odomkg.jpgESPN: Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom was suspended one game without pay for flagrantly fouling Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen on Sunday, NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson announced Tuesday.

With 2:56 remaining in the fourth period of the Lakers’ 110-91 loss to the Celtics, Odom threw himself into Allen and knocked him to the floor.

“I don’t know what Odom was thinking,” Allen said Sunday. “I got the rebound and he tackled me. I know this is Sunday, but this is the wrong field.”

Odom will serve the suspension Jan. 4 when the Lakers host the Philadelphia 76ers.

  • Michael_23

    1. Don’t know why LO tackled him in the fist place.
    2. Not sure why Coach Doc Rivers left some of his all-stars in a blow-out with 3 mins left. That’s kind of rubbin’ it in. We all know how the Detroit-Pacers brawl went down. Celts seem to be defeating some teams by 15 or more leaving his all stars in til the end of the game. I hope they get all tired when the post season comes.
    3. This is another reason to hate the Celts if you’re a Laker fan.

  • Roko

    It was an amazing tackle.. I laughed like hell when i saw that =)

  • Young

    agreed. i hate ray allen but he put it pretty good when he said that lamar had the wrong sport on sunday…

    whatever, i think we shouldnt have a problem with philly anyways

    fish, kobe, trevor, turiaf, and bynum as strarters?

  • lakersfan17

    This is just BS, this league just hates the Lakers always suspending there players but why didn’t they suspended Barnes or Melo?Just BS.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jwalksocali jermaine mciver

    how in the hell does he get suspended and not carmelo anthony for the chock slam on sasha. i dont get the league sometimes gotta be fair just cause carmelo is one of the top players that puts fans in front of the t.v. doesnt mean he’s on a different pedestal

  • nyla

    I’d love to hear what the league has to say is the difference between Barns and Melo and what Lamar did.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    Great point: Matt Barnes definitely should’ve been suspended for clotheslining Turiaf.

  • pjt

    Maybe Odom was sticking up for Kobe, for the foolish remarks Ray Allen was making about Kobe way back when…I don’t mind a little fire out of Odom…we still need another star though.

  • Bryan

    LO went for the ball but he was going too fast as ray allen turned to pass. If you watch the video, allen wasn’t winded too much. He had enough in him to push lamar as he was falling down. All in all.. bad refs… bad shorts… band wagon celtic fans… kobe going 6-25.. of course we were gonna lose..

    i was at the game… and i wish i could’ve punched every celtic fan there in the face… where the hell were they last year?

  • Green4Life

    Come on now if that was Ray Allen tackeling Odom you guys would be all pissy.

    Bryan thats a great point “Kobe going 6-25 of course your going to lose”. You see thats the difference between the Lakers and Celtics. The Celtics could have one of the “big 3″ go 6-25 and still win the Game!!

  • daboss1848

    Celtics fans at Staples? Disgraceful!!

    No way a Celtics fan would show his colors at the Forum, and if he/she did they dont make it to the car in one piece – expecially not after a Lakers loss.

    In reference to the LO suspension – fine yes, suspension no. Barnes pushing a guy in mid-air? Melo putting his hands on a guys neck?

    Bias in the NBA? Nah!

  • Laker Fan 707

    dang that was funny
    n shit Lakerfan17 is RIGHT!!!
    ppl jus hate da lakers cuz they the best team in the NBA!!!

  • eMike

    Lamar is an inconsistent moron.

    The second I saw him do that I knew I wouldn’t see him in the next game.

    He deserved the suspension and he deserves to be traded.

    Package up Kwame and Lamar and get a consistent player.

  • lakerboi

    This sucks!

    These should be an easy next three games, before we play Hornets. We should be 22-11 by next week, now we have a chance that we loose because our 2nd best player is out. Turif has not been playing good lately. Lakers need a win after this lost to Celtics, so they can get going again…GO LAKERS!


    Good Job Lamar. Though you got suspended, put it in that jerk’s face and try to injure him!! Excellent. G A Y allen deserved that @$$whooping


    though we got our @$$whooped, We gave the celtics a litle message called, We dont take that kind o Sh!t in LA

  • Lakers 24 7

    Coach told him to visualize something hes not scared of and attack, cuz mama said Ray Allen’s the devil

  • Ryan

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    lol waterboy.
    The League is always hatin’ on the Lakers.

  • kyler_hay

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    hahahahaha that shat is funny as helllllllll

  • MILO

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    thank you David stern is a fu-ck-en Laker hater

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    Ray Allen’s entire family is going to get POSTERIZED on the front page of a newspaper after their new year’s surprise! ~lol~

  • Lakers

    I think its fair

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    I bet our member “Flush Odumb” is pretty ecstatic about all this

    *Rolls Eyes*

  • MO6

    Lamar should have been a football player.
    at least a safety or sumthin.
    cause that was a nice tackle.
    but we should still kil the 76ers on friday without LO.

  • Flush Odumb

    As the dumbest Laker, Lame-ar makes numerous dumb plays each game, but his body block of Ray Allen has to be one of the DUMBEST yet on the O-Dumb scale.

    After suffering through over three years watching this door knob lay, nothing surprises me when it comes to dumb plays and Lame

  • Flush Odumb

    As the dumbest Laker, Lame-ar makes numerous dumb plays each and every game, but his body block of Ray Allen has to be one of the DUMBEST yet on the O-Dumb scale.

    After suffering through three plus years watching this door knob play, nothing surprises me when it comes to dumb plays and Lame-ar. This guy has the IQ of a walnut.

  • Flush Odumb

    If there are going to be suspensions, I think the refs that worked the game should be suspended too. There were so many lousy calls out there that it was a farce! Lousy refs need to be penalized. I think every team should be able to designate a number of refs (maybe three?) that they refuse to have work their games.

  • jack

    what was lamar thinking? no comments guys. still its kinda a message that we are a tough team. can guess wat celtics fan it’s only the beginning. for celtics, they gotta win right now as long as the three amigos are running up and down. for the Lakers, its a young team developing at a great pace.

  • Steve

    I agree that Melo and Barnes should have been suspended also. The only argument you can make is that Turiaf and Sasha were at least trying to score when those guys flagrantly fouled them. Allen was just standing there 80 feet away from his basket.

  • CV_Lex7

    If every flagrant foul is a suspension, then every other player should be suspending too! Rubish! jz that the Lakers get more media than any other team doesn’t mean that they have to keap suspending our players!

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    with tackles like that mabie he can do the bo jackson and help the raiders next year………
    and its still FU CK THE CELTICS FO LIFE

  • http://getgarnett Che

    its all gd we r playing an easy team,bynum will be big,easy match Friday guy

  • Ballin’08

    Lamar blatently tackled Ray Allen…Period. The frustration of a blowout game, full of argued calls, and mad technical’s set in. Lamar shouldn’t have done that…The League knows why he did it..If every guy got mad and did that we would have no order. Let’s put things in perspective…For those who say the League hates the Lakers…c’mon. The Lakers are the league’s biggest cash cow, in a marketing sense. They are the biggest reality soap opera out there…what do you think you’ve been reading on the lakernation.com for the last few months??? The Lakers bring in the most advertising money, b/c people wanna see them play…they bring in the most ticket money b/c they sell out arenas…they bring in the most merchandising money b/c they have the best player in the world…When the Spurs or Mavericks are in the Finals the NBA losses money and hates life…Our Lakers are the best show on the NBA stage, on and off the court…Lamar’s suspension is just another plot twist to keep regular viewers inticed…Stay tuned.

  • ab4sure

    Lamar got suspended because his tackle of Allen had nothing to do with basketball. He wasn’t even making a play on the ball. He was just a frustrated basketball player who was probably more frustrated when KG said “get that s h it outta here”. Lamar has something in his brain that makes him do stupid lame a s s things. He is a walking accident waiting to happen. Frankly he looks like a guy who feels sorry for himself. Matt Barnes, although it was a very hard foul and was a flagrant foul probably didn’t get suspended because was trying to prevent a layup. Lakers need to just suck it up and stop feeling sorry for themselves. Frankly the celtics were just tougher that game. Hopefully the toughness of Dfish rubs off on the team. BTW.. TOUGHNESS DOES NOT EQUAL TACKLING AS SOME HAVE SUGGESTED.

  • http://KKKKKK LAKERS_in2008


  • LouisKim

    for all the people that say lamar is inconsistent….he has never been inconsistent for the lakers , especially last year..check his game logs…he had 7 dismal games out of the whole year…yes , some nights he scores under 10 but he makes up for it with 10+ rebounds and 10+ assists…as an avid fantasy basketball player for years..i have no reason to believe lamar should be traded…i love my lakers and love everyone on the squad, we will be getting another all star in the off-season…i must remind everyone that we are 12th in the league in payroll… we will be getting another all-star….dont trip.. laker nation stannnnd up

  • RC

    This was out of character for LO. It was those shorts that did it!

  • LakerzFanatik

    Just sign CHRIS WEBBER…
    Till they find another team to take Brown or Odom for a 4 or 5…

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    Lamar isnt the problem people..
    calm da F down


    This let’s me know one thing,THEY DO WANT THE LAKERS BACK IN CONTENSION WITH THE CELTICS FOR THAT TROPHY.I know very well here at LAKERNATION we’ve seen worse fouls than this one.Like I told one LakerHater,PLAYERS DON’T WIN GAMES NO MO’,REFEREES DO.LAKERS 4 LIFE!!!

  • MILO

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    Yea you’re right but Melo also got away with choking Sasha and this double standard sh!t going on as far as the Lakers are concerned is not right…

  • Flush Odumb

    We’ve seen how much Kwame and Walton were missed. Let’s see how much we will miss Lame-ar. (Let’s see who steps up to blow the most layups with Lame-ar out.)

  • Roko

    What are you guys saying about league hating the lakers.. it was a freaking tackle.. though yeah, melo should’ve been suspended also but.. you have to admit it.. Celtics are the best team in the nba now.. nobody can hurt them.. WE have a great team but.. it’s no match to the celts.. we could’ve won it… but kobe sucked, bynum sucked.. it was a f****d up game.. let it go.. and lets make some noise in the playoffs.. Bynum will get his chance

  • Roko

    And whoever says lamar sucks is just a bit retarded.. he gives all he can.. he steps up every night and does the little things.. plus the double double every game.. he’s a hell of a player

  • http://getgarnett Che

    Guys lamar being suspended is ok it could give him rest and bynum is great

  • Flush Odumb

    If you think Lame-ar “steps up every night” you’re the one that is Loko. I doubt there is a dumber player in the league than Odumb. This guy has the IQ of a walnut. Lame-ar is a good role player, but an All Star? he’s dreamin or still smokin’ something.

  • Roko

    Well yeah he steps up every night.. he can take it to the hole .. many guys on the team can’t do it.. and his assist are nice also.. he’s a good player.. i never said he’s an all star though.. please learn to read

  • Flush Odumb

    Yeah, Lame-ar can take it to the hole when he’s not falling clumsily down or charging right into his defender who is standing right in front of his left hand. And how many layups did he blow in the last game? And what is that goofy star on old Odumb’s noggin? He seems to think he is an all star – yeah, right. In his dreams!

  • Flush Odumb

    Lame-ar is a good ROLE player, but he is not a key piece toward the Lakers becoming a contender and he certainly is not someone to be counted on in a big game. They need some significant players to help Kobe. If the can use Lame-ar to trade for one of those then go for it. Most likely other teams are not going to help the Lakers so probably we’ll need to go the free agent route.

  • MILO

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    Well in case you dont understand, other teams get away with sh!t like Melo choking Sasha c’mon are you blind???