Great to hear – especially for us Lakers fans. Last night was a big win and big testament to Pau Gasol…

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1. Los Angeles Lakers. Pau Gasol? It almost seems unfair, unless you’re a Lakers fan.

As Lakers triangle guru Tex Winter explained, Gasol gives Kobe Bryant an inside scorer to work with. When that happens, big things occur in Lakers land. (See Shaq and Kobe, 2000-2002). Andrew Bynum showed the power of that equation until he suffered a January knee injury. When he returns to join Gasol in the frontcourt in March/April, the Lakers will have too many weapons.

This is a team built for the playoffs. Playing with Bynum, Bryant showed how deadly he was as a playmaker. Now, with Gasol, that’s only going to grow.

  • jonasjulienjoseph

    yes very true but dont think that gasol is gonna be the 2nd option every game, lamar could fill that, bynum could fill that, derek could fill that, and sometimes sasha vujacic has big games, so were really ready for the playoffs

  • True Lakers Fan


  • Billy Kupchak

    once again..
    my father is GENIUS! :-D

  • mfoznot

    Amen is the only thing I could think of too. Amen!


    We got soo many weapons now!

  • Phant0M

    YePPP YAH.
    Urfather is a GENIUS BILLY

  • thomas thomas

    ok but we need to get, artest and/or marion over the summer as free agents

  • Jack

    is it only me or, …

    Recently I was checking a free throw % on every lakers game, and looks like every time we shoot from the line, we end up winning the game. on bad free throw games, we loose even to Atlanta.

  • lakers4life

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    i think we have a pretty good starting 5.

    If we trade for Artest he brings his defense but also his attitude, which i don’t think we need.

    If we bring in Marion, he will wanna start (same with Artest) so who do we bench.

    I like LO, even though his numbers are always inconsistent, but he knows the system, and provides us with intangibles and a lot of rebounds.

    If we trade we need defenders coming off the bench. Role Players. Thats why Ariza was such a good pickup. That guy can play D and i bet he’s gonna give LO some comp at the 3 spot.

    So we should stop asking for trades for big names. Lets see how this group plays when they’re all together, see if we get into June, and win that Golden Basket. After the parade we can start seeing what we need and what we don’t need.