We like to focus on the BASKETBALL aspects of Lamar’s life, and damn does he look good.

L.A.Times: It took a day, but Lamar Odom’s smile and infectious personality returned.

He joked and talked about his beloved New York Yankees and the NFL and demonstrated his new boxing skills Wednesday.

Fun-loving, easy-going Lamar Odom was back, even after he had been tailed by paparazzi in about a half-dozen vehicles on his way to Lakers practice.

At Tuesday’s media day, Odom looked uncomfortable when all the talk surrounded his marriage Sunday to reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.

But after two practice sessions, Odom was happy to talk about basketball, about the boxing class he took this summer to get in shape for the upcoming season as the Lakers defend their NBA crown.

Odom, who turns 30 in November, explained why he took up boxing and got into a boxing stance to show off his moves.

“If I can just turn my leg — Boom! — and knock you out with my right hand, I’ve got to be able to make a layup with my right hand,” Odom said as he feigned a right-handed jab.

Odom laughed, as did the media on hand, and the joke was on him because he’s left-handed and has been known to forgo shooting right-handed layups, and missing the few he has attempted.

This summer Odom worked out for two months at a gym in West Los Angeles. He figured boxing would help with his defensive play and give him a stronger muscle base for his ankles, legs and neck.

“I needed something really combative,” Odom said. “It made me think of defense. It was all footwork. It just made me think about competing at the highest level. It was one-on-one. I don’t get tired. I get my second wind easily.”

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  • desecrator93

    I love LO’s frame of mind about wanting to be a better defender (he was already a solid defender though). Looks like we’re gonna be #1 in “O” this year and #1 in “D”!

  • proemb

    This article further illustrates and demonstrates what everybody with half a brain has been saying about Odom throughout his career: “The guy has all the talent but is wasted”. Why you ask? No dedication, no desire, no passion, no mental toughness.

    Why did this guy wait until he was almost 30, (30 people!) to BEGIN to realize he has to be able to make a righ-handed layup. Freaking Kobe is working on his post game moves with Mr. Hakeem The Dream and Odom is proud to announce that as a veteran, professional basketball player he is now capable of making a right-handed layup?

    Odom’s comments are a slap not only to Laker fans everywhere, but NBA fans at large. To be so naturally gifted and to never have the willingness or desire to develop into a perennial all-star, is just plain stupid. And now he’s proud that at 30 years old, he took some stupid boxing lessons and in now capable of making a right-handed layup?

    And yes Odumb supporters, I realize this guy was “just joking around”, but all you observing fans know that this guy will miss at a minimum two layups per contest, something a professional basketball player should not do on such a consistent basis.

    Lamar, since you have now (at 30 years old) decided to BEGIN to work on your game (finally!), here’s a list of things to put on your “to do” list:
    1. Develop my jumpshot.
    2. Develop my right hand for shoot and dribble.
    3. Learn about healthy eating + conditioning.
    4. Replace layup with aggressive dunk when at the rim (you are a power forward, right?)
    5. Develop mental toughness, focus, concentration.
    6. Develop post moves.
    7. Learn to rebound with two hands.
    8. Free throw shooting shouldn’t be make one, miss one.
    9. When the open lane closes, learn how to stop and pop to avoid two charges per contest.
    10. Act like you actually care.
    11. Stop giving interviews to the author of “1001 ways to annoy pro basketball players”, Elie Seckbach.

    Lamar, this proemb………reporting.

    • LakersFirst

      LO was a key contributor to last season’s championship (this is why practically every Laker fan wanted him back and why other NBA teams wanted him to leave the Lakers). You can’t deny that. And your still hating on the guy.

      No matter what LO does, no matter how many positive things he does to help the Lakers win, he’ll never do anything right in your eyes. But you should remember, that is you are a real Laker fan, he’s wearing the Laker colors…support him.

      • proemb

        “LakersFirst”, your argument is ridiculous. I WILL NOT blindly support any player just because he’s on the Laker squad. That’s just plain stupid. How many Sun Yue supporters from last year do you know? How many for Sasha? Morrison? Anybody???

        LO has underperformed from day one here in LA and fans should hold him accountable. I’ll support him fully when he gives Lakers fans their money’s worth.

        And yes, LO was a key contributor last year but that doesn’t mean he should get a free pass. My point was this: if the best player on the planet works his ass off and constantly is looking to improve his game, why shouldn’t LO do the same? And why is it that “fans” like you look the other way when he’s half-assing his way through another game?

        The boss needs to light a little fire under his employees otherwise they’ll go LO on you. The fans are the boss.

  • kob24

    Lamar is 6’10 and he talks about making layups like wtf he needs to learn from amare stoudemire who is also 6’10. lamar needs to add sum explosiveness to his candy ass eating legs so he can destroy the rim everytime. and this year his ass better not have any off night we need him everynight to show up.

  • Short Dog

    Get in that starting line up LO!