Description: The dawn of the storm is upon us and the defending world champions are surrounded by doubt. Doubt that they can defend their title. Despite their struggles, they must reach deep within to find the courage to “strike” back against all the haters. The storm is upon us…

Title: Symphony Of The Night
Created By: LD2k (Video), Bob Schmidt (Voice)
Length: 1:45
Size: 103MB
Type: MPEG-4 (HQ)
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  • yash

    I really hate this cuz its too damn good. lol.

  • seankobe

    congratulation to lebron! hope he enjoys the night he received his toy while being embarrased by the boston on the same day! poor lebron didn’t show ray his the mvp tsk tsk tsk! thanks to mo’ you survive game 1! see you in new york bron!

  • seankobe

    the media are crying right now specially espn. did stern leave after watching his bf lebron being embarrased? your mvp didn’t show up on the day you crowned him! he disappointed you stern he just did!

  • maccassedy

    Kobe Bryant was injured, his right elbow ringing with pain, the Lakers calling it a strain.

    But when it counted the most, Bryant worked through his pain, drilling two big three-pointers in the second overtime, the second one giving the Lakers a 109-103 lead that spelled the end for the Kings.

    Bryant was injured as the thrid quarter ended. He had problems lifting his right arm.

  • 242LakerFan

    This video is over the top, melodramatic, corny in its phrasing, trite, even cliché. It’s everything you want in a Playoff promo video!
    Fantastic stuff as usual, Chris and Bob!
    I wish I had a voice like that, man. “in a worrrld…”

  • Hellyeah

    Thx for this new vidéo!
    Would it be possible to up all these pre round serie video and hive us a link?
    I d’ love to have them all! I think you guys ve been doing it for the past 3 years correct?

    Thx in advance and keep it up!