Coach Phil Jackson and General Manager Mitch Kupchak anticipate a different lineup with many of the same players.

L.A. Times: New season, new Lakers?

The Lakers could feature a completely different makeup next season, Coach Phil Jackson said today.

“If and when [Andrew Bynum] is back, which we anticipate, it will be a different team entirely,” Jackson said.

The shifting probably will involve players sliding into new roles, rather than a full-out hunt in the free-agent market this summer.

It will include juggling a loaded frontcourt and Lamar Odom possibly moving from power forward to small forward.

“It’s a real issue,” Jackson said. “We think we can do it. We think people will have to sacrifice.”

General Manager Mitch Kupchak said the team would be creative in its rotation next year, and one option was for Odom to play guard and Kobe Bryant to move up to small forward.

“It could be the longest and biggest frontcourt in the NBA in many, many years,” Kupchak said.

“It is a team that would be very talented, very long and versatile, and I think training camp would be an important time to test out what [Jackson] has done during the summer.”

Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss, Kupchak and Jackson will sit down in the next couple of days to assess the team’s future.

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  • tradekwame11

    MAJOR match up problems for other team

    pg. Fisher
    sg. Lamar
    sm. Kobe
    pf. Gasol
    c. Bynum
    I smell a championship

  • Smush Walton

    This has to be a joke, right?

    Lame-O’s outside shooting is HORRENDOUS. When he has the ball outside his defender just CAMPS in the paint! Not to mention the number of airballs and bricks Lame-O throws up.

    Any more than two dribbles by Lame-O consistently leads to DISASTER! The defender knows to park on Lame-O’s left hand which leads to countless clutzy traveling violations, clumsy charge fouls, not to mention constant blown layups, dumb shots awkwardly flung up while falling to the ground after getting all tied up in a knot like a retard, point blank misses.

    To make matters worse, how is Lame-O going to defend quicker guards? He is about as slow footed as they come. He’ll be left standing at the top of the key waving his arms around (in the goofy way he normally plays D) while the quick little guard he is “defending” is laying the ball into the hoop.

    No thanks! I’ve seen enough of the Lame-O Clown Show!

    Sorry, the only way I keep this half brain on the team is as a RESERVE and only after a HUGE pay cut!!!

  • Smush Walton

    We’ve just came off of a series where we saw Lamar’s offensive and defensive “skills” on full display and we all know what that SMELLS like!

    Good God this has to be a F-ing JOKE! Is it April 1st already?

  • lakers4life


  • BringDFishBack

    I think it would be a better idea to have Bynum off the bench, at least to start the season. I like:
    SG:Ariza (assuming no sasha)

    I like that a whole lot better and think it’s much more balanced that starting both centers and not having one off the bench.

  • goodfella

    i’m not crazy about kobe at the 3, that’s just crazy. i wouldn’t mind lamar starting point. but even then he’s ball handling skills are questionable, even so

    pg lamar odom
    sg kobe bryant
    sf ron artest
    pf pau gasol
    c andrew bynumite

    that sounds freakin’ awesome

  • Jack

    I think Lamar would make a great point guard. They can run post ups for him all day on shorter point guards.

  • pr0mega

    Quit hating on Lamar, he’s out third best player no matter what you think of his defense/offense. His ball handling skills are similar to Magic’s back in the day, big man with handles. He could own guards all day and also defend the three point shot, which makes guards have to penetrate into guess who? Gasol and Bynum who are waiting for the block. Odom wouldnt have to hit jumpers, even if his man sag in the paint, Odom can just post him up all day. Whenever they help off Pau or Bynum, Odom is a superb passer and can get assists to the big guys all day. Odom, like dirk (not as extreme though), is one of the leagues most valuable mismatches every night. We need to use it to our advantage and not put him in bad situations.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    What are you crazy! Thats HORRIBLE. Lamar cant shoot if his life depended on it. The organization has to use there brain. Putting LO at guard would cut down his rebounding and thats what we need most. The only move i would like this season is getting Artest.

    PG: Fisher I beileve in this guy
    SG: Kobe Even though he can play any position
    SF:Lamar I think he will be a better starter then Artest. We will use Artest for games that we need so Defense.
    PF: Gasol unless he gets to soft we will move Lamar here and put Artest in the SF position
    C: Bynum

    I would love to find a way to get Rondo LOL if possible

  • Odom the worst player

    Smush Walton you seem like you are the only one on this site with common sense. Lamar Odom can’t play whats really lame is this guy makes about 14.6 million a year more money than Manu Ginobili does, now people are you telling me he is worth that kind of money. Manu Ginobili is way better than Lamar will ever be yet he makes less. Also if we keep Lamar Odom were not going to be able to keep Sasha which has improved tremendously.

  • daboss1849

    Lo can play guard as good as shaq can!!! this is stupid he can barely play the 3

  • RD

    i asked my laker friend “what do u think about artest coming to the lakers?” he said “not happening! because artest thinks he’s gods gift to basketball and he wants to be the number 1 option on the team he’s on.” with that being said, unless artest puts his ego aside, i dont think i see him in purple and gold anytime soon.

  • lakersftw

    my first reaction to odom being guard was WTF? i agree with everyone else who thinks that odom should NOT be guard. he has the worse outside shooting! and i dont want artest because, even though he’s good, he’s got a pretty big ego and i dont want that on our team.

  • maccassedy


  • Paul

    [Comment ID #41371 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I freakin concur man.

    And Lamar Odom is best at the post.. most of the time he’s unstoppable when he drives it in or he posts people up with that long **** of his.. oh shi-

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #41419 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your friend is wise. Listening to the interview posted here at LN, he made it clear that he wanted to be treated like a star. That would lead to major problems, and he’d bring in a funk until being traded, exactly like Marion did for the Suns. AND, he’s crystal clear about the money situation, so get the MLE out of your heads guys.

    I also totally agree with Smush Walton. I think Lamar’s perimeter problems manifest at the 3 as well. So I say, forget Artest, and trade Lamar! If we trade Lamar for Prince or even RJ or Marion, you’ll see the Vegas odds of us winning the ship go WAY up. Bank on that.

  • Remy

    i don’t think he’s gonna play shooting guard, he’s gonna play point guard along with fish…them both are gonna handle the ball just like how kobe sometimes handle the ball down the court along with fish

    magic himself was never a consistent shooter too, he was a passer…that’s similar to lamar…he can still play small forward on defense while handling the ball on offense along with fish

  • goodfella

    LO playing the 1 won’t affect his rebounds. look at jason kidd. that man is 6’5 and averages almost 10 reb. a game. his game won’t be affected. i think if we get artest or the matrix having odom would be sweet. but there is also a big drawback. the small-quick point guards will scorch us (eg. paul,deron,b.diddy,etc.) but still it seems sweet.

  • Nabil

    If you find yourself comparing LO to Magic, in any capacity, then please say the following out loud:
    “I am we Todd did. I am Sofa King we Todd did.”

  • west213

    nahhh he would commit tooooo many offensive fouls with his driving and shoving those huge shoulders in the pg’s chests.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41413 Will Be Quoted Here]

    bad comparison… need to change that name.

  • Michael_23

    LO ain’t no magic johnson, but if he can put up the same stats as Magic I’m all for it. He can’t make flashy and no look passes all the time but 14 pts 8 assists 8 rebounds would be be satisfying for me.

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