L.A. Times: Reporting from Indianapolis — Lamar Odom was the Lakers’ second option a year ago, averaging almost a dozen shots a game before Pau Gasol was acquired.

Now he’s seventh on the team with 7.3 shots a game, lagging the obvious ones ( Kobe Bryant and Gasol), the young ones ( Jordan Farmar and Andrew Bynum) and the defense-minded one ( Trevor Ariza).

Most of it can be traced to fewer minutes, but Coach Phil Jackson sounded a familiar theme Tuesday — he’d like to see Odom shoot more often.

“We’re trying to find a way for him to kind of jump-start so he gets going,” Jackson said. “In a normal starting role, he gets opportunities early in the game to drive to the hoop. When you come off the bench, sometimes it takes a while to get in the flow of it. We want him to get involved offensively a little bit more.”

Case in point: Odom had only three shots Tuesday against Indiana and cost the Lakers a possession when he passed up an open 16-footer to pass to a surprised Ariza down low. Ariza was promptly called for a three-second violation.

Jackson said he was pleased with Odom’s all-around play, which has led to averages of 9.3 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists in only 25.7 minutes a game this season.

To get more touches, Odom could just park himself in the post, but it hasn’t happened on a consistent basis.

“That’s not always his favorite spot,” Jackson said. “We kind of kid him about being too slight to go in there and play the post.”

Odom finished with six points, three rebounds and five assists in the Lakers’ 118-117 loss to Indiana.


    My last freakin shout; is how I absolutely, positively, just hate the way Lamar Odom at 6″-10″ with the arm-length of a true “7” footer chooses to bring his “Statue of Liberty” defensive arsenal to the mix, much too often… Doesn’t this guy’s head register how the opponents have all caught on to his tendency, and go right at him, down in the post, with no fear! …DAMN! …This dude is BAD! …And I mean stubbornly bad! …He can do better, but simply chooses not to!

  • scott

    I am sooooo tired hearing what a great B-Ball IQ LO has…
    All I see on the floor way more than not is LO doing remarkably stupid things, that high schoolers dont make…
    What does he bring to this team??
    He cannot shoot the 3, or mid range consistantly, he may be worse at finishing that Kwame Brown, only can dribble with his left, pathetic FT shooter, cannot defend unless he has someone smaller than he, does many things lazily, so I am glad he is not starting, he needs to bring more energy off the bench like Farmar and Ariza bring when they come in…


    Lamar Odom at 6″-10″ ?????
    “Statue of Liberty” ?????


    Bringing one tremendous D I C K of a defense to the mix!

  • Smush Walton

    This is Lamar’s 10th year in the league.
    You would think he wouldn’t keep making the same dumb mistakes all of the time. Look at how much Trevor has improved just from last year to this. I guess that would be asking too much of Lamar.