Yesterday, Lamar Odom was a guest on Rome is Burning. Here’s the video…

  • BHO

    Lamar is one of my favorite cats on the Lakers, he got a bum rap last season but I know with him on the floor they are a better team.
    I wish him all the best, he carries himself with class and dignaty, and when things went south in the Finals He stood up and evaded no one, and took on all comers.
    He will be right in the middle of it in this years chanpionship batte, standing tall, go get em son!!

    Hector O

  • David Brickley

    Sounds, acts, talks, like an absolute Soldier! I hope this new LO continues to play great. He is an ultimate competitor and has the hunger and heart of a champion. With Lamar playing like this the Lakers will without a doubt win a NBA Championship

  • David

    It’s frustrating listening to Lamar. He is too monotone and dry when he speaks.

  • ballin’09

    Lamar says they have “gay chemistry” did anyone else catch that??

  • James

    How about you go fuck yourself Joseph. B/c Boston will get raped, even though, I don’t think they ganna make it. Dream on son.