worserUPDATE #2Lakers.com: According to Lakers spokesman John Black, results of Lamar Odom’s Monday morning CT scan and MRI are that he has a lower back contusion (bruised back).

His status for Tuesday evening’s Game 5 vs. Houston – which tips off at 7:30 p.m. – is questionable, and his condition will be updated subsequent to Tuesday morning’s shootaround.

UPDATE #1 – Odom “is being listed as day-to-day with back spasms & will be re-evaluated Monday.”

Lamar Odom left the game late in the 3rd quarter with back spasms. Lamar Odom drove the ball in for a layin when Battier slid under him (called a charge) and Odom flipped back in midair and fell directly down on his back.

Here is what Lamar had to say…

“I felt pain. Immense pain. Hurts. I probably won’t practice (tomorrow), and get treatment on it all day.”

  • lakaluva

    Well, get off your ass and your back wont hurt as much.

  • baltimoresbest01

    Lakers win game 5 either way. get better Lamar

  • UhOh

    Scary, scary.
    Lamar, feel better.


    That charge call was a premeditive reaction by a very poor excuse of a referee!

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    This is a BIG deal, without Odom, it can be a dangerous 3 game series.

    I have confidence in this team either way, but back Spasms are not good. Thankfully, they may be directly related – obviously – to the fall. So let’s hope he can get good treatment. That was a VERY HARD fall.

  • Dragon

    Well Bynum better step up even if he isn’t playing well on offense at least play some good D and rebound. This might be a 7 game series but I think Lakers can win in the end. Lakers will try to blow them out at home. I think Lamar shoots too many jump shot he’s not even a good shooter he needs to drive in more stop taking jump shots. They rarely go in anyways he needs to go down low and work with Pau like a two man game they are effective when they play like that.

  • bwins

    lamar is tough, he’ll be fine

  • kobe8


  • 8kb24

    hopefully he’ll be back at full strength come Tuesday

  • Mamba


    dude man that was so NOT a charge. Damn referees

  • gugy

    The lack of confidence and hustle of the Lakers is really a cause of concern.
    It just seems that they are not hungry enough to win it all.
    Seriously if we keep having this meltdowns like today, we are not winning this year.
    I was a huge proponent of bringing Artest to this team. Yes he is nuts, but the guy has a fire and he is a criminal. We really need this type of player on this team. A PITBULL!
    I think we will rebound next game and advance for the next round, but we do need to wake up. We keep having the same issues over and over. That’s not good.

  • armo

    give shannon brown more minutes he plays better than jordan and fisher. i think he should start and this will help us a lot. lakers need to close this series in game 6. if they play like this then we cant win a championship this year. i think DENVER is a much better team now. they got to be focus.

  • fred jones

    Kobe has to be assertive if he struggles so does the rest of the team

  • iamthetie

    [Comment ID #70725 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Oh I agree. And to top it all off the ref gave him a Technical. Way to assert your control on a game: be stubborn and penalize the players when they question your call. That ref needs to swallow a knife.

  • Michael_23

    This you guys see how Lakers went to Pau in the 4th quarter and worked in favors? Why didn’t they do that throughout the course of the game with no Yao Ming and no Dikembe Mutumbo???


    …Because Pau was still sunning himself on the beach!

    …Didn’t you take notice how much cement he has on his feet after almost every shot that went up, especially on Houston’s offensive trips…

    …Pau is the easiest guy in the league to box out for this reason!

  • i hate the color green

    LO is a tough cookie he’ll be fine, i’m just wondering how long the rescue search for andrew bynum is gonna be, i really hope he’s found, we need him big time.


    …If Old Man Jackson would have been WISER instead of desperate, after the Rockets built their 29 point lead, he would have let Bynum play the entire 4th quarter and possibly pick up some much needed confidence in his game, as the Rockets were playing as gaSOFT was during the first 3 quarters…

    …As much as I hate to agree with TV analyst Jeff Van Gundy;
    His remarks regarding Gasoft’s 4th quarter stats being a fake, was an absolute 100% correct assessment!

  • Dracul

    Back spasms can be horribly painful and debilitating, however it does not mean that anything in particular is wrong, it can take a few days to ‘clear’ out of them.

    However, horrible Lakerdaisical play, which i warned about before, is not good for the long run.


  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    finally Lamar had a real reason to do his GAY SCREAM he likes to do when the lakers are rolling it up on inferior teams,,,,KARMA BABY!

  • lafanfromindiana

    Kobe during these past olympics and how he took on the responsibility to shut down the best player from the other team and called himself the doberman, but when it’s playoff basketball for his professional team he doesn’t give effort on defense to play mind games with the person shooting. I would not be surpised if we don’t even make it to the finals and Kobe puts the whole blame on everyone else and opts out of his contract to play with the Bulls that he’s always wanted to play for so he can jerk off and pretend he’s Jordan. And I’m saying all this as Kobe is my favorite athlete besides Bo Jackson and Hulk Hogan…. not as a hater.

    Oh, and didn’t the Rockets win something like 18 straight last year without Tmac or Yao? And that was without Artest! Why would we come into todays game thinking it was going to be a cakewalk?

  • gugy

    Odom will be fine.
    Lakers problems are much deeper than Odom missing next game.

    It takes real “nuts” to win a ring. Not sure if this team has it. I was certain after the wins in Boston and Cleveland, but since this playoffs started, it has been a disappointment so far.

  • T-Dub

    LO wasn’t doing sh-it in the series anyway…other than taking up space! Josh Powell will fill in just fine!


    Next time you drive and you see four guys around you do what you should have done and learned in grade school basketball. Jump stop and pass to the open man for an easier shot. In the basketball dictionary under charge they should have a pic of him. He seems to have perfected the charge to his game.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70871 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes, because Josh Powell is a better, more versataille player than LO. God you know so little about basketball it’s frustrating!!!

  • trade_lamo

    [Comment ID #70730 Will Be Quoted Here]


    Lamar is tough? I wish I could see the world thru eyes…

  • Michael_23

    Hmmmm. I would try and give Odom the rest he needs. Let’s see if the Lakers will play with a sense of urgency as the Rockets did without Yao.

    DUMP the ball to Pau or Andrew. The Rockets no longer have height to defend. This takes less pressure off Kobe to score against Shane and Ron. I expect everyone to step up the rest of this series now.

    This is a very good test for Lakers to prepare them for Denver and the Finals.

  • zgum

    Lakers are deteriorating… Common show some muscles…

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70913 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think the fair weathered Laker fans in here (you know who you are. Stand up T-Dub and Mr. Juan Warlock) are deteriorating. The good thing about Laker losses is you get to see who the REAL Laker fans are and who the “fakers” are.


    [Comment ID #70786 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There is a reason why you don’t coach and Jackson has 9 rings. When his team in the past is getting killed he doesn’t do things like that. He keeps those guys out there so they can feel what it is like. He is trying to win a series. Why put him in during a massacre? Take his confidence down more? Phil knew what he was doing there. I suggest you just observe and learn and enjoy the ride. ;)

  • Eternal

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    You put him in a Massacre so he can get some easy points and help his confidence level up… knowing that he can actually score, and to get some much needed playing time.

    While I agree it’s nice to let the players in so they can absorb the loss of a blowout… it’s also risking them getting injured, which in this case Odom is now injured thanks to Phil leaving him in.


    [Comment ID #70927 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Odom was injured in the middle of the third period. Phil is not going give up on the game then. Don’t blame Odom’s injury on Phil.


    Odom was injured in the middle of the third period. Phil is not going give up on the game then. Don’t blame Odom’s injury on Phil.


    [Comment ID #70890 Will Be Quoted Here]

    To belittle someone as to claim “they know very little about basketball, it’s frustrating”,
    …All the while, the belittler shouts out the ridiculous scream;
    “Josh Powel is a better and more versatile basketball player than Lamar Odom”, very clearly shows directly to the rest of the world, the relative level of ignorance that resides across the Nation!


    [Comment ID #70917 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …Kid, you think my comments are fake, only because you gotta be a very, very young Laker fan;
    …Your comments lack plenty schooling!


    [Comment ID #70933 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t blame everyone else for your deserved ReputaFishidity!