Milestones have been coming here and there for the Lakers recently.

Lamar Odom will become the 7th player with 3,000+ assists and 6,000+ rebounds with 5 more assists, given the chance tonight to reach this milestone.

Kevin Ding: … The top 6 fastest to 3,000 assists + 6,000 rebounds = Bird, CWebb, KG, Big O, Kareem and Wilt. Not bad company for Odom.

  • LA Lakers best Franchise of the World

    Gontratz To LO

  • Tress

    Congrats to LO and all that you do for the team! We love u!

  • Vk2

    congrats LO.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    lo congrats…you been on your game lately..good job!

  • bernzter

    Great Job LO… Keep it up!!!

  • Imadogg

    Odom hasn’t reached the “mini-milestone” yet. He needed 8 assists on Wednesday, but got only 3 and got 0 today. Which means he would still need 5 more assists to hit the 6000reb/3000ast club. And he would be the 7th fastest to get there, but definitely not the 7th player ever to get there.