Title: Kobe MVP Series Trailer
Length: 1:09
: 21mb
Encoded: mpeg-4, H.264, 640×480

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  • Sako

    amazing, can’t wait til the full version

  • e

    cant wait to see these!


    pretty exciting! when’s the rest coming?

  • http://www.otrbasketball.com/forums/ Nissan

    Great job!

  • Karl

    Where does the audio clip come from?

  • lyk13

    Is this the 24min one LD? Release it already!!! LOL!!!! I’m dying of being patient!!!!

    Oh btw, the MVP chants at the end, when was it? Is it looped??? Thinking of using that as my ringtone already.

  • KuyaJL

    hahahaha nice, can’t believe you used the Halo 3 beginning for the audio.

    Can’t wait for your videos to come out.

  • Nabil

    Awesome! The chanting at the end is super effective. I’m pumped to see this series!!!


    I’m about to go punch EVERY single S.O.B. that said Kobe could never achieve without Shaq….i want another MVP!!MVP!!MVP!!

    KINGKOBE.com,Encore please.

  • sammie

    Hmmmmm……Kobe Bryant and the Master Chief, these are two amazing heroes


  • lakaluva

    Nice, but you should had Jeannie Buss picture there at the very beginning to make it seem like it was her speaking… keep up the good work Chris.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Karl, it’s from Cortana in the game Halo.

  • roscoe