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A nixed trade by David Stern and the league office obviously angers many basketball fans.

More importantly how are the players involved in the nixed trade suppose to move forward? Knowing the team they play for wanted to trade them away.

Sources say that Chris Paul, will not attend Hornets training camp, and is willing to fight this decision legally. Paul has been in conversations with the NBPA Director Billy Hunter to discuss his options.

Now the LA Times reports that Lamar Odom doubts he will show up to the Lakers facility when camp opens on Friday:

“Maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow [at practice],” Odom said. “But I doubt it. You don’t want to go to no place you’re not wanted. I’ll try to give them what they want as much as possible.”

The Lakers open training camp Friday at their facility in El Segundo.

  • Luisdealtan_DD

    Mister Stern not only killed the trade but hurt the teams and players involved in that trade… time for you to retire Mr. Stern.

    • yix

      I wonder could Stern imagine NBA without Lakers

  • JQ

    Um this is business LO.  The Lakers have a legacy to maintain.  You said it yourself when you were working your contract.  “Business.”

  • JQ

    Oh btw LO, you’re making it reallllllll easy to trade you now.

  • David Suarez

    I don’t want you to go Lamar.. LA Loves you!!! This is your Home

  • Andrew B

    Remember who you really play for. The fans love you dude, don’t lose your spirit. 6th man of the year! 

  • O.E


  • William Shakespeare

    David Stern is a Shylock Jew bastard!

    • youreanidiot

      I dont like what he did either, but dont be a racist faggot

      • Guest

        Jews are not a race. Its a religion, and why is it when  we throw the race card we are racist and separatist. In this matter, the aforementioned is a racist faggot. Yet, the jews throw antisemitism in every chance they get, and everybody agrees. Now back to the subject, Lamar thanks for helping get us some trophy and sharing to the world who you are. However, it is just business nothing personal. 

        • no parade on fig

          u have just seen  real laker fans at their best . calling out names when they  dont get their litlle way . or see them in the streets burning cars and mugging folks. nothing i love more is seeing faker fans cry , bitch n moan , i love it .


    David Stern bitch

  • C T

    Lamar its business bro! 

  • Bobblehead

    Down with Stern, Down with Stern, Down with Stern!!! You David Stern are the one that has sucked all joy out of basketball! You purpose in the NBA is a joke! You should really get your big ass nose out of the NBA!

    • BlackMamba_Beto

      Fukk Stern

  • mr. ed

    certainly can’t blame him. can only hope that he’ll put it aside and be professional.

  • jan

    l.a loves you lamar !!!!! 

  • Grbuk3

    Man Lamar is still a great humble player! Everything u done to help the LAKERS WIN will not go unnoticed!

  • Xdave1003

    This is exactly why you don’t announce trades until they are 100% official. Now you gotta a bunch of disgruntled players from both sides that are in disbelief.  I blame this on “sources” who break these stories. Who the hell are these insiders that leak all this information anyway?

    • Michael A. Robson

      Ah, yeah, true. I mean, this was on ESPN. Who are you gonna blame, ESPN? Of course not…  the usual signs were there… then Stern stepped in.

  • LaLakersDailyNews

    You have all our support Oddom, carry on Lamar! We wish you all the best, whatever happens…

  • kobe24venom

    oh boohoo lamar … you won’t attend camp ?stop crying the nba is a buisness lakers wanted a change and went for it …be a fcn man and get your ass into camp.




    Lamar needs to man up and stop crying.  It’s a business.  We should of have traded him for Iggy last season. 

  • Saif

    The Lakers said everyone is on the table except Kobe. I don’t understand why your crying Lamar? Show up and play some ball and get your worth up!

  • Jdizzle

    Lamar and Gasol were fragile before this, imagine how they’ll feel now. I was excited for the season to start and now I dont know what to expect after this mess. All I know is that the team desperately needs a true PG. The triangle is gone now so we cannot keep relying on Fisher & Blake. More moves were gonna be made if Paul was acquired too so this could of set the team up for the long term also.

  • Audie5thg

    Lamar I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. I know you don’t want to be where people do not need you, however fullfill your professional obligation, don’t take this trade personally. The team is looking at this trade from a business point of view. Go to camp kick ass for the up coming season, and prove all your doubters wrong and show them your value to the team.