Lamar’s love for the game is huge. Hopefully he can achieve this feat.

SLAM: So with the rings, the miles on the legs, and everything else…How many more years do you think you have? Lamar Odom: Ideally, I’d like to play until I’m 37 or 38. I’m fortunate to play on a team who invests in their players and puts the team in a position to win every year. As long as things stay in that direction, I’d like to retire as a Laker.

  • Lebrummmmmm

    Lamar Odom a future retired laker! :)

  • Jack Y.

    I’d like to see Kobe play till that age too!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    he`ll be winning rings in MIAMI bye then or sooner…laweed and lebronze would make a sweet pair.

  • Kobe 279

    who heard about the Ariza trade?

    • 242LakerFan

      Thought it was an interesting swapfest. Indiana wins by getting Collison. They haven’t had a PG that talented in a while. NO wins by getting a wingman for Paul and getting rid of Collison (don’t think his presence wasn’t an irritant for CP3).
      The other two teams, I don’t know. Houston ends up with a really small backcourt and New Jersey, well, they’re a crapshoot all around. I don’t know what to expect from them.

      • Celtics Suck Salty Nuts

        It’s awkward knowing that Collison once played behind Jordan Farmar, because the two are obviously walking on separate paths.

        And wow, Collison + Westbrook in UCLA. What a backcourt that was.

    • Jack Y.

      Doesn’t C. Lee play SG? I thought Rockets already have Kevin at SG?

    • Robert.

      Secretly hoped that Ariza would wind up back with the Lakers some time in the future. But, hopefully we sign Ebanks, the Ariza clone (who has a few more years to develop ‘Ariza-like’).
      Actually, if we had been able to acquire Collison, we’d have a ‘killer’ point guard for a while (and perhaps after the Kobe retirement – there’s still time, of course! Kobe has at least 5 good years left.).

      • 242LakerFan

        Some coaches are saying that Ebanks may be further along now than Ariza was at the same age. We might be better off with Devin in the long run with him having the chance to develop with this team rather than knocking around from place to place like Trevor did.
        For that reason, too, I think it’s unfair to keep on comparing the two, even though the similarities are remarkable to the point of being eerie. Let this kid be himself. Following him on Twitter is an adventure, too. He practically speaks a different language.

      • Robert.

        Well, I obviously haven’t been following Ebanks’ development like you have. OK, so he’s further along than Ariza was when he started. I mean, that’s a decent benchmark anyway. Ariza or not, having rookies come far along at the beginning is a win-win situation.
        Guess there’s no need to compare the two that way anymore, but you’re right, it is interesting how ‘similar’ their play (and look) is. It’s almost like “GM” karma – we gave up Ariza for Artest, and now we’re getting him back, in a younger incarnation.
        Do you have any previews on his ‘speed’. Ariza was pretty fast (I think 2nd to Barbosa, at the time Ariza was with the Lakers). If Ebanks is even close to that, we have a winner for the bench! I hope the Lakers sign him.

        • 242LakerFan

          Funny you should mention it. He just tweeted that he signed a two year deal today.
          But no, I haven’t seen any figures from him on speed and such. I don’t tend to look at that stuff much anyway. I think all those numbers can be improved on coming out of college and going into the NBA with full time, professional trainers and conditioning coaches available to you. He has the tools.
          Now, let’s see if Caracter signs soon as well.

        • Robert.

          Ah this is great news, thanks! I just looked it up on – you beat them by a click!
          This means that they are going to rely on developing rookies, rather than shoot for another signing at trade deadline in Feb. It also means that Ebanks has enough upside that he could work really well with the team. And yes, I agree, that the staff can help develop his talents.
          Perhaps this is more important than how they perform in the ‘workout’ (c.f., the article on ‘Blake’ and his ‘physical’ capabilities; plus the fact that Farmar had a great ‘jump reach’, but his skills were limited in the Triangle, etc.). But, Ariza’s speed ‘did’ help at critical points during the 2009 run (esp. in those ‘steals’ that he made that helped the Lakers turn the corner back then). I’m just looking back on the 2007 bench mob which was quite a speedy crew. I’m hoping that we have a little of that this coming year.

  • Robert.

    Title of article should read: Lamar Odom – “I want to play WELL till I’m 38″.
    He can’t just slow drag down the court till he’s 38 – gotta hustle! We’re paying him well! So … PLAY WELL.
    (what do you mean WE’RE paying him Robert?? … well, we watch the commercials during the games that he plays. The sponsors count on us buying their goodies. And they, in turn, pay the NBA and the Lakers and hence, Lamar. So, YES, we pay for him).

  • laker warrior

    He could play till he is 80 if he keeps playing half a season.
    If he is that slow at everthing he does that chick he married
    wont stay married to long to him. Dude is lazy pot smoker.

  • Sheds

    Dont eat too much of them snickers, and you might stay in shape in those older playing days man :)

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    soon lamar will cut down on the candy, its somethin that ppl learn, he’s just learnin it late
    ebanks probably is slower since he’s 6’9″ 215 and ariza is 6’8″ 210