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Lamar Odom did not show up to the Lakers practice facility when practice started today.

Odom then showed up 90-minutes late to have a quick 15-minute “chat” with Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

According to Mark Medina from the LA Times, Odom feels he should stay away from the Lakers facility at this time:

“To me, I would think it’s better to stay away,” Odom told The Times on Friday afternoon in a telephone interview. “You know, the energy and all.

“I don’t know if it’s going to happen overnight or it’s going to be a drawn-out process,” Odom said about either being traded or staying with the Lakers and attending practice.

“I don’t want to offend the sport and the professionalism. Right now, I’ll be a fan of the game from the distance. But as of right now, I just don’t know.”

Odom is clearly upset that the Lakers agreed to trade him to New Orleans. An emotional Lamar Odom was heard in an interview last night explaining his initial thoughts.

Reports had Lakers spokesperson John Black saying that Lamar Odom is expected to be a full participant at practice on Saturday.

  • Guest

    Man up

    • Leb10

      agree! I like LO but he is wrong right now.

  • ScRp0T

    Lamar, I respect your game but be a man and realize that this is a business. If your game was more consistent, maybe your name wouldn’t be up on the block. Instead of whining about it, go out there and prove yourself on the court to the Lakers, or any other team you may end up on. You have the talent and the skills to be a true all star in this league, but somehow you are content to be above average. That may cut it in an organization that doesn’t care about winning championships, but not here in LA. Show us what you got!

    • Odom the player

      Well said

    • Caf150

      Well stated ScRp0T!!

  • Russell Grant

    You had to know when Stern pulled his douche move that today was going to be unreal.  Let’s see how he does this weekend.  Plus the trade talks are back on.  Hard to bond with people you have to play against in the next week.

  • Esco246

    First off I love LA….This is me…Trade LO N Bynum For Howard N get a decent PG. Ull Still HAVE A FRONT COURT of Dwight n Gasol…that’s me…PG don’t win championships!!!!! Any1 agree With Me????

    • Caf150

      Agree with the exception of the “PG” portion of it. You ever hear of a PG named Earvin Magic Johnson??

  • Odom the player

    Yes please stay away. better for everyone

  • Odom the player

    Please stay away. Better for everyone.

  • caf150

    Lamar get over yourself!! You’re getting paid how much and you’re acting like a lil kid!! This is a business, if SHAQ can be traded so can you!! So show a lil professionalism and get your A$$ back to practice before you really get traded!!

  • Andrew Neal

    You wouldn’t want to be anywhere you’re not wanted either.

  • Ylequang

    Stop acting like a kardashian! Get your ass to the gym. The Lakers paying you a lot of money. “oh I don’t know what to do. Oh am feeling lost. Oh I feel unwanted.” shut the f*up!

  • Butterballgobble

    C’mon Lamar your making it easier to get rid of your ass. At first I was sad about you leaving, and now i could really careless. You want some cheese to go with your whine!

  • AndreRichardson

    Come on O play for the love of the game not the politics!  You are a millionaire because of this game and you know this is part of the business kid!!!  So F the front office and play because you love the game!

  • Libertyskate93

    Lamar Odom is like a Decepticon (pardon my Transformer’s reference), he’s got all the resources to win, but somehow always ends up losing… I am pleasantly surprised the Lakers put him up for the trade.

  • Kobe

    Mr. Odom, i know the emotional thing is eating u right now, that’s normal. But don’t decide base on what your’e feeling right now….just digest it…. and once your’re done w/ it use your head. NBA is a business, u r getting paid to do your job that’s why u guys r called PROFESSIONAL ball players. So be professional, do ur job and most of all, do it for the respect n love of the game.

  • Gdavalos12

    I think odom would of shown more dedication and respect to the team if he would of showed up on time and ready to practice. Actions speak louder than words, he says he loves L.A, well man up and show the lakers what you got, and what they could potentially lose.

  • Lakersfan

    come on .. ODOM is a real Laker … he is very professionnal .. Lakers sucks!!!! No respect for Odom… Basket is not only business 

    • Odom the player

      Dude what is your point. A lot of people in the NBA are professional. Odom has never come through in the clutch for the Lakers. On top of that he’s not like a professional if he’s crying because the Lakers are willing to trade him. Gasol on the other hand is handling this with class. Last point if you feel the Lakers suck take your butt and go elsewhere!