fish was FOULED on every one of those shots down the stretch with the exception of the facial in Paula Pierce(d) by a d!ck’s face! Every single one and he only got rewarded with an and 1 on the last layup! Way to go FOOTLOCKER DROPOUTS! FCUK YOU GUYS!

    And Big Gay-By, stop floppin! How can FISH knock a 300 lbs tub of lard like you on your back? You out weigh him by at least 100 lbs and 120 lbs at most! FCUKIN COCKSTON FLOPPERS! FCUK YOU ALL!


    GO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakerfan_4ever

    OMG…you guys are not gonna believe this…

    “I think it was a ton of moving screens they got away with,” Rivers said.

    Gee Doc. What do you think YOUR team does to get Ray Allen wide open all the time? As Fisher is running from side to side, the very last screen is usually by Kendrick Perkins. As Fisher approaches, Perkins steps sideways to prevent him from contesting the shot. He is never set. Moving screen every time….the nerve,c’mon Chris you have to do is a favor and put together a video clip that shows the things that the Celtics get away with…they’ve setting up moving screens since I remember,part of the reason they won in 2008,no joke…I’ve been complaining about this for a LONG TIME…am I the only one noticing?…

    • pauer

      Seriously, Kevin Garnett sets and illegal screen every time. He moves or throws his elbows outward each time. The nerve of Doc to say we do that.

      • lakerfan_4ever

        yeah,I forgot about that punk…

    • Wilt

      Good thing phil jackson didnt do that they would have fined him 1million and probably a 1 year ban.

      • trippleocho

        This just made me lose the little respect I had for Doc Rivers. With the fcuking picks that Garnett and Perkins set, I think he needs to just stop the bs coz it’s just pathetic.

  • lakerfan_4ever

    When asked how Fisher was able to be so successful drawing fouls while being screened, Rivers replied: “What? Besides flopping? He doesn’t do a lot extra”…

    seriously,Rivers? I thought you were better than that,I guess I was wrong…

    Celtics player,coaches and fans:
    PLEASE Just keep loading up more TNT to our barrel so we can blow up your fu***ing arrogance out the window….

    2 more WINS!!!….that’s all…

    • 242LakerFan

      Doc’s just jealous because he was never as good at it. I remember when Steve Smith used to do that all the time to us with the Blazers. Pissed me off! But it’s effective and it’s part of a crafty veteran’s repertoire. There are a few players who just do it really well. Deal with it.
      There was a play in Phoenix when Nash got a call on Bynum by wrapping his arm around Bynum’s waist then falling down, pulling Bynum forward into him. To the ref, that looks for all the world like Bynum running into Nash. It’s just smart D if you can do it right.

      • lakerfan_4ever

        you said it right,a lot of veterans use it as another weapon against the opposite team…QB’s flop in the NFL,soccer players flop all the time…is it pretty?no it isn’t but it’s totally valid.In some way it compensates for all the elbows,hits on the face(we understand your pain Nash)kicks(how’s that neck Tony Allen,still sore?..LOL)that the players usually get without being called by the refs…besides is not like Paulina Pierce is not familiar with flopping…..

  • Chris Manning

    Guys I want to apologize – I have posted the reupped link and took the old link down. There was an error encoding on youtube.

    New link is up and working! Enjoy!

  • lakers0828

    Just by watching fish Cry real made me Tear up to Man Fish you the Man AND SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR DOUBTING FISH BLAME FISH FOR BEING THE GOAT

  • mecka24

    wow..Fish is a class of my Favorite players of all-time..I never doubted him and i know there are a lot people out there, who doubted him and now are on his bandwagon..Fish seems real genuine and like a nice guy..i almost teared up, when i saw him get emotional.Its just weird to see that coming from such a Tough indivdual….Another great vid Chris…also look at 2:09 when Big Baby tries to DOG..what a bitch

    • lakers0828

      I know Bro I almost Teared up too man and Yeah Dude alot of bandwagon People Man I hated how they all wanted to trade him when you knew he was gonna come up big in the POST Season

  • comeflywithme

    the pick and roll played by kobe and d-fish killed the Celtics!!

    2 MO Wins!!!

  • rudy t.

    that was an awesome video — one of the best, in my opinion.
    truth be told, we need to resign derek. he’s a classy individual whose contributions, both tangible and intangible, are priceless to this organization.
    derek should be given the chance to close his career out here in LA. we owe him that much. you can tell that he’s a good man and he TRULY, SINCERELY loves the game and the organization.
    if we could afford letting aaron mckie and nick van exel to sit their careers out in LA, why can’t we have one of the toughest lakers close his career out at home?
    RESIGN DFISH, he can provide gems of advice for whoever we’ll resign in the PG position for the future.


    wow…that was awsome chris…also from one of the best films…nice work man

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Hands down one of your best videos Chris. Great job!

  • 242LakerFan

    Good stuff, Chris. Told the whole 4th quarter story in an impactful, emotional nutshell.

  • lakerman1

    The whining has gone overboard in Boston even the Mayor is crying about the refs and calls. We did not hear any of that in 2008 all we heard was the lakers are soft and the Celtics are tough and physical. Its so damn funny how when you get a taste of your own medicine you resort to complaining about the officiating. Man i hope the Lakers win by a large deficit tonight to send the message WE ARE NOT THE 2008 LAKERS. That whole city is full of sissy ass whimps and they talk about L.A. At least here we accept it and move on. They know the Celtics are joining the way of their pitiful Bruins Hockey team and they cannot stand it. Man this Champioship win is going to be sweet.

  • lakerfan_4ever

    I was so piss off about Rivers’ comments, that I forgot to thank Chris for this amazing video….your hard work is well appreciated…greetings from Italy…

  • chad b

    Nice work Chris…. loved it! hopefully D Fish gets to see this one. Loved the irish music playing in the background and the sound effect of Pau yelling after Fish’s finish.


  • lakerman1

    Doc Rivers is scared to death. He knows his job will probably be on the line when the Celts get their butts kicked. And please mitch do not sign any of those celt hasbeens in the off season because there will be a lot of Celts gone afther the series is over. ( Ray/Rahsheed/Nate) just to name a few. Even after the 2008 loss the Lakers kept most of the team in tact. Boston on the other hand lost House & Powe and kept and brought in more hasbeens. Doc will always be a one hit wonder. Like the saying goes anyone can do it once. Phil will be adding another to his multitude of champioships. And after the win i want all of the Lakers to paraphrase KG with HOW YOU LIKE US NOW.

  • LakerNationCitizen

    “Another win in LA” – I’ve never seen that before. Sweeping them in their home floor would be so much sweeter now that I’ve seen that ( looked it up!). Of course D-Fish ain’t gonna say nothin coz he’s such a classy man.

    But if he was a sh!t talker – he’ll probably say – “3 straight wins in Boston!” Then Kobe and Fish can start counting “one-two-three-four-five” in the beat of Mambo # 5 by Lou Bega. “And it only just begunnn…”


    I just realized where this musical score is from. Hey Chris, this isn’t no fcukin Irish music is it? This is from ‘THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS’ sound track right?

    It would make sense because the music in the background actually wasn’t ANNOYING, like Irish music tends to be! FCUK YOU LEPRECHAUN BREEDIN FCUKS!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sh0wt1me

    i remember back in 2008 when doc was making comments about how phil was complaining about the refs. talk about a hypocrite. and now he’s got the mayor of boston doing the same thing. boston is just looking for any advantage. porkins sets illegal screens all the time. hey doc, take the speck out of your own eye first before passing judgment.