For those who are still a little weary of tomorrows today’s Lakers Championship parade — here’s some last minute info you should read before leaving your house (if you haven’t already).

The parade starts from STAPLES Center on Figueroa and goes about two miles to Jefferson. There has been some confusion, but to clear things up, there will not be a rally. Due to many reasons — low budget (no help from the city), violence, and bad fan behavior from last year are tops on that list — the team decided to take a pass this year. The team will not get off the double deckers and prance around. Each bus will be equipped with a mic and speakers for the players.

The turnout for today’s parade is expected to be HIGH. Fans will be lined up throughout the two mile stretch, it might get a bit chaotic.

Broadcasts from the parade will be available on all local channels, along with Fox Sports West. The parade can be viewed online at

For more information on the parade, check out the official release.

Good luck finding parking, hope to see you all at the parade. Let’s have a good time and close the door on the 2010 season.

  • ATLakers

    Two things:

    1. It’s sad that there’s no rally this year. Bad behavior? Wake up LA, this is why we can’t have nice things. As soon as we’re presented with something great, we just destroy it. Act like mature adults, seriously.

    2. I went to the Coliseum for last year’s parade and it was the one time that LA public transportation came through. I had to walk a little bit but it wasn’t more than anyone else who parked their car in Downtown (and had to waste time looking for a spot). Parked my car for free in Pasadena and took the Gold and Purple lines (how fitting) into Downtown. I implore people to take the Metro today, it’ll save a lot of hassle.


    This sucks. It’s nice to see and hear the players and have them respond to our cheers in dance and joyfulness. But thanks to a couple of dumb azz stupid lowlife homies/ganstas, all we get is a drive by wave.

    If you are mad or hurt of these comments then you are one of the idiots causing havoc and you should be stripped naked in the streets, tattooed w/ flower power on your foreheads and have one of those orange cones shoved up there fundio. Stupid trouble makers!!!

  • http://TLN DanG13

    It never fail every time we win in LA we get those retarded people that can’t act right and ruin it for those who can. Freakn RUINERS!!!

  • Adrianyj

    I want to go there, but I cant… Im too far. Im a Lakers fans from Msia…

  • mecka24

    No rally at the coliseum is disapointing..I was there last year and thought it turned out great..Im not gonna try to go there this year because i dont wanna see them for like 15 seconds..The city shoulda helped a little, i mean c’mon we just beat the Celtics in game 7 of the finals..I really wanted to go the rally this year..


    Instead of these stupid public officials making dumb bets like ” if we win your mayor should wear our jersey” crap. What they should do is say ” if we win, your city will bay a set amount for the winning cities parade”.

  • bodybags

    this is what i hate the ppl that do this bullshit only come out when we win but be ghost in the regular season come on ya’ll that’s what fuck up our rep