This isn’t enough to keep Lamar from playing.

L.A. Times: The late-night flight and the ensuing pain in his left shoulder became so overwhelming that Lakers forward Lamar Odom says he didn’t go to sleep until between 4:30-5:00 Thursday morning.

He then arrived to practice at 11 a.m. to receive treatment and ice for what the team described as a sore left shoulder.

“It hurts,” said Odom, who likened the pain to a sprained left ankle. “I’ve been hurt before. It comes with the territory.”


    Lakers fans weren’t laughing when Lamar hit his funny bone! Most like me were probably screaming (rhymes with Luck)! ——– LAKERS VS HORNETS TOMORROW & VS AMARE, RONNY TURIAF AND THE KNICKS ON SUNDAY- NEED TICKETS? –>

  • jtshoopsblog

    hey darth!!! Quit the spammin’. As for Odom, he should be fine. It’s only a sore elbow. Will probably hurt his shooting a bit, however. that’s all.

  • ignard

    Don’t blame not going to sleep until 4:30 to 5 am on the shoulder Lamar. I saw the new red due the wifey is rockin now, lol.