Pat Riley uses strong words used to describe Lamar, but hey, its the truth!

Bleacher Report: Lamar Odom has become so synonymous with the following phrases it’s become cliché to use them; inconsistent, enigmatic, sugar-addicted.

The truth about Lamar Odom is that he’s the perfect fit for the Lakers, and was always the right choice for them.

Lamar was at the center of trade rumors for years, never expected to be a long-term solution for anything the Lakers were doing. Fans clamored to flip him for a more “elite” player such as Shawn Marion, Jermaine O’Neal, and Kevin Garnett, peaking during the summer of ’07 when the mere mention of KG in a question to Mitch Kupchak brought a room full of season ticket holders to a rousing applause.

And I would take Odom over them all. While those players have broken down into a faint glimmer of what they once were, Lamar has never been better. He’s still bursting with intangible talent, yet completely in control of his unique role as the Lakers game changer off the bench.

Even the man Odom was originally traded for (Shaquille O’Neal) has fallen off so considerably that that blasphemous trade that rocked Los Angeles has now become lopsided in the Lakers favor.

“The only player to come into this league, who had the ability to play like Earvin (Magic) Johnson,” is the way Pat Riley described Odom. He’s the only big man alive who can grab a rebound on one end of the court and dribble it all the way to the other side for a layup. He’ll never be a legendary superstar like Magic. Even the pressure to be an All-Star is off. Both he and the fans know that will never happen. We’re not waiting for it anymore.

What we do know is that Odom’s versatile skill-set is perfect for these Lakers. It’s that skill-set that made Pau Gasol’s integration (from trade) and Andrew Bynum’s absences (from injury) so seamless. He’s the motor the drives the second unit, and Phil Jackson’s choice to finish games, because the Lakers are most effective when he’s on the court.

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  • rondo

    Lamar is a New York Playground player some of your greatest players in the NBA came from the playground (Ruckers) to the NBA . Lamar like all those great New York legends are awesome players. One who was no taller then 6 ft but, was a sight to see was Nate (Tiny Archibald.

  • hello world

    This is Green Flannel: He is and wils always be as long as the GM has any sense. We love you LO keep it up!

  • proemb

    Note to self:
    Don’t wast time reading anything by Marwan Marzina.

    • Marwan Marzina

      LOL, why?

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      Why? Besides, its not like he wrote this either… BLEACHER REPORT.

      • Green Flannel

        wow proemb. FAIL! lol

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Well Lamar sure SUCKED in the Memphis game. He looked like he was either asleep or stoned on the floor. Unfortunately, the problem with Lamar is he is so DAMN INCONSISTENT. Sometimes he looks like an All Star – sometimes he looks like the Dumbest Player in the League. That’ our Lamar. Sad but true.