A big rivalry game Thursday night on TNT. From the ESPN rumor section, it gave us a very small update on Duncan’s status and whether or not he might return for the matchup Thursday night…

ESPN: “He’s probably doubtful for L.A.,” he said, “and we hope he will be likely for Saturday’s game”

  • http://bustedquad.com/forum Caleb


  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    What’s the old saying?

    I’d rather beat an injured team than lose to a healthy team.

  • lakerfan81

    Still not an easy team to beat. Ginobili and Parker are pretty damn good. Just ask Dallas and Utah. But it certainly makes it a little easier.

  • LakersFirst

    You want to be the best, you have to play the best (at full strength). I hope Duncan plays.

  • nyla

    Booooo! I want to play them at full strength.

  • nyla

    I want it to be the Lakers beat Spurs not Lakers beat Duncan-less Spurs.

  • http://myspace.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    This sucks.

  • 24allup inya

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    I disagree Duncan slow’s the game and that benefits the Lakers…


    I wanted to see BYNUM posterizing nyla’s best friend DUNCAN.

  • Edward

    We gotta do like the warriors and D up on this weakened team, get the win and be right behind dallas and denver in the rankings. We need this win for momentum against the warriors friday.

  • fred0s

    As long as we win, that is all that matters.

  • DoDoBallz

    I agree because we win without Duncan the thats the excuse Duncan wasn’t playing.I guess we could make one about Kwame not playing but F that hope he plays cause we gone to win and if we don’t expect changes.
    We should be expecting changes anyway but losing that game would show that we are just a mediocre team 7th seed in the playoffs and early playoff exit.We have to make changes regardless but I think that this game is the most important game of the season because it will define us as a team to say are we contender material or just a playoff spot filler.

    After that game if we take a win a convincing win that makes a statement we go on a bit of a streak that builds the team.You got to understand if you are a Lakers fan you can see despite our ups and downs this season that if focused a prepared and hard work we can win a title this year.I truly believe that and with that said…………GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! LAKER’S!!!!!!!!!

    PS. I don’t like losing like the next man but a lose in effort is
    a mental win to me because win you play your ass off and come up short then you can be proud that your team gave its best and thats
    all I ask.Just cause your down doesn’t mean the game over.Look at the first game of the season or the Denver game.Matter of fact ask the Dallas Mavericks and if you are an avid Laker fan you know what I’m referring to.Peace

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    I just heard that Elton Brand is planning on opting out of his contract at the end of the year. That would make our team a contender.

  • AAA

    you guyz remmber utah with out boozer, that why we shouldn’t let our head down

  • ricky

    a win is a win any day of the week. just win the damn game even if the other team is at full strength or not because at the end of the day, the win itself is the most important thing.

  • ricky

    if bynum continues to develop and show significant progress, then i would agree that jim buss did a good job in deciding to keep him.

    many are saying that the future is going to be bynum vs dwight howard, but i think howard is at the top of his game right now so i dont look to that match up. howard is not necessarily the typical center because his natural position is power forward. dwight is like tim duncan, a forward who can play the center position, but not a true center.

    however, the match up which i do look forward to in the future is that of bynum vs oden. these two are the new breed and future centers of the nba. they will have the best battles against each other. its hard to project who will be better at this moment. bynum is developing well who has the luxury of kareem abdul-jabbar to train and guide him and give him years of basketball knowledge in less time than he would have to take if he learned on his own. I think oden will probably be better defensively, he is like a bigger version of ben wallace. but if i were to give an overall rating for both centers, i would choose bynum because his game is more well rounded. he has a good combination of offense and defense, along with his size and length, he will be a beast in the future. go lakers! the future rests on good shoulders. =]

  • lakerfan81

    Ricky, what the hell are you talking about. Howard a PF. Are you smoking crack or do you not know anything about basketball. Howard is a true Center. He is a beast, the heir to Shaq as the most dominant interior player in the league. Actually his game is very similar (if not almost Identical) to Shaqs. The main difference right now is that Howard is not as good of a passer but he is only 22 and will continue to get better. He goes down gets in the post and looks to hit someone. This puts his defender on his back where there is no chance in hell they can guard him. He is too strong, too big, too quick, and too athletic to be stoped, much like Shaq was. Watch him play and them look at footage of Shaq when he entered the league their games are very similar. A PF?
    He will be the most dominant force in the league for a very long time. Actually right now he is averaging 22 pts 15 rbs, 3 blk. If he keeps that up he will be only the 3rd player ever to average 20 + pts, 15+ rbs, 3+ blks. The other two players were Bob McAdoo and Kareem.