BREAKING NEWS: Odom suspended for one game for leaving bench during Blazers game

    We sort of expected this, but the final ruling is a one game suspension which means he will not suit up against the Rockets tomorrow…

    suspendedInside Hoops: Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers has been suspended one game without pay for leaving the immediate vicinity of the bench during an altercation, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

    The incident occurred with two seconds remaining in the third quarter of the Portland Trail Blazers’ 111-94 victory over the Lakers at Rose Garden in Portland last night.

    Odom will serve his suspension tomorrow night when the Lakers face the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center.

    NBA rules state that players who are benched at the time of an altercation must stay there.

    A Lakers-Rockets matchup is worth watching. Houston has done very well despite not having aging star shooting guard Tracy McGrady, and Los Angeles has looked terrific despite not having young-and-upcoming, starting center Andrew Bynum.

    Without Odom, less heralded Lakers will have to step up alongside stars Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

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    • gugy

      (blee) the Stern and Jackson.

    • Franklin D. Roosevelt

      Powell better take it to em

    • Nissan

      Start Dacos and move Pau to PF. Pau can’t guard Yao and he plays better at PF.

    • Chris Manning

      No need to blame Stern and Jackson – the rules are rules and unfortunately, Odom did indeed come underneath the basket area where Rambis pushed him back towards the bench area.

      That being said, it’s unfortunate. Lakers are going to have a tough, tough game in for them tomorrow night in Houston… especially without Bynum/Odom.

    • FlowDesignz

      Pretty much saw this coming, myself. :(

    • Mitch4Pres

      we r so done for tomorrow. odom or not we will probably lose to spurs too. 1st 3 game losing streak here we come.

    • FLUKE

      [Comment ID #64103 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Boston fan huh?
      Well this was pretty nonsense. they should only apply this rule when there is actually a fight not a couple pushes here and there. I say this because Odom was only going to hold back anyone from making a stupid fight. FIGHT IN THE NBA ARE POINTLESS. THEY LAST 5-6 SECONDS THEN THEY ARE BROKEN UP.

    • LakerLoverCelticsHater

      I am still hurt by last night’s loss. To overcome the grief, I decided to write a poem. Just wanted to share it with The Lakers Nation..

      Oh My Lakers – By LakerLoverCelticsHater

      Oh My Lakers,

      If Dodgers Are The Prince,

      You Are “THE KING” Of LA Nation…

      Oh My Lakers,

      Stronger Than Ever,

      From George Mikan To Kobe “Jelly Bean” Bryant…

      Oh My Lakers,

      You Gave Us The Joy With 3-Peat,

      But How Can We Forget When You Didn’t Make The Post-Season…

      Oh My Lakers,

      Loyal Celebrities At The Games,

      From Leo DiCaprio To Jack Nicholson…

      Oh My Lakers,

      Some Fans Might Dislike You,

      But How Can They Ignore Your Presence…

      Oh My Lakers,

      We Have Purple & Gold In Our Vein,

      But Can’t Stand The Green Playing At The Garden…

      Oh My Lakers,

      The Loss Against The Blazers Was Brutal,

      But I Know You Will Step It Up Against Houston…

      Oh My Lakers,

      What The Fans Would Do,

      Without “THE LAKERS NATION…”

    • Margo

      Ariza will probably start tomorrow, although I would put Morrison in the game, just for shooting purposes! Not saying I would start Morrison, but he would get to play! I’m not panicking, cause this team has played with heart and determination, winning games even when we played the game awful, but gritting it out! These losses are tough, but NO one goes undefeated in this league, and I will choose our team in a 7 game series with whoever! But I want to see this bench get some experience..meaning Morrison and Brown, they really can be INSTRUMENTAL to our playoff run! When Sasha is off, I would have Brown on the attack, and Morrison can shoot, slow, but a shooter, he needs to put up some shots, so give him some runs in these last few games!
      Odom however is on a STEEP SLOPE that’s declining at the wrong time! He must stay focused on the task at hand.

    • Jack

      We will lose our 4th road road game….we have no chance against the rockets without Bynum and Odom…Pao has yet to learn what toughness is like.

    • 25tolife

      ^^your a (bleep)

    • mr.clutch101

      Hell yeah!! Not only did we get pounded w/no vasoline, but somebody got suspeneded, just a reminder of the game.
      Kobe better drop 50 or do some crazy shit (drop 50 fool!).

    • Nick Lachey USA

      Lakers got to ask themselves a question? Do they really want to win a championship? They look pathetic since the loss against Suns.

    • vibe

      He should stayed there, obviously he has some problem against portland…but it alright i got problem with them too.

    • Odom the worst player

      Hello laker fans have any of you guys ever listen to the Portland announcers? They are very unprofessional. They were saying all kind of stuff about the Lakers. I really dislike their announcers. I bet they are celebrating now that Lamar has to set out a game. That’s ok we will beat them next time. By the way we have the best announcers in league.

    • patrick

      i cant believe some of you guys are saying we are going to lose tomorrow. we do have a guy named kobe bryant on our team you know..

    • sketch

      That’s a good call! The NBA was at least consistent with their standards. If Amare and Diaw both got suspended for leaving the bench then so should Odom. I have no problems with that. I just think that it’s totally hilarious that Ariza was the one who gave the hard foul and didn’t get the one game suspension while on the other hand Odom just leaving the bench area gets the suspension. CONSISTENCY, that’s all we can ask for and the NBA delivered. Now only if we can get the refs to be this consistent…

    • Yoni

      This is sooo stupid and I’ll tell you why:
      I understand that rules are rules, but in this case the fight or skirmish happened around the lakers bench (not even on the court). so if he went on the court to get away from the fight would he have been suspended too? the truth is that the portland players attacked the lakers bench giving the lakers bench the right to defend themselves.
      am i right or wrong?

    • Margo

      [Comment ID #64123 Will Be Quoted Here]

      This season is such an upgrade from even last season! Losses come, but long as we keep them few and far b/w we will be straight. We are still the ONLY team to not have a 3 game losing streak in this GREAT league, and tomorrow WILL not be the beginning of one!

    • LakerPoetBR

      [Comment ID #64099 Will Be Quoted Here]

      you said it, that is what would be more effective,
      but I hardly see phill doing it… Great coach but
      what a hard head!

    • Nick Lachey USA

      [Comment ID #64122 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Yeah. They were really biased. Unlike Stu (from Lakers), they were really one sided! I really wanted them off air!

    • domz

      To those who say that we will be losing tomorrow, just jump out off the bandwagon from the moment you read this. We dont need fans who cant BELIVE our team.

      GO LAKERS!


    • showtimelakes

      We are going to be alright people no need to panic…..I hate losing but we will not fall into the night, we will not go down without a fight tomorrow we celebrate our Lakers …..

    • Lakerfan101

      Who cares
      he doesnt even provide any offense nor defense.
      i think we should start ariza in the PF position and run a very fast
      offense that way yao ming cant keep up with us and they’ll lose
      go lakers!

    • Lakerfan101

      In addition why r u guys panicking??
      did you forget about KOBE BEAN BRYANT?????????
      watch him make a statement!


      I will keep repeating this over and over. Who the F cares about how many times the Lakers have lost regular season games at Portland. This reminds me of all those times when everyone who hated the Lakers kept talking about the C. Webb’s Sack-Town Queens! No matter how good you play in the regular season what really matters is how good you play in the playoffs and the end result. Okay then, since we are talking about winning and losing records, what is the Lakers’ playoff record against Poortland in the playoffs? Out of all the past Kobe and Shaq 3 peats I only see the highlights of the Lakers mashing on the Jailblazers. The Kings, Suns and Mavs and the Blazers have had a good rocord but the Lakers own them! I would rather be swept by the Blazers during the regular season but be raising a championship banner at the end of the year. So you tell me, how many banners have the Jailblazers raised in the past 5,10,15,20,30 years compared to the Lakers? Huh?

    • lakerschamps09

      ok yea rules are rules watever.. lets go the other lakers lace-em eup and lets play as long as we got kobe we got a chance… ball up

    • mr.laker19

      Odom has proven to be the most inconsistent star in the league. Lets not get it twisted or tangled people: WE NEED BYNUM! This is what we need to do to stay afloat in the mean time.

      Tomorrow’s line up should be

      PG: Derek Fisher
      SG: Kobe Bryant
      SF: Ariza
      PF: Pau
      C: DJ

      We also need to give Brown and Morrison some of Sasha and Odoms minutes. These guys are in a huge slump and need something to light a fire under them.

    • KB24ForLife

      [Comment ID #64106 Will Be Quoted Here]


    • ilikebasketball

      [Comment ID #64143 Will Be Quoted Here]

      ariza can’t start.

      we tried that. and he wasn’t very good at it. not ready.

    • mr.laker19

      We havent started ariza accept for in practice. And we for sure havent tried him in this line up. We need to shake up stuff because we are in a slump right now.

    • RedsArmy

      with odumb out, you guys are not missing much. he played like what, 3 great games this year and vanished like a magician. you pusssies are crying too much. what happened to your socalled “best bench” in the nba? i guess odumb sprinkled some of that magic dust on them and caused them to disappear too. you guys play like this and you’re not making it to the finals. mark my words, fluke, vuabiatch, fordmer, gasoft, and odumb are all going to choke under pressure.

      it’s funny how we all come to this shittty site and blast you guys and you can’t do shiiiit about it. we are having lots of fun blasting you cocksuuckers at our site. btw, we delete all fakers comments, so blast away you jackofffs.

    • hibachi

      hahaha… eat sh!t fakers!!! man you guys are dirtdyke divas too much freakin’ drama well thats LA for you… i hope you really believe this is your year because if not I’m laughing my azz off!!!

      Year Winner Series
      1959 Boston Celtics 4–0
      1962 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1963 Boston Celtics 4–2
      1965 Boston Celtics 4–1
      1966 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1968 Boston Celtics 4–2
      1969 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1984 Boston Celtics 4–3
      1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2
      1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2
      2008 Boston Celtics 4–2
      2009 Boston Celtics 4-0 sweep baby! mwahaha…

      damn, we just owned you fools…

      so eat shit fakers!

      banner 18 raise it up!

    • PhilsArmy.

      GTFO Redsarmy
      go back to your ghetto site.We will still win.

    • LakersNo1

      [Comment ID #64150 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Enjoy your last year championship cuz you won’t win again for another 20 yrs. GO LAKERS!!!!

    • supermaor23

      [Comment ID #64106 Will Be Quoted Here]

      That has to be the stupidest most unrhymed

      poem that doesnt make sense

    • Mihailicious

      [Comment ID #64156 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Dont hate on the kid at least he tried to show his love for the lakers, but this is no place for poetry.. on another note.. i think this suspension is good for odom cuz he needs to clear his head hes been playing bad the past few games and might need a night off… this is gona be a tough game the rockets are on a streak at home and they have 2 people to throw at kobe, artest and battier.. yao sucks big time, he missed 2 dunks in a row at 7’6 if gasol cant shut him down its sad.. we’ll have to wait and see what happens its a toss up

    • the ape

      we can’t say for sure what he was thinking when he left the bench, i think the suspension was fair enough.

      that being said, we still have a good chance of winning tomorrow – since when was odom the guy whose presence made us a winner?

      and i agree, let brown play more of sasha’s minutes. he’s got the energy off the bench that – sorry to say it – ariza USED to provide. now ariza tends to take more bad shots than make great plays

    • Enrico

      [Comment ID #64150 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Scared celdicks? haha fukc off you PIERCE of SHYT!

    • JV

      Technically the rule states that a player can’t leave the bench and go onto the court, Odom never actually touched the court he was out of bounds the whole time so that should be a loop pole in the rule. They should challenge it :)

    • Brett

      Odom’s been sucking ass anyways lately. So it’s not really hurting the team any that he’s gone. And boston fans, go choke on a gallon of chunky sperm while slitting your wrists. . . Motherfukers.

    • LakerPoetBR

      We can’t start ariza, im wit you guys… In fact I think we should look in the market next season for someone RELIABLE…

      im a go with

      pg Fisher
      sg Kobe
      sf Luke/Powell
      pf Gasol
      C Dacos

    • king.manu

      yeah daco played great. i would love to see him start and i think he will post career highs!!

    • kwame4mvp

      we should of brought kwame back…

    • Chris Manning

      Mbenga will foul out by the 2nd quarter if we start him against Yao…. if he lasts that long.

      I have optimism, but Yao will foul him out.

    • LakerPoetBR

      [Comment ID #64179 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Didn’t think abou that… u right…

    • Fred A.

      How bout this:

    • LakersFirst

      [Comment ID #64150 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Eat Sh*t Boston Suckdic F*ggot. Those championships in the 60′s are lame. The league had like 8 teams in those days. Are you going rest the Suckdic championship success on the 60′s!!! What losers the Suckdics are if they do.

      Also, don’t forget about the 22 years when the Suckdics were insignificant to the NBA (aww the good days). Just remember Suckdic fans, the NBA NEEDS the Lakers. The NBA does not need the Suckdics.

    • LakersFirst

      [Comment ID #64149 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Are you done sucking off Frankenstein McHale for the KG gift yet?

      Please Red’s Army (what a lame name) I for one am GLAD that piece of crap Red Auerbach has passd on. That typical Boston cocky f*ggot (like all of them rest of them Bostin f&gs). He thought he was the sh*t because he won 9 titles, and then as soon Phil Jackson ties his record, that crazy old man begins to sh*t about PJ. F*ck Red Auerbach. It’s going to be great when Phil gets his 10th ring, breaking that crazy old man’s record, when the Lakers beat the Suckdics.

      Boston Suckdic fans, you better get on your hands and knees (you guys are used to that) and pray Bynum doesn’t come back, because when he does, the Laker team is complete.

    • LakersFirst

      [Comment ID #64149 Will Be Quoted Here]

      And another thing you piece of crap…when the Suckdics are once again losing the NBA for 20 years, will your “Boston Faithful” be chanting MVP, MVP for another team’s player, on their home court, just like they did for Kobe Bryant (I lost what little respect I had for the Suckdics when they did this as they demonstrated, they are nothing but bandwagon fans)

      True fans of their home team would NEVER do that! Laker fans would never chant MVP for the opposition.

    • lakersman24