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The Los Angeles Lakers have traded a 2012 2nd round draft pick, and Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks.

In exchange, they receive a 2012 first round draft pick, and an $8.9 million trade exception.

The Lakers have released this official statement:

Lamar was a fine player for us in his seven years with the Lakers and was a key to helping us win two championships,” said Kupchak.  “In addition, he always conducted himself with class and professionalism and we wish him well in the remainder of his career.”

A 12-year NBA veteran, Odom has averaged 14.6 points, 8.9 rebounds and 4.0 assists in 829 career games over 12 NBA seasons.  In 519 games (382 starts) with the Lakers, Odom posted career averages of 13.7 points, 9.5 rebounds and 3.7 assists.

According to Kevin Ding from the O.C. Register, Lamar Odom requested a trade Friday: “Odom requested a trade Friday, feeling unwanted. Lakers didn’t want disgruntled Odom at his salary.”

Lamar Odom, who earlier stated that he was in “disbelief” from what transpired late Thursday night, showed up 90-minutes late to Friday’s practice, met with Mitch Kupchak for about 15 minutes, then left without speaking to the media. Shortly after, he told the L.A. Times that “it’s better to stay away” from the Lakers facility.

Odom was clearly upset that the Lakers agreed to trade him to New Orleans. An emotional Lamar Odom was heard in an interview on Thursday night explaining his initial thoughts.

He ends his Lakers career with 519 games which ranks 18th in Lakers franchise history.


  • Ben

    Lamar you were awesome for us!! Good luck in Dallas!!

  • Jen

    thanks for all you did Lamar.
    You will truly be missed!

  • Asdfasdf


  • Magalyespa39

    We will miss you!God luck.

  • Stevendsprague

    And so begins the Jim Buss era…

  • Kmac_321

    Big ups to LO man….you brought me the best fantasy points haha

  • Ukstephie

    speechless!, wtf is management thinking? Not impressed with JB’s (not Jerry) decision.

  • Craig

    I’ll miss you LO

  • bbz62

    ive always liked LO, though inconsistent he was family. i just hope mgmt has some grand master plan because sh!t is looking bleak atm.

  • Xdave1003

    Jim Buss……you idiot. He’s single handedly destroying this team with his decisions the last 6 months.

  • 123kid

    Really I hope something gets done soon. And that Jim Buss is really thinking several steps forward and is actually thinking of every possible angle if things do backfire. Im gonna miss LO a lot and I just cant believe the best possible thing was to trade him to a rival. Especially a rival who blocked us from getting CP3. As of today, things are gonna have to be worked upon a whole lot sooner before the season starts, because we have a sad and unsure Pau Gasol who is probably unfocused with not knowing on whether he needs to go or stay and we have a Andrew Bynum who is still suspended for 5 games. And yet, we have no backup in the middle.

  • Lakerfan411

    So wait…we just sent Sixth man of the year and probably our 3rd or 4th best player to the team that ended the championship run last year, embarrassingly. Unless Dwight Howard is guaranteed, which he is not, then this trade is a HUGE risk for the Lakers. If we don’t get D12, we’re done for

  • X1313

    You can tell how much of a child he is by now he wanting to terminate the relationship with the lakers instead of the other way around. What will Meta do now without his buddy from queens on the squad?

  • Anonymous

    VERY sad to see Lamar go….. especially the way it happend. N with the team he’s goin to…. I HOPE there is a alternative plan…. or be prepared to have a VERY pissed off Kobe….. Kobe has a MAX of 3 years of playing at a high level. We need to be playing for NOW as much as possible. Wich is another reason Sterns Veto is a crock…. He acted as though Kobe is still in his prime….. Any way good luck L.O.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be shock if Lakers don’t even made into playoff this year.

  • Ra

    Yeah, sorry — JBuss has now alienated past and present Lakers: Kareem, JWest, Magic, and now LO.

    Lakers used to be a class act – now it’s in its downward turn.

    LO is going to be a ‘deadly’ addition to the Mavs.  They’re losing Chandler, and gaining a 6th man.  Look out – 2nd championship for the Mavs (well, better them than Miami).

  • mr.ed

    sigh.. if we don’t acquire someone before the season starts, jim buss is a huge idiot. not that he wasn’t already but he’d be an ever BIGGER idiot.
    for something like this that really doesn’t make sense in the big picture.

    LO, i’m missing you already.

  • J Skop

    Lets trade GASOL to Boston for 2nd rounder

  • Touch ME

    Well guys sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the Bear gets you. And this time the Bear got us. We lost LO for basically nothing, nonetheless trade him to a team that eliminated us.  Like I have been saying before the series with Dallas stared it’s OVER.

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