There are times when it’s necessary to write a couple of paragraphs explaining what you’re about to see. This, well… is clearly not one of them. Just watch the video.

According to Lamar’s website:

“Two days before Valentine’s Day — on February 12 — Lamar and Khloe will celebrate the release of their unisex fragrance, Unbreakable, with a launch party at Perfumaria at the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida. Fans of the couple can meet them at the 7PM event, and receive a free gift with any purchase of a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle.”

Shoutout to the Basketball Jones for picking up on this first.

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  • Eric

    Looks a little like how he boxed out McDyess.

  • Laker8n4te24

    Why am I embarrassed watching this by myself? Lol

  • Dragon

    Thats funny and a weird commercial hahahahah but they get paid for it. Its almost like a preview of of what they are doing in bed hahaha but that seems odd to see Lamar touching his body that way ahahahah..

  • Jay24

    Trade him just for doing this crap.. Gettin caught up on this Hollywood bs.

  • Tress

    @Jay24, LO has been the most consistent Laker this season! Get real! He can do whatever he wants, with his sexy self, in his free time! Anyway, this was done over the summer. I rememeber seeing the behind the scenes pics on Khloe’s blog.

  • Honestly

    I don’t feel sorry for Lamar not becoming an All Star anymore.

  • LizzakeShizzow

    Whatever “scent is shared by a couple”, does not belong in public. Smegma by Khloe and Lamar.

  • HungSoLow
    • PISTED!


    • LizzakeShizzow

      That pic made me lose my lunch. Could have done without the visuals lol.

  • 151rummer

    I agree with the first comment by Eric! Lamar doesnt have an excuse for not boxing out….if he can have that freaking Yeti Khloe hanging all ovr his back, he should have no problem with the average N.B.A. player!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    I mean honestly this is just too easy. Like really where do I even go from here, it’s too easy. What a total overrated disgusting disgrace This guy is. Always been overrated in my eyes because not many guys who are 6’11 can dribble, it just makes me sick how people fawn over this dude

  • BeYoung


  • JLew

    I’m not easily disgusted but that did it. I’m all for expression of love but keep that ish to yourselves. No one is getting turned on by Khloe and Lamar.

  • kobe4ever

    that dude needs to put a shirt on…LO needs to put one on too.