This is a wonderful peice written about the comparisons between Kobe and Jordan. Check it out…

HoopsHype: I wrote a Kobe Bryant/Michael Jordan feature for Lindy’s Pro Basketball 2008 Preview, the magazine that I have edited for the past 15 years. I sat down with Jordan for about 20 minutes over the offseason, which is the basis for the article, titled “In Michael’s Image.” I asked Jordan about Kobe Bryant and the loud criticism directed at the Lakers star for being a Jordan wanna be, an imitator.

Jordan and Bryant are close, which perhaps explains why Jordan said he doesn’t see what all the big fuss is about. After all, human behavior is mimetic. That’s what humans do. They copy and ape another.

Jordan acknowledged Bryant is the best of a generation of players who have tried to be like Mike.

“But how many people lighted the path for me?” Jordan asked. “That’s the evolution of basketball. There’s no way I could have played the way I played if I didn’t watch David Thompson and guys prior to me. There’s no way Kobe could have played the way he’s played without watching me play. So, you know, that’s the evolution of basketball. You cannot change that.”

Phil Jackson and Tex Winter, who coached Jordan in Chicago and Bryant in Los Angeles, have long marveled at the alpha male nature of both players. What critics perhaps still don’t yet grasp is that the issue involves personality types.

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  • lakrfan4life

    kobe = GOAT…sorry mj

  • lakrfan4life

    jordan is lowkey conceited, kobe is humble, kobe forever

  • kobegreatest


  • Phil Jackson

    you know what!fk all mj haters and kobe haters, i love them both!!!


    PJ,I apreciate that comment.

  • iskerfan567

    Kobe is not the greatest yet, hes still #4, hes not close, Mj is not #1 in my books either

  • Michael_23

    Hey I know if this is off topic a bit, but what if Kareem was with the Lakers for ONE more year til 91. And the Lakers were at full strength with Byron Scott and James Worthy not having injures in the series. We could have crushed the Bulls in 91 and got one more championship!

  • e

    kobe’s my boy!

  • Yash

    They are like each other but in different ways.

  • sketch

    Kobe’s my boy, just as “e” said! I think that his offensive skills far outweighs that of Jordan’s at this stage of both of their respective careers. The thing that Jordan had over Kobe is his defensive prowess. Jordan was like a man possessed and wouldn’t let anyone go around him. Kobe plays great d but sometimes gambles too much and goes for the steal and let his man go around him: case in point, the olympic gold medal game when Kobe tried going for the steal on his man and homie got around him and dunked on Dwight Howard. It’s “lazy d”, not the kind of defensive prowess that Jordan displayed. I hope that Kobe will be remembered as GOAT, but until you take the title from the champ, you gotta give the tie to the champ!

    Oh secondly, Michael 23, are you kidding me? Kareem was killing us during the last couple of seasons on the Lakers! He was slow and run down. The only reason why he was still on the team was because his friggin accountant ran off with millions of his money and he needed more paychecks. It’s true that Kareem could have handled the likes of Bill Cartwright and Will Purdue even during that sad state that he was in, but that wouldn’t have made any difference. Those 2 weren’t the ones that killed us, it was Jordan, Pippen, Horace Grant, and John Paxon. So, no, having Kareem on wouldn’t have helped us, it may have hurt us even more!

  • iskerfan567

    Kobe is not better then Jordan, hes not even close to Magic yet

  • lakerschamps09

    i know kobe aint the best… but y doesnt magic, kareem, OR EVEN WILT GET THAT GOAT??? mj was awesome,great amazing i can go on but wilt had the game changed cuz of him yea he never had the titles cuz his team sucked, i wonder how many rings mj woulda had if he played in the 80’s or in the 60’s prolly one or 2.. so idk that theres a GOAT.. imo there has to be top 5 and in not particular order mj,magic,wilt,kareem, and kobe?? idk but they were all great mj wasnt the goat cuz if he went up vs russel or wilt he woulda gotten killed.. but watever its great ppl even mention kobe as up there.. he still got a longggggg way to go maybe if he gets us more ships we can have a better argument.. till then lets enjoy kobe to the fullest


    Remember this…

    Reminds me of this…

  • e

    in my eyes, kobe’s already the g.o.a.t.
    now to convince everyone else..he has these next few years to prove to the world that he’s truly that..after all mj didnt start winning until this time around..a little bit of an optimistic view for number 24..and on the interview with rome the other day, kobe even said “my best is yet to come” how scary is that?

  • mr.laker19

    Sep 17th, 2008 at 4:44 pm
    Kobe is not the greatest yet, hes still #4, hes not close, Mj is not #1 in my books either

    OK… whatever drugs you do… stop it. Any way, Jordan is the most accomplished player of all time. He just did to much in his career to argue with that. But, Kobe is the better player. He shoots better, handles the ball better, has way more moves he can do. Plus Jordan didnt have to face as many double and triple teams as Kobe does. On top of that we live in a time where the game is faster and has better athletes than they did in the 90’s. Jordan was just a better athlete than almost everybody he played every night, Kobe plays against teams where almost everybody else is a better athlete than him. So he has to have better skills to beat his oponents. Kobe is the best ever as of right now, no contest. One day as the game evolves there will probably be someone better than him. Thats just the way it is. Get over it Jordan fans.

  • Jack

    um.. kobe’s the best.

    anyway, whateva.

  • Fred A.

    If this is going on:

    Then we should do this trade:
    and also give the Mavs a 2nd rounder and cash.
    I feel this would make both teams better.
    Mavs look like this:
    Nowinski(7 footer)
    Dampier(7 footer)
    US: :)
    Gasol/Powell/Landry or McCoy

  • Fred A.
  • iskerfan567

    [Comment ID #50712 Will Be Quoted Here]

    so your telling me both MJ and Kobe are better then Kareem or Wilt, dont get mad at me because i’m not in your imagitive world you are in, Kobe is not the best, Hes not close to Majic Johnson or Oscar Robertson, and MJ IS OVERATED anyway


    Fred A.,I likes the way you think,my brother.

  • Fred A.

    This is how I rank these 2.
    1. Jordan
    2. Kareem
    3. Magic
    4. Wilt da Stilt
    5. KOBE(MVP) :)

  • kobean

    trade luke to portland for travis outlaw or lamarcus aldridge
    portland is a young team and they need a guy that can bring entangibles and the lakers need another big
    also sign zo

    G Fisher/farmar/Yue
    G Kobe/machine
    C Drew/Zo/Mbenga
    F Gasol/outlaw or aldridge/powell
    F Lamar/Ariza/vlad

  • D2408

    LakersChamps09 wat r u talking about jordan played for most of the 80’s

  • yellowpurplefever

    you’re on the money. We are talking about the Best all-around player. This is a very close call. MJ has the edge. Kobe needs more discipline in his game. MJ has that present, he puts fear in players on opposing team. Kobe has a few years to showcase


    Magic is THE GREATEST to me,MJ is veeeeery close 2nd,Bird 3rd,Bill Russell 4th,c’mon 11 ‘Chips he should No.1,5th Kareem.


    kobe is the GOAT..people need to get over Jordad he’s done he is the past. Kobe faces triple and double teams constantly and manages to put up incredible numbers. Jordans greatest competition was malone and stockton…enough said.

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