at peace.Ok, I sense panic in Laker Nation, panic that needs to have some kind of answer, a sense of relaxation for those who are tense, confused, and at a loss for words. Let’s be honest for a second, losing Kobe Bryant would be catastrophic to the Laker franchise regardless of who they got in return. I think recent media reports have been blown out of proportion and we as Laker nation should be very skeptical as well as cautious before we go off on one report and start discussing the worse-case scenarios.

I will start with the Sunday article wrote on ESPN, reporting Kobe’s “TRUTH” statements as if it was some unbelievable new news. Newspapers as well as ESPN, quoted the TRUTH statement like it was just written on Sunday. I will make this as clear as I can make it, Kobe Bryant made those remarks after his trade demands at the end of May, where he went on a media frenzy and asked for a trade, backed off it, and then jumped back on the demand again. Why it is still very relevant and reports say the administrator at is under strict guidelines to continue to repost the TRUTH statement, that statement was viewed as if it was brand new. What really happened is the media was salivating for some kind of Kobe Bryant update after the talks in Spain with Buss, and they jumped at an opportunity to persuade the non-Laker follower that Kobe is leaving and his demands are now stronger than ever.

Kobe’s stance has been the same since May 30th, as I am currently writing this article, ESPN’s “NBA Rumor Central” has posted that Kobe’s “New words are old”, from the Kobe Bryant website. This is something all avid Laker followers knew, but since the Associate Press reported it, every news outlet believed it was new, raw, juicy material. The fact of the matter is if you visit regularly, you would have noticed that the last TRUTH post has been “refreshed”, or in other words the original date was erased and a new date has been attached to the same message. I can tell you that it was initially posted on May 30 th, reposted on June 7th and also reposted on June 17th, and that is from personal experience.

I feel it is also necessary to give some thought to this “Kobe Video”, in which he reportedly is captured by a digital camera saying ” “Ship his [rear end] out.” Referring to Lakers Center Andrew Bynum, “We’re talking Jason Kidd,” said Bryant. “They didn’t want to do that? That’s why we’re in this [messed up] position.” This all according to My response to that is, Kobe Bryant is a human being, Kobe Bryant gets mad, Kobe Bryant makes mistakes, and even our beloved Kobe Bryant will say politically-incorrect things from time to time. I remember myself and countless other Laker fans along with respected journalist saying the SAME thing. Maybe not in those exact words, but very similar. This video isn’t as unbelievable or raw to me, I have come to realize that our heroes and idols have opinions too. The Kidd, Odom, Bryant trio would of looked pretty good to me, maybe not in a 5 year plan, but did the spurs turn Robert Horry down because he is too old, or Brent Barry, Michael Finley? No, even know those guys at the point of signing only had a good 3-4 good years left in them that didn’t stop the NBA champs from signing them. So this “video” and there makers who are shopping it around, here is a bit of advice to you, the remarks aren’t anything special and if we were all in Kobe Bryant’s situation we would feel the EXACT same way. We might go about it in a different way, we might make sure digital cameras are turned off. But we would feel the same way.

To the users and die hard laker fans, I want to provide a sense of calming. A week ago the comments were all about upgrading the Lakers with Kobe still on it of course. Now people are saying, “Well if we get Deng and Gordon I think we can really be something”, oh please just save it. I think Kobe Bryant for whoever scenarios at this point is not only un-productive but as pointless as answering the question…”If you were stranded on a island and could only bring 3 things what would you bring?”

OF COURSE Kobe still is saying he wants to be traded, my goal is to make it known that his stance is no different from 2 weeks ago. Also, why would his stance change? No moves have been made as of yet, nothing to show Kobe that the Lakers are going to improve this team. So yeah as a diehard Laker and Kobe fan, if this roster stays the same in the next month, I will back Kobe, as I question the front office I once thought was all about winning. However, you have to agree that if Kobe wakes up one morning and sees that JO has been acquired without having to give up Odom, and maybe later on Marion or an Artest is picked up. There’s no doubt that Kobe would stay in the purple and gold.

This situation is kind of like a 2 year old that is crying uncontrollably. But, once you buy him that big candy bar, the tears stop falling and the smile starts to stretch from ear to ear. So Buss, do us all a favor and go get Kobe that big candy bar!

  • lakersforlife77

    The power of the media……………It can be a real bitch sometimes.

  • MO6

    Ya i dont think Kobe wants to leave LA either hes just reacting b/c they havent done anything yet i think he has reacted to soon but if the roster is the same i will back him up to like u said. But i dont think they will trade Kobe in a million years. Nice Article

  • lakerfan81

    people are blowing this way out of proportion. But its kind of sad to see a multimillionaire superstar athlete acting like a two year old. the lakers will try anything to appease Kobe. As far as the trade for Kidd goes I have a feeling that decision was more Jim buss than Kupchack. The trade was Bynum and brown filler for Kidd. If we were getting a center as well then that should have nbeen made. But if a center was not included you would not have anyone in the front court and you still would not have been able to win.
    I think the lakers are trying to make some trades happen but you can not trade everyone on the team for a single player because then you are in the same position you are in now and kobe will be complaining again. I was saying before that Artest was a bad move because i dont think it will work but if its between taking a big risk with artest and losing kobe the risk.

  • pLzDoNtLeAvEkObE


  • KingKobe

    I should listen to this and keep my own mouth shut until it’s all said and done.
    It’d be much easier to do if Kobe never opened his!
    Being so passionate about the Lakers, it’s hard for a lot of us to not throw in our 2 cents.
    Also, it’s funny that at the end of this it likens Kobe to a crying baby……that’s fine if Kobe were a baby…but he’s a 29 year old man!
    It sounds like it’s saying grow up Kobe!
    Can you imagine if every star on every team was complaining every time they didn’t win or compete for a title?
    There would be 20 or so big stars bitching every off season because their team didn’t win!

    Kobe should show patience and so should we

  • Mr.47

    The thing about Kobe that pisses me off is that everyone wants to win. At the beginning of this season, I was a believer in this team. We are a playoff contender with all the injuries that occurred last year! We had a solid team and I feel like Phil Jackson, we are just one piece away.

    Back to my original point, Kobe won 3 championships with this team. He knows they are in a financial hole and turned his back as soon as we started going down hill. We aren’t in a bad place, this team can grow into a championship team. I agree that the FO failed to do their job over the years, but the fact is that we aren’t completely dead in the water! Kobe gave us an emotional post about “bleeding purple and gold” and that the trade talks were not real, then what? We get a “no turning back” post just like that! We love Kobe, but the dude has done nothing but contradicted himself and lied to the fans.

    All I know is that the Lakers are the most popular team with or without Kobe. I am truly a Lakers fan, not a Kobe fan. I want him out.

  • cooleo24

    i believe this article 100%. I remember reading kobes message a while ago

  • KingKobe

    2 years ago we were 6 seconds and a rebound away from eliminating the Suns and facing the Clippers in the playoffs. Everyone in here knows the Lakers would have beaten the Clippers and made it to the Western Conference Finals and given the Mavs a run for their money. Would they have won it all? Maybe not. But I hardly see that as being at “ground zero” like Kobe wants us to believe.

    This is a tough time to be a Laker fan. Kobe’s flip-flopping and a lot of fans, including me, are flip-flopping as far as getting rid of him or keeping him is concerned.


  • mj2kb

    No your not a lakers fan. Because if you were a lakers fan then you would be pissed at the FO for not doing anthing and wasting kobes talent for selling tickets. HA HA, you really think with this current you can win the whole thing? Hellllll no. I’ve been a long time laker fan since the jordan days, and the Lakers are a winning organization that competes every year year for championships, but theres no way you can win the whole thing with only kobe bryant. He cant win everything by himself. Of course hes gonna complain, hes use to winning championships and we fans to. Everybody has to complain and not just hate on the guy for his situation

  • mj2kb

    Kingkobe, yea you should be quiet till we hear it out of kobes mouth. You cant just hear these rumors or sources and automatically hate on the guy. I think youve been poisened by espn and there so called “news”. And how could you say that every team doesnt complain? Did you notice the year shaq complained that he didnt get enough touches in the playoffs in his first year with the heat? I did notice that. You know why? because hes use to winning championships just like kobe. The trend is that every team thats use to winning championships complain. Its just the way it is. We all know that kobe is a Fierce competitor and this shouldnt surprise us. You guys dont hear the rest of the team complaining because they have even tasted championships, and i think there just comfortable with just gettin to the playoffs.

  • Tony Garcia

    I agree that is why i was not acting as if he was gonna leave everybody in LA and the fans are saying Kobe is going i don’t guy it man i don’t because he’s just talking to get Buss to get off his ass to do something man and if he doesn’t do it then he will go then, he doesn’t wanna go he doesn’t plus u bring a good point whoever posted this, by the way excellent post i did notice that and mentioned it to others and all and now some people are coming back to realization , i’ll give a good point First of all Kobe will not go to Chicago u hear that Laker fans PAY ATTENTIOn I’ll ask u guys this okay why would u wanna be in a Place of another King u know what i’m saying, that’s Michael Jordans Place, Kobe wants to Build his own Rep u know why would he wanna be in Michael’s Shadow u feel me, it doesn’t make any since which is why Chicago will not be, plus i don’t think Kobe will be stupid enough to go to Chicago and be on a worst team u know he will be at square one again i mean is they are gonna trade, Ben Wallace Loul Deng, and Ben Gordon and a First rounder or Tyrus Thomas it’ll dramatically improve our team but this is Kobe nation he puts butts in the seats and plus i don’t think Jerry Buss will let Kobe go becuz of money and he’s one of the best things that happened to LA u know it’ll be the biggest screw up that he has ever done i mean by letting Shaq go we all know that was Stupid, but kobe won’t go cuz it’ll bring him back down he will be hated more than anything and more also him driving shaq out and all it’ll look like he did and becuz he couldn’t win without him then he would leave u know so he’s got a lot to think about if he decides to leave they have been loyal to him we have been loyal to him they supported him during the rape trial heck phil didn’t even had to let him play u know and kobe didn’t have to play he could have tooked the whole year off u know to handle his business so u know he loves LA that much and we love him so Kobe isn’t going anywhere he will remain a laker there will be no other place that he will be bigger in sure Going to the Eastern conference is a better chance to win a championship u know cuz the conference is week u know but hey he will back at square one u know It’ll be tuffer plus they would have to rebuild and think about it lakerfans all that money and increasing contracts it’ll be too much money and way over the sallary cap for the lakers so it’s not possible u know we can illiford to trade kobe i don’t care sure his been crying then u wanna stop hearing his crying somebody tell dr.busss TO STOP PLAYING AROUND START TALKING TO TEAMS HIM AND MITCH KUPCHAK STOP MESSING AROUND AT LEAST TALK TO TEAMS SEE WHAT U CAN GET BUT WE MUST KEEP LO and if i was teh lakers i would trade bynum but check this out, i would bring andrew in my office and say hey look andrew this team is going in a different direction right now we feel that u still have to develope and should get that chance which is why we are going to give u that chance to shine and go play on another team so u can develop by having all that playing time and all and not having a GREAT star player on the team but one that can make u better quickly that way u can explore your potential and when u reach that point and become a free agent give us a call and we will resign u, HOW ABOUT THAT LAKER FANS SOUNDS GOOD??? i mean we cannot wait u know especially if we are going to trade for Garnett (Most likely won’t happen) and O’neal, Artest and Bibby but we must not Give up Odom we have to find a way to keep him becuz he’s good and he gives us rebouding and his versitility i don’t think there is know one at his size that can do teh things he can do u know rebound the ball and lead the break he’s like Magic u know, he cannot be replaced, which is why we have to build around LO and Kobe, in my opinion Odom is an All Star Player he will get his stuff together yep he will The Future shall be Kobe and Odom, plus we don’t need O’neal he’s a big guy that shoots terrible percentafe 47 percent career wise terrible for a post player good rebounder and imtemidator but injury prone so i wouldn’t take the risk maybe, we can get gasol and still keep Odom , we can ship off a young Nucleus to them cause they are young bynum,Evans,19thpick, and Vladimire to them for Gasol and Atkins maybe, we shall see well think LA fans Kobe will stay but they gotta make some moves yep well just voicing my opinion and what i feel yep we shall see i have a good feeling about it.

  • Ashraf

    I wanna thank who ever wrote this article making me feel alot better. so THANK YOU!

  • Ryan Fuu

    David Brickley… Great Article… You have made me feel better and hopefully the Laker Nation as well!! I agree 100 % !! …

  • Big D

    Look guys; you need to try, as impossible as it seems, to put yourselves in Kobe’s shoes for a minute.

    “King” James described JUST BEING IN the finals as the greatest feeling he had ever experienced.

    If you have ever won a championship game then you can relate somewhat. If you worked your entire life playing the same sport and then won three times in a row in front of a stage of millions of people, well now you are in Kobe’s league. Winning has got to be like a drug to him (sorry but the candy analogy just didn’t cut it). He’s been told the last couple of years that more of the drug would be coming soon and he knows he can get the drug elsewhere (as did Shaq after crying in a similar manner).

    Add his desire to win with the fact that the Lakers FO passed on deals to bring in great talent (great NOW, not next year or two years from now) and you have a situation in which Kobe is posturing to be traded. All employees are allowed to play “I’m going to move if XYZ doesn’t happen” card once in their career and Kobe is simply doing just that. He is doing it because he hasn’t seen squat from the FO and it is his way of putting pressure on the organization since, in his mind, nothing was being with him not putting on the pressure.

    So do I blame Kobe for what he has done? Absolutely not. Is what he has done in the best interest for the team? I doubt it, but we’ll never know for sure. Maybe it will turn out to be the best thing he is ever done.

    One thing I do know for sure: Kobe ain’t going no where. And all you Laker fans that are starting to hate on Kobe for doing this and think the team can win without him need to get real. Kobe is perhaps the greatest game closer of all time. So think about which player in the league you would want taking that last shot with five ticks on the clock and then tell me you are OK seeing Kobe go to another team.

  • Cyrus


    Thank you for writing this article, my respect. Unfortunately, the media frenzy or better said Rating-Hungry shark frenzy is giving the franchise, players and fans an emotional roller coaster ride.

    They have become socially irresponsible and walk over dead bodies to get ratings at any cost.

    And it’s so obvious this time; last Friday, Janie Buss, oldest daughter of Dr. Buss, went on AM570 and said her dad may meet Bryant in Barcelona. Sure enough 2 hours later, Eric Pincus writes about this meeting and Kobe’s “trade request” which I don’t believe. And 2-3 hours later, LA-Times Mike Bresnahan writes about it. And there you have it, classical frenzy for nothing but a meeting between to guys with nobody present.

    Mark Schneiders (BC school of Journalism) has an interesting view:
    Heres a microscopic view of how it happens: a reporter reports, and other reporters notice or are assigned a follow-up. Sometimes errors are encountered. But often, in the need to advance the story, a new chapter is simply written, and the original story becomes a canonical piece of general knowledge. This is especially evident when the source story comes from a respected news organization or news service


  • Mr RiCo

    The media, we refer to as experts, are only good at one thing: Expunging the truth with the fallASSy they didn’t have to look far at all to dig up!

  • lakerbob

    It is nice to read something that is real and not loaded down with a bunch of crap. When I first saw the story over the weekend, I went back to KB24 and seen that they had just changed the date. I was wondering why all the Hoop-la when it was a old posting. We all need to just take a breath and believe what most all of us think is really going on. Sure Kobe wants to win just like all of us fans want to. We all see what has happened over the last few years and wonder why more has not been done. Making trades are not easy and they can have a long term affect if not done well. This year, up till Jan., I think we all thought that we had made progress. Maybe not Championship material, but lets be honest, there really are not any teams that are that great that playing well, you might get by. Our inguries killed us. We lost all momentum. We have spots that need to be filled and if the FO is smart, they will be able to enhance this team without having to gut it to get a player. I liked Smush, but come-on, starting point gaurd for the LA Lakers, I don’t think so. Players with more experince would make a world of difference. Lets spend our efforts on what we can really do and not on simple pipe dreams thinking that it is a easy answer. If it were that easy, every team would be contending. A few nice pieces and were right there including Kobe. Stress is horrible and the last few weeks have been murder. The time is near though for all of us. Kobe has started the ball rolling and the draft day is right around the corner. I truely believe that we will hear of some change by the evening of the 28th. Maybe we will all get a good nite of sleep then.
    Laker Bob

  • DBricks

    I wrote this article for those of you that wanted to know, DBricks is my post name and im in the about me under David Brickley. But thanks alot guys for the good feedback, and all the love, it means alot. Also, at the end I wasnt really trying to diminish Kobe by comparing him to a whiny 2 year old, but just trying to say get the pieces we need so we can all get passed this drama!

    Also, I as some of you was dissapointed in not only the reputable “Universal” news sourcec of the Associated Press, but ESPN as well. Come on, someone should of caught that the post was orginally written more then 2 weeks ago, but they went public with it before even checking the sources…

  • punkjones

    D Bricks – another great one. I agree all the way with you here. Kobe’s not going anywhere and everyone needs to calm down as the draft doesn’t happen for another week and a half. Then we’ll see what’s really up. I do think that Kobe’s latest outburst was a direct result of the JO trade talk stalling reports. It’s pretty clear in terms of the timing.

    Personally, I think the Lakers should have just done the deal. Bynum’s got to go as Kobe is taking it personally that Jim won’t trade him in any of these scenarios. Also clear as day – Bynum represents the future (obviously as he’s so far away from being a developed player!) of the Org, and Jim’s unwillingness to part with him is a sign to Kobe that they are on a future plan not building a contender in the present. And he’s got a good point. Bynum isn’t going to be a player for a few years at best. And Phil already seems at the end of his rope with this kid.

    Bottom line, LO and Bynum is not too much for the likes of an all star big man entering the prime of his career in JO. There will be a couple other players in the mix, but you’ve got to do that deal if you’re Lakers FO. As much as I like the name of this site I’m a little doubtful that the Lakers FO can manage to get KG. Also no talk from FO at all about Gasol. So JO looks like the only big man we can actually get. I would hate to see them blow it.

  • DeepFrost

    Way to go Dave!.. keep it up fella…) LAL 4 life

  • dub-quad

    im a die hard laker/kobe fan just like anyone else on this site and i’ve backed him since day one, the rape case, shaq feud, even the 1st trade demand…but now this is getting ridiculous, i mean doesnt kobe understand if he keeps on demanding a trade, its going to be harder to get good players in return when the other teams know the lakers are desperate to make a trade, thus making it very unlikely he will be traded? have some f’n common sense mamba, cuz im getting tired of your ish. you could learn something about loyalty to fans from KG !!!

  • krzyjin

    lol. oh man. kobe’s causing a ruckus and making a lot of mad and worried. what is wrong with him. that’s what i’m saying right now. he’s going back on his words. i admit lakers need help, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and demand a trade and then back off and then go back on demanding a trade. come on. what is wrong with kobe these days. is he smoking crack? wow. i come to about 5 times every day to see if something new came up and i get mad looking at all this trading kobe nonsense and all that. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. that’s what i’ll say to the front office. did you hear kobe? do something and DO IT NOW! NOW. wow. lols.