Our favorite sixth man, Lamar Odom, is featured in a new online spot by Nike Sportswear. In this video, L.O. visits his old neighborhood in Queens. Throw in some basketball, music, style, and sweet treats — you basically have Lamar in a nutshell here.

  • Mark L

    I love LO.  The hard part of being an LO fan is that once in awhile he’ll take your breath away with a series of moves… and then he’ll sort of go in cruise control (or so it seems to fans).  I know he’s a big proponent of “letting the game come to him.”  But as a Lakers fan I kind of wish he would force the issue more often.  When he plays angry, it’s pretty damn hard to stop him. 

    • Gueast

      I know exactly what u mean…its agonizing to be this guy’s fan. He seems like he just doesn’t have that aggression in him. Very down to earth peaceful type of guy. I wish he had some of those Kobe demons in him….just don’t rape.

  • Touching_Myself

    At first, I loved it that L.O. got featured in his own spot on a commercial.  Then after seeing the whole thing, it just made me sick to my stomach.  It was NOTHING, but a product placement piece for Nike!  They could have shown a softer side and featured L.O. as just L.O.  Instead, they had to show their Nike Swoosh like every 5 seconds.  So lame!  F Nike!  

  • meekbone

    the rape comment is very unnecessary. Individuals like you are the reason this world continues to show enormous signs of racism. Last time I checked he was not proven guilty.

  • Al Johnson

    Dis-Gueast-ing comment about rape.  Very foolish

  • Mannywrd

    Many years ago, LO said I am lucky and blessed to be on the floor with Kobe. Everyone that has played with Kobe has improved his game, to the level of his desire. Kobe is one player that honest people like LO can comment on. Jeannie Buss, a wiz lady, said Kobe is the easiest target in NBA history. The morons that go back to Colorado incident should be ashmed of their own skeletons in the closet. Go Lakers…go KOBE