L.A. Times: If, as Jerry West says, the NBA’s greatest rivalry wasn’t a rivalry at first since the Lakers never won in the ’60s and the Boston Celtics never lost, it already seemed bigger than mere life or death, at least in West’s life.

Nor did the zeal diminish in their ’80s rematches when the Showtime Lakers and the Larry Bird Celtics battled on even terms.

It was the alpha and omega of rivalries, encompassing all human emotions, starting, of course, with hate.

The Lakers hated the Celtics and their blustering leader, Red Auerbach, but then who didn’t?

No one hated Auerbach more than Lakers Coach Pat Riley, whose movie star looks masked his knife-between-the-teeth drive. Riley believed every horror story about Red, once ordering his team’s water barrel emptied in Boston Garden.

Riley wanted his players to hate everything about the Celtics, gathering his players to ask if they knew what a Celtic was.

“Finally, Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] raised his hand,” Riley wrote. “He said the Celtics were a warring race of Danes.

“I had to explain that they were also a cunning, secretive race.”

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  • lakerschamps08

    hahahaha we hate them and they hate us…. let the best team win..
    and by that i mean i hope refs dot fuk us up…. go lakers

  • http://losangelessource.com/lakers/ Lane

    No reason to hate the Celtics anymore, It should be a good series.


  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    They can’t really hate each other like the olden dayz. They play pick up games and most of the Celtics are from here in CA. So it’s like we are playing ourselves. It’s going to be a good battle regardless. Can’t wait to see the war!!!

  • Butch

    He should be called Pau “El Cid” Gasol.

  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    At first I thought the Celtics were unbeatable. NOT ANYMORE!!!

  • PurpleNGoldFan

    After reading some posts, I wonder how many remmber the WARS of the 80s, between Lakers and Celtics… probably not many. That’s why no hate.

    What now? You got hate for the green now like us ShowTimeFans? Welcome to our world. No Championship is as sweet as kickin the green jerseys butts.

    I hate we didn’t win it. And I hate green little people.

  • Laker fanatic

    No matter what, I HATE THE CELTICS and those bandwagon fans of theirs. What happened in the 80’s was that, but now is now and the hate for the celtics is reviving with a passion… GOOO LAKERS!!! BOOO celtics