L.A. Times: … The Times has reported that Odom and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, are seeking $10 million a season. The Lakers have offered Odom a deal north of $9 million a season for the first three years.

Odom and Schwartz are seeking more money and years.

“I can’t discuss that,” said Odom, who attended a screening party Monday night for the DVD featuring the Lakers’ 2008-09 championship run. “You talk about money, it’s touchy. It’s a touchy subject.

“The Lakers have been too good to me to rub people over there the wrong way. The Lakers have been nothing but great to me, and I want to keep the relationship great.”

Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who improved on his offer of $8 million a season to Odom, is getting frustrated and is thinking about pulling the deal off the table soon.

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  • YellowPurpleFever

    Dont mess with Dr. Buss. Just think LO will cost TWICE the amount $$ he signs for , dollar for dollar in luxury taxes. LO is NOT worth $20mil a year. If we can dump Sasha, Luke, and Suns contract then we can afford him. Its probably through trades. I am for this scenario if it happens, but not the cost of the team to do it, NO.

  • Robert

    Buss is frustrated? So are we in LN. OK, LO, time to step up to the plate … um … I mean the free throw line.

    BTW, if LO balks, and slips away, what are our options? Would we need him to S&T for Boozer? Or is that out of the question?

  • Patrick Chewing

    if this dude doesnt take 9 mil he’s another douche…

  • west213

    he will take the 9 mil per year but his afraid that when lakers offer him only 3 year contract, when his 32 it will be hard to get another 9 mil contract from a diff team when his a free agent again. so he wants like a 5 yr contract.

  • Deport Vujabitch

    This guy continues to show what a Knucklehead he is! Is there a dumber player on the Lakers? Shoot, he’s right up there on the list of dim bulbs in the league!

  • LA

    Lamar and his agent are getting greedy now. It’s got to the point where Buss and Mitch have essentially given him the HUGE $10M figure he wanted. $9M for 3 years is a good deal LO. I’m a big fan of LO but if he doesn’t take this deal there is absolutely no way he will get a better deal on the market.

  • pianoguy51

    Can’t blame Lamar for seeking top dollar…can’t blame the Lakers for trying to stay in business…and protecting the FANS from having to pay even MORE money for operating expenses. Most of us would play pro basketball for $2 an hour….yet the intangibles Lamar brings to the table are almost irreplaceable. Lamar DID SAY, however, he’d work with the Lakers and possibly take less money than he could get elsewhere to stay in L.A. Let’s hope he does that. He just does too much on the court to let him go. A 10% difference in negotiating should be no problem to resolve. ( I HOPE….)

  • Rich

    I think 9 million is too much for him. 7 is more reasonable.

  • LakerFan24


    Check this article out. It seems that Mark Cuban and the Mavs are acively hunting Lamar. This is interesting, especially considering the fact that the Mavs seem to already have a re-tooled roster. The article must have some validity to it because it was posted on NBA.com.

  • lakerman1

    Time to pull the plug on Lamar. He’s a good player but inconsistant and no way is Buss going to overpay this guy. Let him leave and Micth can hunt for a guy whos hungry like Artest and just wants to be part of a winning Franchise. Lamar is playing head games. He was not talking all this crap when he thought the Lakers were shopping him early in the season. See you dude’ you are not worth all thus anguish.

  • kobewankenobi

    fuck this douche bag
    go have fun in dallas or miami and win nothing, for a million more…
    he is the most inconsistent player in the league
    we will miss him, but i am sure we can find another good player
    that comes off hte bench

  • Joe Lakers

    All this Dallas/Miami crap is just smoke by the agent ala Ariza. They can’t offer him any more than the MLE. Even Portland who could offer up to 10 mil the first year (due to a signing bonus like Milsap) could only offer around 6.5 mil a year after that. No one is giving a better deal than the Lakers to you LO. Buss has been nice enough to offer 2 mil a year more than anyone else. Take it already!

  • Nabil

    What’s funny to me in all this is that Lamar said he would accept less money to stay in LA then he would get from other teams. HA! He has already been offered MORE to stay in LA then anyone has offered, so what’s the deal?!?!

    I think his agent figures teams would pay more if they had the spending option under the rules, so he’s looking for the sign and trade to get around that. Hell, wouldn’t you rather have Boozer then LO+Ammo? I say pull the trigger if we can get an upgrade for the price of LO plus Ammo’s expiring contract. Teams would be happy to get LO+Ammo for their big contracts…

    Like these…
    Amare (probably 1 year only)
    Boozer (better)
    Heinrick+Tyrus Thomas for LO+Ammo+Farmar

    Bottom line is, we do need a big time true PF to preserve our golden rotation of 3 bigs. I really think that our combo of 1 good PF, 1 good center, and 1 GREAT PF/C, is what pushed us over the edge. What hurt us most during the season was PGs tearing us up. That’s why I think shipping Farmar out with Lamar for a major PG upgrade is a good idea, even if its a slight downgrade at the 4 (Tyrus Thomas).

    Any other good PG/PF combos you guys see out there other then the Bulls that teams would trade for LO+Farmar+Ammo’s expiring?

  • T-Dub

    You really can’t blame Odom. He’s been the 3rd best player on the team. It’s not his fault Mitch gave out some stupid, dumba$$, retarded contracts to guys that don’t contribute half as much as Odom…Puke..6yr, 30mil…Fagovich..3yr, 15mil…Bynum..4yr, 60mil before he even had to. Bynum would have never gotten that kind of money right now. This is not LO’s problem, it’s the Lakers problem for writing bad contracts. Why should Odom have to take a cut to help correct it. Mitch and Buss have to eat it!


    [Comment ID #79476 Will Be Quoted Here]

    With the money he was getting, he was obligated/expected to produce big EVERY GAME and not every once and a while. How many times did we see him go for 20-15, then the very next game go for 3 points in 28 minutes? He is a very inconsistent player. I say pull the plug DR. Buss and get some one for less and wait till next year when the market opens up w/ all the talent.

  • xtro

    adios odom.

  • WifelovesLuke

    All you guys saying let LO step are just plain foolish. The Lakers have to get this deal done. The skill set LO has at 6′-10″ is just too valuable. If you pay attention, you will understand that it is no longer about the dollar figure, it’s about the number of years. This deal will get done so take a deep breath. The summer heat is melting your brain cells.

    Nabil: No way in hell is Boozer better than LO. What games have you been watching. Boozer is a post player who can rebound and that’s it. LO can do so much more.

    TDUB: I know you are a dedicated Laker fan but it is disappointing that you don’t understand enough about basketball to know that Luke Walton is a crucial piece to a championship Laker team. You have to have key role players to make the triangle offense work and Luke is one of those guys. His box score numbers and ugly “J” are not the reason why he is so important to this squad. Phil loves this guy and I trust Phil. 10 Rings says he’s right and you are wrong.


    Well do you guys think that asking for more or even trying to hold off till the end will make Odom a wiser Basketball player? I mean the whole league know that he cannot go to his right. He has gotten more charging calls that actual layups made going to his left. Now with Luke, spend this summer working the j-shot and making all the other players pay when they come off you to go and double team someone that will score.

  • Banzai

    I’ve come to the realization that LO isn’t coming back…oh well…I don’t know if I can take a full season seeing Josh freaking Powell start LOL….

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #79488 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LO didn’t start and neither will Josh Powell start if Odumb doesn’t sign. Bynum and Pau will start along with Artest.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #79476 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Every team has bad contract. So they overpaid Luke alittle and shouldn’t have signed Sasha. You are such a monday morning quarterback. You don’t look at reasons why this was done but only cry when it doesn’t look good. Clippers are looking for fans. Lakers don’t need fans like you.

  • ab4sure

    Also TDumb. You don’t think Detroit would have signed Bynum to a big contract? They did spend 19 million a year for Gordon and Villenueva (who). Seriously the lakers actually saved money because Bynum would have been the number one free agent this summer. And the lakers would have had to match that same offer.

  • xtro

    sign and trade lamar and farmar for david lee and kryptonate robinson.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79476 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t mind T-Dub. He’s NOT a Laker fan. Has he ever said anything positive about the Laker organization?

    The answer is NO!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Just read the Phoenix bought out Ben Wallace’s contract for $10M. That means there is another power forward out on the market. Other teams may now vie for Wallace than LO (Wallace will be cheaper than LO).

    Jerry Buss himself may pull the LO offer off the table and seek out Ben Wallace (of course the only thing he could pay Wallace is the vets minimum, but playing for the Lakers will give him a chance at another ring). Wallace may not bring the versatility of LO, but Wallace is a gritty defender and fights for boards.

  • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

    It’s almost done folks, be patient

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #79492 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nice. Lee has some defense issues though ,according to Hollinger’s stats. But still a real nice trade!

    [Comment ID #79498 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So hard to be patient! I think lot’s of us are anxious because we care so much.

  • Willmo

    I agree with Freshh, The same thing happended last yr with Vujabrick and him wanting 5 yr and 30 million, remember??? And Mitch played it smooth and only offered em 3 yrs and 15 million. If there’s one thing I know is that you got to trust Mitch and Dr. Buss and they are playing the waiting game. Portland does not want LO, if they did they would have already spoken to his agent and made an offer.
    This deal will get done in the nxt 7 days.
    I love all the let’s get Boozer or Tyrus Thomas talk, people let’s be real now, if they don’t get LO, you can’t get those other guys with big contracts.
    I say sign Lamar and hell offer Ben Wallace a vet minimum to come off the bench and push people around, he was the Cavs best defender against D-Howard.

  • Portman

    lamar’s coming back, i trust the guy. can’t imagine him in another jersey anymore.

  • WifeThinksLukeIsABitch

    Tim Thomas from the bulls was just bought out. Sign him to the min and let LO go suck co.ck somewhere else. We wouldn’t even miss a step.

  • Laker4Life

    I love how everyone is talking smack on Lamar. If he already signed with the Lakers you wouldn’t be talking all this crap. Learn to be patient and good things will come.

  • http://lakers.com pinche_mayatee


  • lakerschamps-09

    dude js give em 4 yrs n a 5th yr team option so he stops bit ching.. hes not guna get more money soooo wtf LO..

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    omg just do what he wants buss! if he gets 3 years 9 million dollars, hes gonna b*tch throughout the whole season and not play his heart out! give him his damn fourth or fifth year and drop luke you wont dieeeeeee wow!!!!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #79516 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sounds good but unfortunately teams can’t just “drop” their garbage. They still have to be paid even if they don’t play. If we can find another team to take Luke or Sasha or Sun then we can get rid of our garbage, until then we are stuck with these pieces of elephant dung.

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    Lakers will be alright with or without LO!! There is other options either signing or trading for someone who wants to join the Lakers organization.

    Lakers out of the west; and Boston, Cleveland or Orlando in the east. Not very many choices to become a winner! Smart players know it; and the Lakers should leverage their power.

    Anyone who doesn’t want the Purple and Gold for $8-9 million should get what they deserve!!! To lose a lot of games; and go through the motions!!!!!!!

    Ariza (Areeza) you may have company!!!!!!!!!

  • colinbeme123

    I heard on another site Miami is offering Beasley for Odom in a S&T. That cant be true can it?? If we cant sign Lamar i would take that trade in an instant

  • lakers4lyfe

    ^ which site did u hear that on?

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79516 Will Be Quoted Here]

    doesn’t know how the NBA works.

  • lainok

    think of where we would be had we not wasted so much money on bynum and vujabrick. we would not had to deal with any of this ariza or odom or neither crap.

  • stdecker

    Whats this guy doing, He under achieves for us and then he holds out for a measley million dollar difference after he talks about taking less. What a dousche. He needs to take this deal and be happy that he’s like the fourth or fith option. And work on his basically fiftey percent free throw shooting! Cant we trade sasha for a second round pick and open up some cap space.

  • WifeThinksLukeIsABitch

    [Comment ID #79526 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t forget the biggest joke of the nba Luke Walton’s contract!!!

  • http://thebasketballoracle.com Joey

    Give Odom his $10 million a year contract in a sign and trade (along with Farmar) for Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich. That’s actually an upgrade. If Antonio McDyess wasn’t off the market then the Lakers could’ve signed him. Bummer…
    I don’t want the Lakers to sign him to the $9 million a year deal either, that’s way too much for him. $8 million a year is the max.

  • trade_lamo

    Get rid of Lamo in a sign and trade for Boozer and sit back and start counting the rings …

  • Anon

    Ship his ass out



  • Flush Farmass, Fluke, and Vujabich

    Odom and his agent are being total asses now. I don’t blame Buss if he pulls the offer off the table and lets Odumb go. The whole idea behind negotiation is a give and take from both sides. Buss has upped the offer to $9M (WHICH ODUMB WOULD STILL BE OVERPAID) per year for 3 years which seems reasonable as a Laker fan. Odumb has been overpaid for years and years. He has the money or did he blow most of it away on snuff. Take a page from Artest…he took ALOT less money because he wants to be a champion and be on the most prestigious team in the NBA. MITCH DON’T SCREW UP AND GIVE ODUMB 5 YEARS LIKE YOU DID FOR FLUKE. Even no one else in league wants to give Odumb that amount of money, because you never know what you’ll get with this guy.

  • Logicguy


    LO always showed up in big games when they needed him. Pau, one of the best 7 or 8 best players in the league did not show up every night and nobody said anything. He’s tired. Kobe was the only guy that shows up EVERY night. —- LO made the mistake of letting sports parasite media people quote him saying he would take less to stay in LA. Other GM’s saw this and decided they did not want to waste there time being used to get the price up. He was 14 mil last year and asked for 10 for next year. He is a great locker room guy and that is one of Kobe’s few weaknesses.

    LO sat quitely and watched Turkolu, Borganni, Milsap, Gorbat and others get around 10 mil for four or five years. Who would you rather have? Ask Phil and Kobe. LO is one of the top 20 or 25 talents in the league and should be payed like it. LO should forget Miami and Dallas and go to Portland even for less money. He could show those guys how to win. STICK TO YOUR GUNS LO. THEY ARE TRYING TO EXPLOIT YOU.


    …Nobody has, nor will, be offering Odom more money than The Lakers Brass already has put on the table for this dude, exceeding far and above what anyone else has! …There is no competition! …If Odom keeps fvcking around, while somebody on the cheap, such as a Tim Thomas or Ben Wallace comes around & about, Odumb and his agent will soon be looking at the mid level exception from anyone else!

    …Portland will not overpay for this guy, even if they could, as evident in their offer to Paul Millsap who is a better player NOW, is a better fit in their scheme, and has much more future upside also!

  • Flush Farmass, Fluke, and Vujabich

    If Odumb doesn’t want the $9M/year, then let him go to other teams and watch him suck without Kobe and Pau.

  • clipperron

    now its for odom to return home and help the real team in la win its 1st title ever.

  • Portman

    [Comment ID #79554 Will Be Quoted Here]

    odom might leave us because of money. he left your team because you just plain suck.