The L.A. Times reports that Lamar Odom talks are back on and are described as “productive”.

L.A. Times: Is the table being set again?

A week after the Lakers pulled a pair of contract offers to Lamar Odom off the table, the sides resumed talks Wednesday.

The discussions were labeled productive, but there was nothing to report “at the moment,” according to a source familiar with negotiations who was not authorized to comment publicly.

It didn’t look great last week for Odom’s return to the Lakers after the franchise yanked its offers of three years and $30 million or four years and $36 million, with the fourth year only partially guaranteed.

But the sides began communicating in a more positive light Wednesday. Financial details were not immediately available, though the Lakers were not expected to have improved their initial offers. If anything, the offers might have dropped slightly.

Odom, who will be 30 in November, was a key part of the Lakers’ championship run, and his teammates have unilaterally expressed a desire for his return, including Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher.

On the other hand, the Lakers are conscious about veering too far into luxury-tax territory. They have already allocated $83.8 million to 12 players next season, which would mean an additional luxury-tax penalty of $13.9 million.

Last season, the Lakers’ payroll was $78.2 million and they paid an additional $7.2 million in luxury taxes.

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  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Well this ARTICLE is from the LA Times so it must be legit right..
    funny John Ireland works for the news station in LA and just tonight said that LA was not talking to LO…

    talk about a confusing situation…maybe i should just trust BSO…haha

  • Vee


  • Eternal

    Great to hear this news! Hopefully a deal is done soon.

  • Sopi

    i am tired of this shhhhhhiiiiiiiit now

  • mr.laker19

    See now were gettin somewhere! LA times one of the most prestiges newspapers in america, so this is legit!


    Exactly…like I said….Ireland is probably going to feel dumb.What did I say about my boy Robert Littal and BSO sports….like I said you don’t have to believe me, but my man is legit and he knows his stuff…..just stay posted on what happens tomorrow within the next 24-48 hrs ( :


    “You were right Lakeshow1!”

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    [Comment ID #80782 Will Be Quoted Here]

    well i’m tired of it..but i’m here everyday making sure i get the latest news..true or false…as long as he signs..i’m good…

    and once he does..all those LO haters will be like “welcome back” “we knew he would be back” or something else…
    it’s cool tho…we all unite for the Purple and Gold

  • Margo


  • Joanna Flores

    me thinks hed shuld signn wit team

  • Ken G

    F Odom. So tired of this ish! He bluffed, now he’s screwed! Go Lakers!!!


    [Comment ID #80786 Will Be Quoted Here]

    AMEN man. When ever a player has a off game, you always hear most of these people on here bag on that player like they hate him and when they have good games they praise them. Talk about true LAKER love. But like you said we are all for the PURPLE and GOLD.

  • LaAllDay

    Can we please get this done already? These damn laker summers can drive a fan crazy. At least the LA times are the source of information this time! Not to knock BSO because they were obviously right about the 2 sides communicating. The money might be off by a little, but that’s just my opinion. I’m just glad to hear them speaking to each other again trying to work something out. John Ireland, that little weasel is too damn short to hear what them grown folks are talking about, I never did like him lol.

  • Victor

    if Odom does come back.. i will give him my middle finger first: “WTF lamar!? Fück you! What took you so long?” and then after that, “alright, welcome back ma man! i got you. Back2Back champs. Lets do this.” Go LAKERS!

  • Mitch4Pres

    can he just sign already please

  • LaAllDay

    It’s the part of the game, players, and fans don’t like. Can’t knock him as this could be the last big contract he could get in his career, he shoulda known alot sooner though that this was and always has been the best deal he could get anywhere in the league. I guess he just wanted to try his luck, but you don’t do that with Buss, he is a poker player! None the less, sign it!!!

  • Mal

    All this means is BSO is sounding a lot more credible than Ireland, lol

  • Robert

    Well ok. I’m not sure who to believe or not. Even the LA Times. Who knows? Does anybody really know.


    Who cares anymore. I’m ready for any possible outcome.

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    I hate it when these role players like Ariza and Odom think that they are worth that much it makes me sick.

  • lovekb

    Anyway, I think it’s good news.

  • showtimelakes

    so they were true……..all you guys owe TLN site an apology!

  • we-need-sheed

    Haha. Laker fans got so excited when they thought that LO had signed. The Lakers do not take care of their players. They do not have the organizational leadership that we have in B-Town. Go Celtics!!!

  • lakervascular

    listen…….BSO is still full of it….they said 4/40….then they said odom and buss met in vegas…then they retracted that statement from their site…..then they updated and said lamar had a 3/30 deal but wants a 4/40 deal and are waiting for buss to sign off of it.

    do you guys actually think as above that its legit???its a freakin blog….they knew just as much as you all did. that a deal would likely be done…..the terms they suggested (4/40) was horse crap….pulling the statement that they met in vegas was another sleeeeezy move….c’mon….and some of you want to subscribe to that sight????? realllllly.

    if robert was ‘legit’ then lamar would have recieved a 4/40 deal don’t you think??????????????????????????

    from a surgeon elitist’s perpective, you guys are too damn funny….and I write this as I am waiting for my patient to get induced on the OR table……

  • Mal

    lol, you haters on the blog guy are too funny, first of all, he didn’t change the 4/40, it’s still up there, so until I hear what the numbers are, dude could be more accurate than anybody.

    AGAIN, he has not changed his stance of 4/40million, if that is accurate, BSO comes up smelling like roses, so stop the hate.

  • http://Firefox Fdog


  • WifelovesLuke

    Jul 23rd, 2009 at 7:40 am
    lol, you haters on the blog guy are too funny, first of all, he didn’t change the 4/40, it’s still up there, so until I hear what the numbers are, dude could be more accurate than anybody.

    AGAIN, he has not changed his stance of 4/40million, if that is accurate, BSO comes up smelling like roses, so stop the hate.”

    Dude, BSO lied. Straight up lied!! They said Odom and Buss met in a hotel room in Vegas when it was confirmed by multiple sources that Buss was in Hawaii with his family and no talks occured between the two. Stop giving props to a blogging web site. Until the news shows up in the mainstream media and a pen is put to paper, nobody is coming up roses.

    In the end, all of us here just want the deal to happen so we can look forward to football season without the stress of offseason basketball crap. This deal gets done and I can walk away from TLN until October.

  • Odom_fuc-kin_bia-tch!

    well, I guess every off-season LA needs some sort of drama to keep it exciting.
    This Odom cr-ap is the latest.
    Just tired of this. I hope he signs no later than tomorrow. Not sure if I can bear another fu-cking week of drama.
    Odom better play next season more consistently to justify this whole soap opera.

  • mal

    wifelovesluke, I’m not going to stop, because the main fact of the matter is the blogger is still saying 4YEARS 40Million, so it’s not wrong. He has been saying that the Lakers and Odom were talking, and people laughed because other reports said, NOTHING WAS GOING ON, yet what a surprise, that same night the LA TIMES has a story that the lakers and Odom actually did talk and it was Positive, lol, you don’t see the irony of all this information coming out at the same time?? Please. Odom’s people were talking to BSO, PERIOD.


    Thanks Mal! Yeah, BSO might have been wrong in some instances, but then again who isn’t?? Again, I have known Littal for a long time and he doesn’t make up his statements. Maybe he was fed some wrong information or there was a misscommunication, but he reports what he hears..just like Bucher, Ireland, Stein, Pincus and everybody else. I mean how many times have reporters been incorrect about something in their reports… the fact of the matter is, BSO also said that Buss and Odom were talking…and yeah according to LA times..they were! It’s funny because Ireland was wrong, like I was saying he was going to be ALL OF YESTERDAY, but people will still respect what he says because they see him working closely with the Lakers. The reason why BSO and Littal don’t get the credit they deserve is because they are not big names…people have no problem hating on the blog sites. Again, my man is legit and is does not make up lies…he reports on what he hears! Anyway….good news on the way, but again…you all don’t have to believe me, just stay posted.


    Just get a deal done!

  • LaAllDay

    “The Lakers do not take care of their players. They do not have the organizational leadership that we have in B-Town. Go Celtics!!!”

    So you call that leadership when you go 20+ years without winning a title, or even being competitive for that matter? lmao your a joke, thanks for the attention on our site ya lame!

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #80778 Will Be Quoted Here]

    john ireland has said nothing but crappy negative things this whole time.
    reported nothing but negative crap.

  • http://CelticsSuckTheLakers Buffalo Bob

    The Celtics are a diminishing organization. Wonderful for the beaners to get their title last year, because there is not only dissention among the players and coaching staff, but the front office is completely rinky-dink, and has no measure of integrity towards the players under contract. The calous and gross misgivings, by the supposed leadership within that team, will amount to mothing more than 3rd seed in the Eastern conference behind both Cleveland and Orlando. The only chance the Big Three has…if if their playing their schedule on the Big Wii.

    Wallace will self-destruct, and the chemistry on that team will suffer greatly. By 2014, the Lakers will have surpased Boston for most championship titles in the Association.

    Boston—suck it!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    If there’s no drama, it ain’t the Lakers.

    If LO does re-sign, I’ll be interested to see, one, if there is a jointly-attended press conference, and, two, if everyone has real smiles on their faces.



  • edward

    dear m bass we love you. please sign lamar odom


    [Comment ID #80813 Will Be Quoted Here]


    sorry man but your FAILtics arent even gonna make it the finals AGAIN! yes u were missing garnet this year BUT YOUR FAILtics almost blew it to the bulls of all teams LOL@U for your enthusiasm.

    but lets be real here…

    whether you believe in these “rumors” or “speculations”, LO will be back in purple n gold. hes just pulling a manny on us (even though hes not even worth close to what he expects to recieve).

    phil jackson will be back

    RON artest is hungry for that ring. so if u can only imagine how the playoffs are gonna be next season…whew…it brings chills to my spine

    so at the end of the day…mr. we-need-sheed(seriously i giggle at your name) your failtics arent gonna get near passing either orlando OR cleveland.

    oh and make sure sheed doesnt forget his walking cane cuz if hes not gonna need it from injury itll be for his old age.


    Celtics suck a$$


    This situation just shows that the Laker Show continues throughout the off season….

    It’s quite obvious that LO and Lakers will come to an agreement and finalized this deal by the end of the weekend. I’m just mad that it’s taking so long to give a “yes or no” answer. it’s either three letters or two letters. but it just shows that the business is and WILL ALWAYS be BUSINESS



  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    [Comment ID #80842 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nah, man, I love reading their ignorant, illiterate, retarded posts.

    It also reassures me just how nervous and insecure they are: having to post stuff on your opposition’s website is the act of a desperate fanbase.

  • Robert

    Yes, keep your friends (Lakers fans) close, and your enemies (Celdick fans) closer. It’s good for the Celdick fans to make themselves known, so we can take a census and confirm that the collective IQ of Celdick fans is remarkably low.

    I’ve said before, the rats are the first to abandon ship when the ship is sinking (rats = FailDics).

    We will prevail. Even if Odom plays half-assed next year, his presence, together with Artest, will make a formidable frontcourt. Artest alone is gonna kick Pierce’s A$$. Look out! It’s gonna be hack-a-celdick next year – a real hack-fest (well, actually, just 2 games next year, because the Celdics won’t make it to the Finals).

  • Omar R

    Come ON L O just signed the next Contrac 10M 4 4years

  • Laker Power

    “The Lakers do not take care of their players. They do not have the organizational leadership that we have in B-Town. Go Celtics!!!”


    Hahaha… Did you forget how you basically just blew off James Posey?! That is funny how you said they don’t take care of their players..

    Isn’t Glen Davis still unsigned also for basically doing most the work while KG was out?! Yea why don’t you re-think your comment. Thanks


    Let the beanboys come on the site, it will just make it so much better when the Lakers mop up the floor with them, there just a bunch of fearful wannabe’s…..they know Lakers are going to smoke everyone again next season!!

  • Victor

    Fück the Smeld!cks! Garnett will be injured again this season and Bald spot-sheed will self destruct. Bye bye inbreds. Scrëw you piercesh!t.

  • detox

    im tired of this back and forth trash… just sign the boy up man!

  • Robert