lamarL.A. Times: A normally subdued Saturday afternoon turned into a busy day at the Lakers’ practice facility, where Andrew Bynum prepared for Tim Duncan, Lamar Odom answered to the Clippers’ claims of crotch-grabbing, and Phil Jackson said his future with the Lakers would remain one season at a time.

Jackson, 63, is under contract through next season but said he would again go through an annual checklist before deciding whether to return.

As he does after every season, he’ll evaluate how he feels physically — he has had both hips replaced and an angioplasty in 2003 to clear a blocked artery — before possibly returning for a 19th season as an NBA coach.

“I signed a two-year contract that I’ll do one year at a time, which is pretty normal [for me], right?” he said.

Jackson, who would be paid $12 million next season if he came back, said winning a championship this season would not factor into his decision.

More likely, he’ll ponder whether he thinks he can still motivate players and tolerate the rigors of so many nights in so many cities.

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