Title: Lakers: ’09 WORLD CHAMPS
Created By: LD2k (Video) | Flo’z (Music)
Length: 3:34
Size: 70MB
Type: MPEG-4 (HQ)
Play With: You can use Quicktime or VLC Player.

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Description: The Lakers are the 2009 World Champions! Enjoy the celebratory video in this exclusive collab between LD2k and Floz! LAKERS WORLD CHAMPS!!!

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  • http://chebamm.tumblr.com/ Cheryle

    Great stuff, Flo’z. Keep ‘em coming. <3

  • KB24ForLife

    the song is way to redundant
    its gooood and so iss the videoo. butt the lyrics in THIS songg aren’t that great.
    but flo’z still keep em comin ;)

  • http://KB24.com rissa missa

    awesome collaboration! especially liked the fact that you included the voice of the beloved Chick Hearn and to end it with PJax soaking all the champagne up is a nice touch.

  • lakers4life.

    does anyone know how to make the champagne part into a picture?

  • the ape

    love it man, love it

  • Nigga

    Kool Vid!!! Lakers 09 champs!!!

    The Rap song suck though, Flo’z sucks at rap!!!

  • Ravi

    The video is cool, but the rap is god awful. I feel like anyone can say the same thing over and over, like Flo’z does here. The video would be better off with no sound than with that “song” on it.

  • Nigga

    I’ma have to put another song over that shiit song. something that goes with it.

  • http://BeABetterFather.com Big Chief Triangle

    All you people saying you don’t like the song and it’s awful and what not, you should know that it’s okay to turn the sound down or even off. You won’t be hurting anyone’s feeling if you do so. This is clearly a celebratory video of our Lakers winning a 15th world championship. Like-minded fans would like to enjoy the same positive chemistry our Lakers did during this journey. Lets stop acting childish and being over-critical just because that’s the easiest thing to do. Show your appreciation for the hard work LD2k is doing to bring you these videos. If you don’t like Flo’z, or this song, or whatever, at least be respectful of his work.

  • WifelovesLuke

    So great to hear Chick’s voice again. Man, I miss that dude!