Lamar Odom’s re-signing presser took place earlier this afternoon in El Segundo, here are some highlights for you guys.

Later this afternoon, Lamar joined our partners at AM570 for an interview with Matt Money. Rather interesting conversation…

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Special thanks to David Vassegh for the Lamar Odom coverage.

On behalf of Lakers fans everywhere, it’s good to have Lamar Odom back. Let the drive for five begin!

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  • Logicguy


    Class franchises take care of their key contributors in a championship year. Cleavland is over the cap with no championship and thay gave Varejoa 10 mil for five years. Toronto gave Bourngani 11 mil for five yeara then gave Turkalu 10mil for five years. Dallas found a way to get Shawn Marion on their roster for 10 mil. Lamar gets cut from 14mil to 8. That is backup money like Valuenueva, Milsap and others got. Lamar’s elevator does not go all the way to the top and he does not have a decent agent. The local sports media parasites played a role in helping get Lamar’s pants down so the Lakers could screw him. It’s crimina to treat the number three contributor on a championship team like that when you have stiffs on the roster like Sasha, Morrison and Walton making approximately the same money. Championships are suppose to be expensive but the Buss’s have found a way around that. Smart draft day moves and screwing returning players. Next year’s payroll will not have a championship bump.

  • Sopi

    he doesnt look too happy bout signing with lakers lol, huge paycut…

  • lakerskeith

    this was also posted in

  • Laker Power

    [Comment ID #82402 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I am going to guess and say your not a real Laker fan. And are REALLY bitter that we got LO back and ready to repeat as Champions and defend our crown.

    Don’t be upset when we beat your team (whoever that is) hopefully it won’t be an embarrassment! Hahaha

  • Isaiah

    LOL when kupchack and odom are moving their chairs!

  • punheteiro

    Odom is fine. He is not very articulate guy, that’s why he looks a bit out there.
    Once the season stars everything will be fine.
    I feel sorry for our opponents. The Lakers is a scary team, specially after we added Artest. It’s going to be hard to beat the Lakers on the playoffs.

  • dracul

    [Comment ID #82402 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lamar was making 14 million dollars only because of a trade kicker. He was making 11 million a year base salary.

    For someone who is as talented and versatile as him, and who only shows up to play hard half the time, and for someone who only becomes comfortable starting around option #3, but is a team player, combine all these and I would say his real market value is at 9 million dollars. The best offer that he in fact did receive quite early was 3 years, 30 million.

    Let’s not forget, he did declare multiple times that he would take less to stay in LA.

    Then, you have to factor in the lack of any other more lucrative offers. Also, the fact that the Laker organization did stick with Lamar even when it looked like there was a need to trade him due to his inconsistency, and the fact that he did win a championship with this team. And finally, you have to take into consideration the fact that the Laker organization is essentially paying double his salary, due to their commitment to being a successful, professional franchise that is truly dedicated to winning championships.

    The city of LA is lucky to have competent management in charge of the Lakers. They’ve consistently assembled championship teams, through crafty drafting and trading, despite consistently not having access to high draft picks.

    They’ve also shown they can take advantage of the financial opportunities that come with playing in a large/lucrative market/city. They’ve been unafraid to spend money and turn a hefty income revenue stream into opportunities to in the appropriate high-end basketball talent required to win NBA championships –

    This is something that the Knicks and the Clippers have not been able to do, despite playing in similar markets.

    They have to balance the desire for a championship worthy roster, with team needs and chemistry, a payroll and projected yearly spending, and also have to essentially give money away to the other NBA teams that are under the cap as a penalty for accumulating a certain level of paid basketball talent.

    So no, the Lakers didn’t screw him over – they are still a business and aren’t required by law to invest in a championship caliber roster or else. However, this commitment to the fans, the city, to winning, coupled with efficiently using available resources when assembling a winning roster, is the OTHER reason that I support the Lakers organization, something that goes beyond the success of the team and players who take the floor while wearing a Lakers uniform.


  • gugy

    Well said Dracul,

    That’s why the Lakers is the envy of the NBA.

  • Logicguy


    You saw whar happened to Lamar. Under no circumstances are you to allow sports media parasites to goad you into declaring that you will take less to play here. Make it known that you will keep your options open for fair market compensation even if it means going to Europe. You guys have good Agents. I don’t think your fans will have to worry about you being low balled and grinded into the ground.Lamar’s self esteem has got to be near zero. A team that wins the NBA Championship in the LA market without a signoficant increase in payroll is seeking to become a member of the zillionaires club. I have been following the NBA over forty years and I have never seen a strong contributor on a championship team treated like that. I sure would like to know what happened to Ariza. I’ll bet that the Laker offer did not surface until he went to Houston. Long Laker careers for Sasha and Morrison!!!!!!!! (I’m OK with Luke)

  • YellowPurpleFever

    [Comment ID #82421 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I second that! Dracul

  • Robert

    This period of time in US is historically tragic economically, due to the last 8 years of the administration tanking the country. The NBA owners are colluding to set the ‘artificial’ luxury tax limit, which was originally set to help owners, not players. Now that they are collectively dropping that number, it cramps down on players’ salaries, and this is just the beginning.

    It will be a lot worse next year, when the luxury tax drops even more. That’s what the Buss’s were thinking about, among other things. Also, for some cities (other than LA), basketball games are a ‘luxury’, and there is less disposable income for things like entertainment. This could impact the NBA as a whole. I don’t think cities like LA will suffer as much, especially coming off a Championship.

    The owners are among the ‘wealthiest’. Remember Chris Rock’s standup years ago, players like Shaq may be ‘rich’, but it’s the ‘owners’ that are ‘wealthy’ – the ones that write the checks for the players.

    So, LO got in on the economic downturn. I know the owners could have afforded more, but now they will be using the economics to downplay players salaries. Next year it will be worse – all those free agents – they’re not going to get as much as they might want. Next year we’ll be saying that LO got a great deal.

    So, at this time in history, the


    Logic? …C’mon dude!

    …Varejoa 10 mil for five years. ???
    …Bourngani 11 mil for five yeara. ???
    …Shawn Marion on their roster for 10 mil. ???
    …Lamar gets cut from 14mil to 8. ???
    …Sasha, *Morrison and Walton making approximately the same money. ???
    *Morrison’s contract inherited by way of Trade.

    Not a single iota of truth, let alone logic, is embedded in any of this “Fools Gold” rhetoric!

    Bring a better argument and check your FACTS before bringing such jibber jabber to the table-if you wish to be respected, even by the young blood, here at The Nation!

    And as quoted above, YOU must be Anti-Lakers for sure!

    And btw, work on yur spellin it might make yur logic a little more palatable! …LOL

    Lakers Fan, 1st & Foremost, Forever!

  • Mr. Kupchak

    Wade dont cry

  • anti logic guy

    Hey logic guy: It costs a family of 4 almost $1000.00 to go to a laker game, the largest union in the state just voted to go on strike because of a 15% paycut. Odom got market value for the current economy.My home was worth more then double what it was a few years ago. So get off your high horse, you probably cannot afford to go to a game.

  • Toon

    [Comment ID #82441 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Are you one of those that fall into calling Bush stupid? You are saying it was his administration? You have to look at other factors, well know factors. Look at AIG, Wall Street, energy costs, health care costs, and even laziness at the workplace. Did you know that laziness costs businesses billions of dollars a year? All that loafing around has to have some effect on the economy. Regardless of the factors, you do have a right to blame presidents and their administrations but no credibility to do so. It is simple – why not become a high ranking politician yourself? Why not go up there, screw up, then have people call you stupid like they are doing to Arnie and George? Would you like that? I guess not. The reason why I said “screw up” is because no matter what politicians do, different people will agree and disagree. Period. Does not surprise me. One day they judge Kobe for committing adultery (when normal people are guilty of that too), then they call Bush stupid the next. Who are they to judge?

  • Robert

    Toon, this is America, land of the free, home of free speech (when I last checked), in spite of the fact that the administration of the ‘last 8 years’ was fouling with the Constitution of the United States of America (luckily, were unable to make ‘significant’ changes). But what I was discussing was not an opinion, it was a set of facts.

    First, it is clear as a bell that this country has a serious economic problems, and it is clearly due to the actions of the previous administration (not calling anyone stupid, just stating a fact). It is also clear that it is impacting the ability of people who are impacted by incompetent leaders and the greed of the wealthy to not only make a living, but to survive in this country.

    Maybe you don’t know what ‘disposable income’ means (too complex for you?), but it means that ‘extra money’ people who normally can spend on things ‘other than food, living, utilities’ etc. That includes ‘movies, concerts, and most importantly for this site – basketball games’. So, if they can’t spend that money, then it impacts ‘entirely’ the ability of the franchise to both be supported reasonably (read: New Orleans Hornets), pay their players, have players on their teams, or to even exist. It will be like this for the next few years.

    Nobody is making any judgments (except you). Just stating facts here, mister.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Dear Robert,

    I am afraid you have accessed the wrong website address: you are looking for

    Sorry we inconvenienced you with our web-based sports discussion on the topic of Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball (in case you missed the drift of this web address).

    Thank you for your cogent high school economics lecture and we are pleased that you have exercised your First Amendment right under the United States Constitution (golf clap).

    Also, many congratulations on being a pedant.

    We hope to read more posts from you on the subject of basketball with only minor, or nonexistent, sidetracks into the Marxian aspects of the professional sport.

  • Robert

    WWCS, thanks, my original post was sufficiently distorted (by a misguided response) that I had to respond with a ‘brief’ economic discussion for those recent high school graduate members of this web site.

    Apparently you missed the message of my original post, but that’s ok. My ‘original post’ made a brief reference to the economic status of this country, and only in the first sentence. The rest of the ‘original post’ offered speculation that was intended to help address the thought that some were considering, on this blog post, that Lamar Odom may not have been offered a fair deal by the owners of the Lakers Organization. A response to the post (Toon) expanded it (unnecessarily) to a political discussion (please re-read, and you’ll see for yourself).

    Instead of choosing to ignore it, I decided to respond, and to clarify. The economics lesson wasn’t for you (obviously highly educated, although I didn’t personally recall making any reference to Marxism). Your response was at worst, amusing, and at best an attempt to bring our blog site ‘on track’, something which I wholly endorse.

    In fact, you might want to read my other posts sprinkled through the TLN sites, on virtually every blog for the past few months. You will find more sophisticated references to statistical information relevant to the decision making processes that may be important for understanding the nature the integration of our new components into the team, other ‘relevant’ comments, some speculation during the entire painful process of the Lakers attempt to re-sign Lamar Odom, and also some amusing (albeit, perhaps even funny) comments that deal specifically with basketball.

    This political side swipe is certainly an aberration, but I assure you that the state of basketball is most certainly impacted by decisions on the economics of the stability of franchises, and is indeed relevant here.

    That being said, let’s all just have some fun. That’s all I want to do! Perhaps YOU should direct some of your critical remarks to “Toon”, for morphing my blog post into his own fears of political attacks on the former Administration. And as for being pedantic, mister, it takes one to know one!


    We should all have this much fun!

    …All of this Pedantryism makes the Marxism side of me, uncontrollably, have to just,
    RolLiSm oN tHe fLoORiSm, LaUghInG mY fReAkEn AsS oFfiSm! …etc, etc, etc.

    …Or should I say: ism, ism, ism,
    Laughter in Articulism is truly the best Aphrodisiacism!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Bobert, I quote From Shakespeare’s Hamlet, 1603:

    My liege, and madam, to expostulate
    What majesty should be, what duty is,
    Why day is day, night night, and time is time,
    Were nothing but to waste night, day and time.

    Therefore, since BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT,
    And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
    I will be BRIEF: your noble son is mad:
    Mad call I it; for, to define true madness,
    What is’t but to be nothing else but mad?

    But let that go.


  • Robert

    Shakespeare SHMakespeare …

    Old English, really don’t need it,
    but in case my trues wanna get drunk
    They pump bone, so leave ‘em alone

    So what now? see the bone thug claim,
    thug never gonna change, so flame up
    Sit back and just smoke the same cut,
    Leatherface on the creep, I came up


  • Kam Pashai


  • Robert

    yeah, that’s what I thought.