The “Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series,” cut by LD2k, is an entire, in depth and well pieced together project focusing purely on Kobe’s championship season from last year (2008-2009). In the video series, LD2k brings you all the best of Kobe’s championship year broken down into 4 videos:

  • Defense - 13 minutes | Release Date: August 30, 2009
  • And 1’s - 28 minutes | Release Date: September 2009
  • Jams – 21 minutes | Release Date: September 2009
  • Three’s – 31 minutes | Release Date: September 2009

One video will be released starting tonight, the “Defense” video.

All videos are hosted on TLNtv and download links will be made available shortly after. Most of the videos are around 500MB’s, but will be available for download. Prepare yourself for one of the biggest Kobe Bryant videos packages ever assembled. Fans all over the world can now watch the greatest player in the world and get pumped for this year’s defending, title run TLN/LD2k style!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    GOAT- enough said

  • gugy

    Thanks for this.
    Is it possible to upload on hi-definition? At least 720p? I have a 60″ flat panel and I would love to watch it there on full glory resolution. Do it man! We will be forever grateful!