Recently, our own LD2k had a radio interview by WCCO‘s Tonight with Mike Max and Dark Star. Sadly, we weren’t able to record it since the feed went dead before the interview and the website never added the podcast on their website. However, LD2k gave a recap on what was talked about.

- Talked about the website
– Talked about my contributions with Jim & Cam
– Talked about Lakers fans respecting KG
– Talked about what a class act KG is
– He asked about Paris, I said I don’t care – I’m a Lakers fan, all that is on my mind is the task of getting Garnett. He said, “you’re that bad,” I said “Yup.”
– Talked about Kobe & KG being 110% guys
– Talked about us being 110% fans
– Talked about represents the “hope” of Lakers nation
– Mentioned we had a ton of traffic which crashed our servers yesterday

His last question was this, “do you LIKE Kobe Bryant.” I told him most fans could care less what he does OFF the court, but we LOVE him on the court. Then I said the Lakers fans have supported him through his career and that says a lot about the fans.

Nothing too much.

  • TheMagicMan32

    this website has given laker fans some hope. glad its up