Would he be a good pickup? Thoughts?

Twitter: Larry Hughes says he’s down to Lakers, Celtics, HEAT and Bobcats…

  • enrique

    he’s a shooting guard, this will make it easy 2 trade sasha cuz now we know there is someone to back up kobe

    • 242LakerFan

      He’s a 40% shooting guard, 30% from 3. Not an improvement in any way over Shannon, not nearly the upside of Lin and totally unfamiliar with the system.

      • andy2000

        man i read alot of your post and u knows what u talking about. amen

        • 242LakerFan


        • lakerman34

          HA it’s funny cuz I was about to say the SAME thing. u know ur shit dude.

      • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

        Of course he does. 242Lakerfan and Be_A_LakerFan know what they talk about.

        • ICE CREAM MAN

          242LAKERFAN, you sound like you been doing good in the community so how about I give you a complimentary bugs bunny popscile and a grab bag. Good Job!!!

      • Robert.

        242 is “da man” here ! He’s in alignment with 99% of my basketball philosophy, and ‘KNOWS his basketball’.
        TLN should have a ‘panel of blogger experts’ to make elite comments on basketball happenings, and 242 should be there.
        Anyway – Agreed – PASS on Hughes.

      • IceofMiami

        I think your right..not an improvement especially cause he doesnt know the offence or Lakers defence…pass, and signed Shannon!

      • IceofMiami

        So who can the Lakers get to compete with the Heat if it comes down to that in the finals?

      • Sheds

        He als has a history of underperforming and not contributing to winning teams. He is usually one of the first guys to go when a team wants to improve, since he does not play defense and now that his offense is not there anymore, he cannot rely on that.

        • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

          when he was on cleveland, they made it to the finals, and since he left they hav e gotten worse, hes a veteran, and the lakers are not worried about age since this is Phil’s last year

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  • NoName

    Pass. Hughes is a loser.

  • KMizzle

    Larry Hughes 2010 Playoffs Statistics
    PPG 6.0
    RPG 3.3
    APG 1.5
    SPG 0.0
    BPG 0.0
    FG% 0.471
    FT% 0.571
    3P% 0.400
    MPG 14.5

    Shannon Brown Playoff stats
    2010 Playoffs Statistics
    PPG 4.9
    RPG 1.3
    APG 0.9
    SPG 0.4
    BPG 0.3
    FG% 0.393
    FT% 0.714
    3P% 0.281
    MPG 14.1
    there is an improvement in the post season averages so he can probably defend and/or has more quickness with his hands. 1′ inch taller, and 2 + rebounds per game.

    • KMizzle

      Verdict: Larry is more clutch when it counts, and can give you rebounding that you didn’t have

      • Sheds

        Shannon did not get as many rebounds because our bigs usually catch most of these.
        Hughes was in teams where the team as a whole had the rebounding spread out more between players, so that is why he has a few more per game.

        • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

          in cleveland, he played with gooden and varejao, who had rebounding as there specialty, the lakers bigs are more scorers than rebounders

    • 242LakerFan

      I feel you, I’d just rather stick with the barely serviceable player that will make me go HOLY SHIT!!! every once in a while rather than the one who just makes me wanna go make a sandwich.

      • KMizzle

        lol yeah, agreed, Shannon Bizzle adds a lot of HMMPH that the Lakers don’t have. I bet Shannon adds like 10 tickets to every basketball game; fans or chicks trying to see him make a gnarly dunk every time he subs in

        • 242LakerFan

          I swoon a little myself sometimes (haha)

    • Joseph

      i don’t players that are FT liabilities. 0.571 STINKS!

  • poop

    gimme a break, i’ll take a big mac and 6-piece chicken nuggets over this loser

    • KMizzle

      True, but the Lakers are trying to win now. They don’t want to wait on Shannon ( he was always a journeyman in the league). In Larry they probably see what I see, more MDE (Mad-death-energy) willing to do the dirty work. So I think this guy is intriguing to say the least

      • KMizzle

        The only problem is he is a spotty shooter just like shannon so, in that case give me tmac

        • http://Lakersnation.com Heber

          Larry hughes is 10 times more of a journey man that shannon brown. Remember he was supposedly going to be the pippen to allen iversons jordan in philly and the same thing when he played with lebron in cleveland and how did that work out? Plus he also had a worst dunk contest showing back in the day that shannon had this past year :). I was hoping we would of gotten matt barnes but he just went for the money and signed in toronto of all places

          • 242LakerFan

            LOL Man, I forgot about that dunk contest!

  • no

    please dont pick up his old ass.

  • http://youtube.com/lakersftw2010 RonRonGq


    • 242LakerFan

      I’m completely underwhelmed

      • KMizzle

        He probly used contending teams as leverage as tools to up his price anyway- he was a journeyman so for him, it’s about the $ and stability. Another Raja Bell

        • 242LakerFan

          That’s how you play the game, man.

          • http://youtube.com/lakersftw2010 RonRonGq

            lets go get Jeremy Lin and T-Mac and a Vet. Center and we’ll be good

          • KMizzle

            Text book

    • lakerjay

      he might not go because of money problems.the deal is not finale i still dont see him going to the lakers tho

  • Eidraq

    he would be a good pick up


    I want the guy that has less tatoos.

  • Get It 2gether!

    Well, I don’t know what the Lakers planning to do anymore lol. Thinking a quality free agent would come to L.A. for less money. It is a pipe dream but possible. Who is left out there but has beens. I just hope Mitch has something up his sleeve. Lin, Ebanks, and Character are good potential addition. But they need someone besides Blake and Odom off the bench. Sasha and Luke, you don’t know what you are going to get. Shannon Brown, it was nice knowing yah.


    Man no way pls. no this guy pls. just say NO


    How bout we get rid of the poll question w/ raja bell in it. Let’s start a new one w/ shannon, lin hughes

    • KMizzle

      YA!! It’s about a week overdue. TMAC, hughes, lin, shannon

  • kukaekev

    whack! no thanks! i’ll stick with what we have 1000x over!

  • 09-10-11champs!

    yo, just a crazy idea, obviously wont happen, but i would love for it to go through.

    sign and trade shannon, give him about 3 mil, to NY for non other that RONNY TURIAF, boy i miss this guy badly, and he makes about 4 mil.. much better than powell and dj!


      i miss his hustle and energy.he provided a lift that would turn the momentum.

  • #1lakersfan

    Ok lakers let’s be realistic we want what’s best for the Lakers and honestly Hughes is a good player who can come off the bench and help out but he isn’t consistent and neither is Shannon brown. We love the dunks and all but the game is more then dunks. We need to have a want to chase after players and lately the Lakers really haven’t gone out and pursue any players and wow them. Smalls offers wont get the Barnes,Miller or even injury prone T Mac. The Lakers needs needs have to be handle quickly. The 2 rookies are playing great and the addition of Lin will also had more depht. We need to roll the dice on some of these free agents are start making some deals, I want the lakers to surprised me and so far they have not done so. ..

    • Sasha4Lvp

      lakers are strapped for cash. they cant offer FA big contracts. and FYI, Tmac said he would consider taking the vet’s min. to sign with the heat. so im sure he is more than willing to take the same offer to join the lakers.

    • 242LakerFan

      It’s not just a matter of what money there is available now, either. There has been talk of the next CBA possibly including a hard salary cap. I don’t know what that means for teams like us and Orlando with salaries in the $90-100mil range, but it won’t be good.

  • alive86

    Larry has yet to show that he can play in a complicated offensive system. Phil had to dumb down plays for Shannon Brown when he was on the floor, and he’ll have to do the same for L. Hughes. You’ll get the same results.

  • Digi

    hey every1 needs to relax and quit playing, u guys did this last year griping and complaining about artest over ariza, about odom only to turn against him again midseason and during the playoffs, mitch is doing his job, if they dont seem hardpressed we shouldnt either , phil n kobe will not let this team lose n and mitch will find what we need to fill our roster its still july so every 1 woooooooosaaaaaaaaaaaaaah we r the CHAMPS n will be again next YEAR, u cant buy championships like MIAMI is trying to you EARN THEM like we did 2 years straight n even like the celtics n spurs before then !!!

  • Digi

    quit playing gm, in the last post !

  • neekero

    would larry be a good pickup?

    hell yes he would!

    when i saw larry playing for cavs with eric snow and lebron james he was doing really good in running the offence and ppg apg he would be a great pickup/backup point

  • Kedy

    Pllllleeeeeaaaaassseeee sign tmac LA!!!!!!

  • Robert.

    Last year, Ron Artest was a very ‘calculated’ pick up by the Lakers. If he had not been available, they would probably have re-signed Ariza.
    I don’t think the GM (Kup) will pick someone up just for the sake.
    Both Bell and Barnes had ‘particular’ talents – more on the defensive side, that made them ‘calculated’ picks.
    Although Hughes might have some talents, it wouldn’t necessarily be a ‘calculated’ pick up.
    Anyway, as one of you bloggers said above, none of us are official GMs, so we should really just trust Kup to make the right decisions at this point.

  • ferdinand mutuc

    Just wondering if the Lakers have even attempted to talk to Shaq if he is interested at all. Of course, he needs to sign for the opportunity to get another ring by accepting the vet min; by accepting that this is Kobe’s team; by agreeing not to be a distraction. He can still score, can clogged-up the middle; play lots of minutes since the season is long–that would give Pau and Odom and Drew more strength for the playoffs. Would be a wonderful ending being in PJ’s last coaching year.

    Same situation with T-Mac; sign for the minimum, have a good attitude; he’s got lots of upside; Grant Hill used to get hurt a lot and with T-Mac rehabbing under Tim Grover and David Reavy, he maybe the comeback player of the year. He wants to play for a ring; he’s already got millions and this would not be a high stakes gamble by the Lakers. If he really wants a ring, any attitude he has will be lessened. Just see what happened with Artest, who supposedly had an attitude before he joined the Lakers.

    There must be a reason why Shaq and TMac are still available. Would not be much of a gamble for the Lakers. Eventhough we have a lot of motivation to win, we must make sure we have the players to weaken the Heat if we end-up playing them in the Finals. Kupchak is a very good GM, but we need a stronger bench to make sure our starters will be strong for the playoffs.

    Laker Fan for life!

    • digi

      i agree with u about tmac, my brother n other friends of mine in savannah ga who r all lakernationers hates the idea of t-mac to the lakers but i got a funny hunch he will be a better comeback story than grant hill like u said , if grant can comeback n be effective surely tracy can , u cant dismiss a guy who used to score 30 5 5 consistantly , n hes actually 1 year younger than kobe , i would like to see it but , mitch n phil always have methods to there madness , so i hope every stay assured we will be just fine nomatter who we get !!!! sn; those rookies look good even tho its only summer league but , caracter can be as good as big baby was when the celtics won his rookie now this season, n ebanks can be as good as trevor was the year we lost to the celtics before he got hurt, this season , thats pretty productive plus dont underestimate steve blake is a BEAST he used to kill us every time he played us on whatever team he was on ! n u still got L.O. 4 all his inconsitencies there is still not a better player who would be willing to come off the bench in the league who is a double double every nite 10 n 10 , he drives me crazy too but we need him hes a matchup problem every nite rather hes on or off !


      I agree about shaq and tmac. This is defenitley shaq’s last chance to finish w/ a ring, finish a winner, retire his jersey as a Laker. He should use the media, to show interest and to appologize to the Lakers organization, the fans and the city. If this happened, not only would he be accepted w/ open arms but will most certainly get everything that’s mentioned. Kobe will have to check the ego at the door if he wants to continue for the rings. Now what’s more important to him, the ring or his ego?

  • Sir

    When a guy has a website named http://heylarryhughespleasestoptakingsomanybadshots.com/ after him, I think it’s a good idea to pass. Also HURRY THE F UP AND GET T-MAC BEFORE THE F’ING HEAT DO!

    • Joseph

      Haha. Yes, pass. And T-mac only if he swallows his pride and takes what even Shannon Brown’s agent doesn’t care to sniff, that is what’s left of the MLE

      • Sir

        Agreed, but I mean we haven’t even contacted him, how stupid is that? At least contact him and get things started. Offer him the vet min or what’s left of the MLE (same thing) and if he takes it; great! If not, then oh well we can at least say we tried!

  • Spectorman818

    BAD Pickup.

  • Brown Hater

    I agree I would take T-Mac way before I even thought about signing Larry Hughes. I believe T-Mac will sign for the 1.8 million that the Lakers have left if he is not signed by the end of the month because he not gonna get anymore anywhere else.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    will larry actually TRY to learn the system?.. as apose to shannon who’s been in the system for a while now and just doesn’t pick it up.
    shannon wants close to the MLE… hughes probably closer to vet min.. is there THAT big of difference between them?
    basketball wise i take shannon over hughes, business wise i take hughes cuz he won’t cost me close to 10 mill (including lux tax) a season.

    • KM

      Jury’s out on Hughes but he’s a scrappy vet who will is known for dirtying himself trying to get boards.. Shannon never was known for being an all-out scrappy player.. those things are known. Larry Hughes probably has an advantage because he has never won a title or helped a team win one, and so is hungrier. At this point in time I think Shannon gauged little interest. Though Boston was looking at him but the price tag is a bit to ask for a wing man. Hughes? now that’s a guy you could trade for who won’t eat Buss’s wallet.. just a thought..

  • nick

    Hughes is a bad pick up! Please dont pick this guy up Mitch. We know your smarter than that!


    PG- D-FISH
    C- DREW

    SF- T-MAC


    • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

      that would b legit, lakers need to teach T-mac and hughes some defense

  • Schism

    Larry Hughes is a DblDigit scorer, and an excellent defender. He’s played for various teams, and has been consistent throughout despite the different teammates and systems. Fish and Kobe remember playing against him during his GSW days, and are probably giving Mitch the OK.
    Also, He has played more games games against East Coast top opponents over the last five years than probably the entire Lakers squad combined. He has teamed with LeBron in CLE, and against him, and probably knows his game inside and out. Plus, his experiences against Wade, Bosh, the Bulls, Celtics, Orlando, etc, could be invaluable come Finals time.
    There’s more to players in the game than just stinky stats. If the Lakers are considering Hughes as an aquisition, I’m sure they figure that who they are getting will benefit the team.

  • tHE ONE!

    Larry Hughes would be the third option behind Shanon!!!Lin is a good scond option!

  • DCLakeshow

    One word for you: NO!

    I’ve kept an eye on this dude throughout his career, and he’s really like a smaller version of Lamar Odom. He’s always been completely comfortable, being one of the most talented players on the floor, with no desire to be the best player on the floor. He was that way In DC, and when Lebronie asked for him in Cleveland, they found that out as well. LO makes me want to pull out every strand of hair that I have…so I couldn’t possible imagine having another version of him. Besides…at this point, I think this guy is only in it for the money…very little passion.

  • http://lexworld Lex

    T.Mac Tmac lets get Tracy Mcgrady

  • Brown Hater

    There is a post on the Bleachers website that says the Lakers and the Celtics are both going after T-Mac not sure how true it is but I just saw I let everyone know

    • 242LakerFan

      It looks like even Clipper fans aren’t sold on TMac. How low can you go?

      D.J. Foster on Clipperblog: “An aging, injury-plagued, former All-Star is looking for a new home. He’s tailed off considerably over the past few years, and because of some character issues and the unwillingness to accept a new role, he’s worn out his welcome with coaching staffs around the league. Instead of hanging up his sneakers or latching on with a team that can compete for a title, he’s looking to play in a place where he can still be considered ‘the man.’ Last year, that was Allen Iverson. This year, it’s Tracy McGrady.”

  • Sasha4Lvp

    is this a joke?! Larry Hughes? LMAO!

  • ilkebasketball

    fuck that fool.

    he wishes he could be a laker.

    that fool sucks

  • Hunt4Six

    Perhaps 10yrs ago….But now, no disrespect, but his “effective” competitive years are long past him. I’d group him with being as ineffective as Penny Hardaway, Tyrone Lue, Mike Olowokandi, and dare I say Shaq…. Although Shaq is a future Hall of Famer, an Olympic or World Games Gold Medalist, I think a 13 or 14 time All-star, and formally the NBA’s most dominant player….And his jersey number will be retired alongside Kobe’s when it’s all said and done…..So, gotta still give props to the “big fella” for spear-heading 3 consecutive NBA titles for the Lakers…

    …But the answer is still “NO,” to the idea of Larry Hughes joining the Lakers!

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    when shannon played for cleveland and charlotte, he did not play defense, however, when he came to the lakers, he became a wall, T-mac, and highes have similar playing styles to what shannon had, so those guys would help the lakers, and they would mean less minutes for luke and sasha

  • nicholsndimes

    in short…..no.

    242LakerFan already said it all….

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  • Step

    Everyone wants points, Hughes is a defensive specialist that lead the whole league in steals. Starting over 500 of 700 games in 12 years is not easy being 6 foot 5 and a guard. Hughes lead the league this year in December again in steals when goofy D’Antoni actually had the team clicking for their best December. Extremely fast and knows how to play the clock and run the team if needed. Minutes and points are about the same. Probably see him playing for Brown in Charlotte though. Takes the toughest assignment on D every game (Kobe when Lakers, and does a good job). For vet minimum, he is in shape in Vegas and put on a clinic a few weeks ago and has not lost any speed. This will be a steal for someone.