The Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA championship.

I just wanted to put it in wording, make it official and let everybody know that this is not a possibility, nor is it a estimated guess, but it’s fact.

When it’s all said and done and the dust settles David Stern will walk to the middle of the floor and say. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce your 2008 NBA Champion, the Los Angeles Lakers!”

I was trying to look at this Lakers team from a different perspective, a non fan, and a person that doesn’t have a bias. Trying to figure out the negatives of this team, something you can say that would be a legit argument why the Lakers can’t win the NBA championship…

There isn’t any.

We are currently number one in the Western Conference, next to Houston; the hottest team in the league and if it wasn’t for a Tayshaun Prince last second 3 in Detroit, and a loose ball from Kobe at the end of the Hawks game we would be on a 14 game winning streak and undefeated in February.

However, let’s look at reality which is still pretty darn good. 9-1 since getting Pau Gasol, they have only lost one game in the month of February and are currently on an 8 game winning streak.

For the first time in years, analyst and “experts” are finally giving our team the credit that it deserves and saying the truth, the Lakers are the best team and are the favorite to go to the NBA Finals.

Oh, and did I forget to mention all this has happened without Andrew Bynum.

If Bynum would have stayed healthy I have no doubt he would have been an All-Star, the way he was on a tear throughout the league it couldn’t have gone unnoticed.

This current team could win an NBA championship. But in a couple of weeks we get another All-Star.

That’s right, not through trade or free agency but our own guy is coming back and adding to what already is an historic season.

The only thing Laker haters are saying is when Andrew Bynum comes back it might ruin the chemistry, or Bynum might not be 100%.

Please, if that’s the only thing we Laker fans have to worry about, I’d say that’s a good problem to have. Plus, let’s not forget that Phil Jackson is coaching this team, 9 NBA Championship rings speak for themselves and I think he will know more than any, how to re integrate both Bynum and Ariza back into the lineup

We are the best in the league right now and still don’t have arguably the best up and coming center next to Dwight Howard in the league.

So if you’re a betting man, or simply want to make a prediction let me urge you to make it now. You think this Laker team is good, Hah! You haven’t seen anything yet.

Kobe said, “All we got to do now is walk the walk”, and that is what they are doing. This Laker story dating back to the Years with Shaq, to the 1st round exits against Phoenix, and I’m proud to say that we are back and better than ever!

So I am here to guarantee that I will see you all somewhere on Figueroa Street for the Championship Parade, we might not bump into each other but just know that I’ll be somewhere in that crowd yelling, and cheering right with you.

Kobe Bryant will be regular season and Finals MVP at that point. Phil Jackson will have a ring for every finger, and Kupchak will be General Manager of the Year.

The league is scared right now, you heard Greg Popovich crying, the Suns traded Shawn Marion, Dallas tore apart there team to get Kidd.

All in hope to compete with the Lakers, well I got a news flash the other teams, your not better than us now, and when we get Andrew back were going to be damn near impossible to beat.

I’ll see you guys at the parade. :)

David Brickley is a TLN Staff contributor, you can contact David at, also check his work out at

  • Jesse


  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Bynum would not have been an all star!
    That said, we are scary!!!

  • silent bob

    (2 words)….

    HA! HA!

  • LA_ALL_DAYak

    with boston slowing down, we do look like the favorites

  • The Nugget

    Great article but did dBricks just jinx my beloved Lakers? Oh noes!!! :O

  • MILO

    I can smell it already!

  • Jrod

    I agree but why do you have to jinx it

  • Titan Magic

    The lakers would just need to win against the championship contenders.. I’m still a bit skeptical (Dont get me wrong, I’m a huge Lakers fan)

    We need to beat detriot, boston, san antonio, cleaveland and dallas in the season series’, if we get over .500 with these teams.. chances are we’d get the championship..



  • mikedeezy2k8

    Me and T.O. are getting our popcorn ready see you guys there

  • mar

    great article.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #27600 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it will be Detroit coming out of the east not Boston!!!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #27601 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i was thinking the same thing but let’s hope not!!!

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    yesssssssssssss Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    As much as i would like to see your prediction come true, i don’t think we are ought to think that the lakers WILL win the championship, just yet. It is still early in the season (still 30+ games left to play?) and as we saw with bynum, ANYTHING can happen. I just when and if that “anything” happens, it won’t affect as much as it did when bynum got hurt. “anything” could put our season in a different direction espically in a conference that is as tough as the west conference.

    However, I’m optimastic that we will finish the season strong and let’s just hope that NO BODY ELSE WILL GET INJURE for the remaining of the season!


    I love your confidence but you have to remember our first championship in this decade was not easy. Don’t forget about the game seven down by 15 in the 4th quarter. Or how about the last time we made it to the Finals and we were heavy favorites. And do I even have to mention Dallas last year? We have to stop looking at tomorrow and start enjoying the season were having today. Win or lose this has been the best season in a long time.


    most enjoyable season too for us true laker fans.

  • xtro

    We still need to win against our Western Conference rivals before we can win it all. The road to the championship leads to San Antonio, and we need to beat the Spurs in a 7 game series.

  • kelvlam

    see you too, at the parade!!! I wonder if we can score some of the final playoff tickets :-D

  • daboss1848

    “Trying to figure out the negatives of this team, something you can say that would be a legit argument why the Lakers can’t win the NBA championship…
    There isn’t any.”

    Here are 5:
    1. KB’s pinky
    2. AB’s knee
    3. KB’s pinky
    4. Pau’s back
    and 5. KB’s pinky

    But other than that u were totally objective . . .lol

  • http://myspace kobeMVP08

    thats great…but lets not JINKS it
    knock on wood
    say mashallah or sumthing

  • Gugy

    Guys, Calm down

    We are all excited about the Lakers but remember we still need to win 16 games when the playoffs starts to lift the trophy.
    I am excite but CAUTIOUS.
    Look at the Patriots, the Brazilian soccer team and many more. Heavily favorites and they lost.

    I believe we can do it, but I want to see it in order to celebrate.


  • ab4sure

    I hate these articles. I like our chances like everyone else but when people make guarantees i feel like that is a sure way to disaster. Anyone remember Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks in overtime guaranteeing a win in OT against the Packersf??? “We want the ball, and were going to score”… Nice interception Matt..

    To avoid any jinx I say this article must be zapped ASAP so that the lakers won’t have this hanging over their heads and so that no bricks are thrown. Also, we don’t want the name Dbricks to become synonymous with Steve Bartman.

  • Showtime

    I agree there is no need to jinx the team at this point. It was said before and Bynum went down. There is no need to stumble upon the same rock twice.

  • Dragon

    I hope they can win as much as they can in the remaining of the season and stay on top to get home court advantage as well as catch Boston in the east. In the Playoffs anything can happen you just hope your team can make it all the way through. We just look good on paper but we have convert that to real game wins and also beat all the caliber team. So we still have yet to see San Antiono, Dallas, New Orleans and Boston for the finals.

  • lakerfan81

    The Lakers are a very good team and are certainly contenders, but they have not won anything yet. The Spurs are still the champions and if you haven’t looked they are 9-1 in their last ten games and Parker is still recovering from injury. Also Detroit has the same team they had in 2004 just with McDyess instead of Ben Wallace (and a different bench). Though I think the Lakers could very well win this year they haven’t yet. They still need to improve defensively (I’d like to see a 1-2-2 zone; it could be very effective once drew gets back) and thy need to improve the defensive rebouding. But both of those things should improve once Drew gets back.

  • T.A.

    This year has been the most enjoyable year watching the lakers in the last 20 years!!

    This one has been more exciting and triumphant than the three peat years!!

    Kobe – To trade or not to trade, now unstoppable
    Bynum- Growing up before our eyes and coming on STRONG!!!!
    Fisher- Our missing link and the first post SMUSH year
    GASOL- added an all star and gave up nothing
    Odom- playing the way we always wanted him too since we got Gasol
    Bench- #1 in the league
    Ariza- see dunk on grant hill
    Vlad- this is why we signed him for a bunch of money

    Best laker year of my life!!

    (as long as we finish the job)

  • pr0mega

    People who believe in ‘jynxing’ are far fetched hippies who think believe in Zodiac and planet alignment as well. The only reason people think JYNXING is a real thing is because sometimes they do end up predicting wrong and everyone cries about it and blames it on the prediction itself. Zapping articles written by a fan that suggest we will win it all won’t help or destroy anything.

    If you want to cry and talk about fortune and tarot cards, go join root for the phx Suns, you’ll fit right in.

  • pr0mega


    Typos :-D

  • ab4sure

    Promega, Don’t get your panties in a bunch… or maybe it is that leftover weed you got from those hippies you know. Relax and chill.

  • LakersPride24

    No doubt, the Lakers will win the title. The only thing that could derail them from the championship is major injury to key players. Barring that, this team is DEEP. Let’s make preparations for the parade in June now!

  • Kristian

    Lakerfan81: “I’d like to see a 1-2-2 zone; it could be very effective once drew gets back”

    Play zone with this line-up?! And a 1-2-2 zone for that matter?? HELL NO! Against a team like San Antonio, the Lakers would die if they played a zone. Our defense in way to slow for anything like that to work.

    Xtro knows what he’s talking about though. Fish and Kobe are the only ones on the team that have made it to the Conference Semis, let alone a conference finals or finals. There is no question this squad has more talent than any other team in the league does, but we are still the challengers. A healthy San Antonio team is going to be very tough to beat, and almost every player on that team has at least one ring. Let’s concentrate on getting a 1 or 2 seed going into the playoffs and then take it one series at a time. In the end, however, anything but a championship is a failure. There’s no way of getting around that.

  • Billy Kupchak

    Lakers WILL NOT win it this year, but probably NEXT YEAR! :-D


    I can feel and smell that championship. Larry O´brien will be in LA in JUNE.

  • KiKosDad

    I feel for everyone who doesn’t want any form of jinx on our way to our Dynasty Revival…but we cannot blame our bros and sis for feeling this way.

    Count all the League Pass that we wasted the last 4 years…

    Count all the heartaches and all the remotes(or replace with other stuff you threw) we wreck along the way…

    the countless appointments, dates and all other stuff we ditch along the way…

    all the prayers we said…all the whispers we said to ourselves…

    ..through all the sham, drudgery and broken dreams…
    Now we see our beautiful world…I’m happy now.

    Dawn of the new day is upon us Lakers fans …Lakers Dynasty

  • Kobe 4 Life Nikkas

    heres the west playoffs vs eachother:


    LALvsPistons= LAL 2008 champs!!!!

  • mplakers





  • goodfella

    dude i’m the biggest laker fan there is, i bleed, pee, defocoate purple and gold, but i hate hearing this kind of stuff, this is still a bit premature to say these lakers are champs… there’s still two teams i really fear; the spurs and pistons, simply because they have more experience, but you never know, i still like our chances of winning it all but you can’t dismiss those other teams.

  • John Park

    This is the trashiest article I’ve read on this website. No reasons for the Lakers not to win? Please. First off, let me say that I LOVE the lakers but I’m also a realist in that I believe that there are a number of factors this year that can stop us from the ring, Health being the main concern.
    1. Kobe’s pinky, which will VERY likely be a concern come playoffs. At this point, if his finger becomes a concern KB can get surgery and make it back right for the playoffs. Teams aren’t particularly inclined to “aim for it”. But think about it : Aren’t you scared of Bruce Bowen and his dirty tactics? Check youtube if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Or how about Mr. Clothes-Line Raja Bell? They may not target it now, but come playoff time in a close series, teams will be whacking at that pinky.
    2. Andrew Bynum’s conditioning. Yes, AB was a MONSTER early this season but the number one reason was because he was well-conditioned this year. Think about 8-10 weeks of not being able to work out your left leg; it doesn’t take a genius to realize how darn weak it’s going to be after that time. Without strength in his lower body, AB will have a tough time preventing post-players like Tim Duncan from entering their sweet spot and dominating the post. Even worse, AB doesn’t have much time before play offs to get into that pre-season shape that allowed him to dominate this year. He’s a huge question mark at this point; I’m not saying he can’t do it, but people are definetly underestimating how hard it will be for him to regain his previous form.
    3. The Spurs and Kurt Thomas. People underestimate this move all the time. Kurt Thomas is an excellent defender and his specialty is muscling guys in the post. With AB’s knee still a question mark, it’ll be difficult for him to maneuver against a guy like Thomas. And let’s not forget the championship experience that the Spurs have had year after year.


    I’m not gonna lie,THIS TEAM IS SCARY AS HELL and thing about is we don’t even have AB and Ariza back yet. Some folks don’t think The Lakers can pull it off by winning ‘THE TROPHY’ this year but I say we’ll win because the pressure is not on The Lakers to win it as much as Boston or Detroit,hey,I’ll even put PHX(Won’t happen but….)Clev.(stern’s Fantasy….Player,get it). The Laker Oganization and Kobe has challenged themselves and The WHOLE CITY OF LA TO PUSH FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP,NOW! I think (or as Kobe would KNOW)WILL WIN IT ALL,I don’t care the MVP ’cause they’ve cheated Kobe for years so it doesn’t hold any merit and it’s clear that Stern has it in for Kobe. The good thing is Stern’s not on the floor as a ref(WHEW).

  • awesomerob24



  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #27647 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Great support for the article. I love how you back up this article with great points. Now everyone will fall in line. lol

  • Remy

    good article, but like kobe said, we got to take it one game at a time, we can’t look on to the future just yet; we’ll walk the walk one game at a time

  • mfoznot


  • :)

    I remember people saying the same thing when we had Malone, Payton, Shaq and Kobe. Of course, we got a better team now…but lets go one game at a time Laker fans.

    Now that we got a contending team again, Laker fans are gonna start trickling back in to the Lakerland…talking guarantees of championships. All I can say is that I hope none of the actual Laker players actually read and believe this article…because there is a TON of work that still needs to be done. And even when all that work is over it’s still no guarantee. This new look Laker team is all bout the hard work and dedication that start with their leader…Kobe.

    Real champions know that there is no rest if you wanna be the best. We still got a lot to prove, so take nothing for granted Laker fans.

  • DBricks

    Jinx? Pleaseeeee…First of all theres no such thing. And yes there could always be injuries. Anything can happen, but if everybody stays healthy and this team plays to their potential they will be the champs. there is no reason why they shouldnt be. In short, if they dont win it all it would be an extreme dissapointment. If we DONT win the NBA championship, this season would be considered a failure. So we gotta win this thing, and the way were playing right now and getting another all-star back in a few weeks…Woww Ive never had this much confidence in this team. But i stand behind my word, In june we can re-visit this article. BUt im glad it got everybody thinking and responding, thats why were here right??

  • e

    [Comment ID #27622 Will Be Quoted Here]

    nice to see another one of my kind around in the laker nation haha

  • megaloco10

    yeap laker champs, hopefully luck will be with us too..

  • BEC

    You cant think of a reason why we wouldnt possibly win a title? I got one huge one, our teams young and has little playoff experience. This team is not playoff tested, and yes experience is that important, more important then flat out talent. Dont get me wrong, I do think we are favored to win this thing, but theres still some things that have yet to be proven. What you do in the regular season doesnt even mean much, ask dallas, we can win 60+ but get beat in the first round. We just have to wait and see what this team can do in the playoffs. Take Kobes advice, take it one game at a time.

  • daryl

    nothing negative

    um kobe’s finger, i know he can fight through it but come playoff teams
    aren’t going to be gentle they are going straight for it, bell, bowen, battier etc

    but other than that it’s all good right?

  • sepehr

    We can’t get too confident or else we’ll end up like the mavericks of last year. The lakers have a great team and have all the things necessary to win a championship (Size, Leadership, Depth, Defense) but the west playoffs is the hardest I have ever seen in my 16 years of watching basketball. The lakers can face the rockets in the first round of matcups. The west is very hard and the lakers can get through but It will all rely on our defense as a team. I know kobe wouldn’t have cancelled the operation if he didnt think we had a very high chance of winning, and he will do everything he can to win!

  • varsityoptimism

    lets not jump the gun…youre a regular ruth buzzi!

  • Phant0M

    I love the article.

    But i am very superstitious LOL.

    If we lose a few i say we take it down ;D

  • RD

    no has even mentioned Cleveland that much, yet. we NEVER beat Cleveland in the past 2-3 years straight. imagine what its gonna take to beat them in a 7 game series.

    teams to fear…
    San Antonio
    Dallas [maybe]

  • Phant0M

    No. No…

    We beat em i think either last season or the season B4.

  • jonasjulienjoseph



    I agree,ONE GAME AT A TIME but when AB GETS BACK,OH MY GOD! Ariza is the other guy that makes this team,SCARY. The key to winning it all is ALWAYS DEFENSE but I think the BIG KEY for this team,that doesn’t happen to too many teams(except Detroit),is TOGETHERNESS and that you can’t just put guys together and say ‘WIN’they have to build chemistry 1ST AND THEN WIN.The Lakers have been through a lot and every player has stepped up to the plate and delivered(Walton’s another story) and ALL I CAN ASK WHETHER WE WIN ALL OR NEXT,WE WILL WIN EVENTUALLY. Just remember The Lakers weren’t on anybodies radar at the beginning of the season as far as championships. Adversity people is what makes the Lakers so UNSTOPPABLE ‘CAUSE the only ones that can stop them are THEMSELVES. LAKEZILLAISCOMING.coming,AB/LO/PG,TELL A FRIEND!!!

  • LD2k

    I hope you guys know Nuggs was just teasing you guys with the whole “Jinx” thing. Haha!

  • Robert

    [Comment ID #27638 Will Be Quoted Here]

    shut the hell up stupid! keep you’re pessimistic negative comments out of here you gay ass Billy Cumswallowingshack


    I wish you guys stop crowning us already. I hate being the favorite to win it all.

  • lakaluva

    Get the chamagne fellas… its party time!!!

  • as1084

    DELETE THIS ARTICLE!! IT IS GOING TO JINKS US!! that is how we sounded in 04 and we ended up getting dominated by detroit in the finals! it is way premature and makes us lakers fans look bad and too cocky. DELETE THIS ARTICLE!!

  • Phant0M

    [Comment ID #27638 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Stfu . :).

  • LA fan in Manila

    Keep the optimism high fellas! I will no longer of a championship because I know that the Lakers is near to it. I’ll be betting my whole month salary that the Lakers will win this year! Oh my boss told me this morning, I’m a Laker fan now. They are soo unbeatable.

  • BigDiggerNick

    The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain.

    Who knows what will happen?….

  • Lakers

    I agree IF the Lakers are healthy its a hell yes no doubt in my mind I havent felt this sure about something in a while

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #27673 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I 2ND THAT!!!!!!! DELETE THE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Jrich

    Please delete this article. Dbricks is not Nostradamus. We can all believe in our minds that the Lakers will win the championship, but don’t predict it and post articles like this. Thanks.

  • Phant0M


  • DBricks

    how mindless does one have to be to believe in a jinx….Guys I walked under a ladder today, ohhh and I opened up an umbrella inside my house, not to mention I have a black cat, and I stepped on every crack in the sidewalk on the way to school. Give me a break, if you dont beleive in your heart that this Laker team can and will win the NBA championship then let me urge you to go to another site that doesnt believe in their team. I believe in my team, I know they can do it, and all the pieces are in place. Just like I know Kobe is the best in the league, I know that come June the Lakers should be the last team standing. If not this season was a failure and the Lakers did something terribly wrong to not win it all. I know some of you don’t like saying this but ill man up and step up to the plate, here it goes again, close your eyes! “THE LAKERS WILL WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP” confidence from the players to the fans have to be evident. and I believe one Kobe Bryant stated “We cant have the mindset thinking we can win, but we need to know we can win, and win a championship and it’s not Taboo to say that”. Ill side with Kobe!



  • Phant0M

    [Comment ID #27684 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Now u just gave us all a reason to blame for something IF we lose

    i just don’t like being too cocky which leads to arrogance.
    In things like this

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #27684 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Believing Yes…. Guaranteeing…..NO

    Did Kobe guarantee it??????

  • DBricks

    Haha I stand by my word, and I will say “I TOLD YOU SOO” after its all said and done! Thanks for the feedback and im glad it sparked a discussion!

  • Jrich

    HZM, please delete this. Even Kobe doesn’t guarantee a championship. Nobody should guarantee anything because it comes back to bite you in the ass.

  • Phant0M

    btw i said lol

    just in case u thought i was cussing at yu.

    istill dont know how to edit posts

    and i agree w. ABS

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #27689 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And if they don’t will you change your name to STEVE BARTMAN????


    Remember the first time Kareem became a LAKER,I was a youngin’,of course but I bet it felt like when PAU! PAU! PAU! became a Laker. Like Johnny Depp asked in ‘ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO’,”Are you a mexican or a mexican’t(Damn that was a Brilliant line. The SAME APPLIES TO THE LAKERS,”ARE WE LAKERNATION OR ARE WE LAKER-HATIN”! IT’S OUR,STOP HATIN’ AND START CELEBRATIN’!!!

  • Neo-Laker Era

    I love this article, but I hate it at the same time. While it praises our beloved Lakers, it creates an atmosphere where only disappointment is the alternative. If we win, we say “WE TOLD YOU SO!!!” If we lose, we’re shaken like everything in the San Fransisco earthquake. Please, no more articles prophesizing a Lakers championship. If anything, we should be doubting ourselves to only set ourselves up for massive amounts of rejoicing!!!! In the meantime, GO LAKERS!!!

  • e.j.

    Neo-Laker Era
    Feb 25th, 2008 at 8:24 pm
    I love this article, but I hate it at the same time. While it praises our beloved Lakers, it creates an atmosphere where only disappointment is the alternative. If we win, we say “WE TOLD YOU SO!!!” If we lose, we’re shaken like everything in the San Fransisco earthquake. Please, no more articles prophesizing a Lakers championship. If anything, we should be doubting ourselves to only set ourselves up for massive amounts of rejoicing!!!! In the meantime, GO LAKERS!!!

    -well said, they need to play like they are the underdogs!

  • kb24 4life

    im very happy, enjoying every single game and its hard for me to believe that just like 8 months ago i was one of the saddest persons when kobe demanded a trade , just look at us, we are unbeatable…

  • Fantastic5LAL


    he wasnt even on the ballot…

    you lost your credibility after that

  • DBricks

    Ballots are for fans to vote the all-stars in. Reserves are picked by the coaches and he def would have been considered due to his unbelivable play and how the Lakers were a top the westeren conference.


    this article said that bynum is the second best rising center. he is better than howard because he is better on defense and has softer hands on offense.

  • Phant0M

    Bynums not better on defense then DWIGHT.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #27707 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t know. That’s debatable. Dwight is a good shot blocker but Bynum wasn’t becoming a bad shot blocker either. Not to mention, Bynum prevented many of the bigger guys in the NBA from getting their average – players such as Amare, Kaman, JO, and even Dwight.

  • sirtoken

    Here in Las Vegas; the Lakers and Pistons are 4to1 favorites to win the championship. The Celtics are 5/2. So the Celtics are the leader presently as determined by “non fan objectivity” I bet on the Lakers, because I am a fan. But, you cannot just say they will win, and there is no reason why not??? Does anyone remember that the Lakers’ young players were totally taken out of their game by the Celtics and Pistons when they were focused. These are teams with veteran players who have established go too moves honed over the years. And they have better and stronger defensive players. Only Kobe can withstand the physicality of these two teams. Maybe Fisher, but not Farmer, Vujucic,LO, Rad,Walton. Even Bynum was pushed around by Garnet and Perkins. The big question, will be, will Bynum come back stronger for the experience he got playing Boston. Will Gasol, as a second option free up the Defensive focus of the Pistons and Celtics and even Spurs. This will not be an easy run to the finals. May require another year.

  • Canan

    Hell Yeah! Can’t wait till June baby. 2008 Champions FOR SURE :]

  • Phant0M

    not perkins.

  • aldone113lakers

    im ready for the free tacos!!

  • awesomerob24

    keep the article
    its perfect
    anybody who thinks its a jinx is way too supersticious

    have some balls dammn it

  • lakersince80

    Wow!!! I must say that is pretty deep. I also agree, not only because I am a Laker fan, but also because our play and season speaks for itself. Let all those Laker HATERS cry themselves to sleep at night knowing that they just have dark days ahead of them while we gleam in the sun. BRING THAT CHAMPIONSHIP BACK HOME WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M0Z

    Thanks for the JINX……I don’t know whats worse this or the 4peat T-shirts….LOL

  • kobeftw

  • iLakers

    [Comment ID #27694 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lets win the Finals and then start shouting…


  • JohnfromOC

    I normally don’t reply to any of the blogs.. but you must delete this article! As a Laker fan, I’m disappointed in seeing another Laker fan guarantee a championship, especially in the mist of the hot streak we’re on. This article would be much more intriguing and balsy if it was written prior to the start of the season, but it wasn’t.. it was written when nba experts, analysts and fans declared the Lakers the current favorites to win it all. Besides, anyone can go ahead and guarantee something if there is nothing on the line.. If you’re saying it’s a fact that the Lakers will be the 2008 champions, then you shouldn’t be afraid of tattooing “Clippers Fan 4 Life” on your forehead if Lakers don’t win it all. If they do win, which I “believe” they will, then you should pat yourself on the back and say “i told you so” =)

    Personally, I think your guarantee is just taking the excitement out of the success we’re having right now! BUMP

  • pjt

    We have the talent to play for a championship…but it’s stupid to say we will win the championship. Just plain absurd. Alot of things have to fall into place for a team to win a championship.

  • xtro

    Hey guys,

    Kenny the Jet Smith, in his article posted on today, predicted the Suns will rise to beat the Lakers to advance to the NBA Finals. What do you guys think?

  • KONG!

    Kenny is a TOOL and Barkley is a now-it-all.

    I like how whenever they have MAGIC commentating, he always talks about the LAKERS even if they aren’t playing that night! HAH

    btw, thanks for the jinx… -_-


    Where is the LAKERNATION HEART AT? When we were losing WE All were saying some very things about Kobe,who we hate the most,WHY THEY SHOULD TRADE KWAME(THEY DID)and who else should be traded(Bynum and Lo). Now that we have something to CHEER for some folks are hesitant to give praise(AMEN)to THE GREATEST ORGANIZATION EVER,LAKERNATION. I,personally won’t stop hoping THE O’BRIEN TROPHY COMES BACK HOME this year but the pressure is not great for us to win it this year as it is for the others(Boston,PHX,DALLAS,SA). STEPHEN A. said it best “throw a party,have a parade and POP SOME CHAMPAGNE,THEY GOT PAU GASOL AND GOT RID OF KWAME BROWN. I like our chances and as A FAN I WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE AS MUCH FAITH IN THE BEST TEAM IN WORLD AS I CAN MUSTER AND NO,I WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED IF THEY DON’T WHEN IT THIS BECAUSE THE LAKERS ARE STACKED FOR NEXT 4 TO 6 YEARS. BREATHE IN LA,BERATHE OUT LAKERS,IT’S OUR TIME,B!@#$%&!!!

  • as1084

    you know what, im not even worried about the article jinxing us anymore, i dont like it because it makes us sound c.ocky and arrogant. this is exactly how boston fans sound and we hate boston fans. also suns fans have been acting like this the last few years and we hate suns fans haha. the worst thing we can do is piss off the rest of the west and this will piss of the rest of the west, not to metion detroit and boston. get rid of the article!

  • xtro

    Hey Kong,

    Don’t u worry, dog! Lakers will prove the Jet’s prediction wrong.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #27759 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Who cares if we piss off other teams? I hate Celtics and the Suns because they aren’t the Lakers. If we piss them off, so be it. As a matter of fact, I hate every other team in the league that aren’t called the Lakers.


    The one thing I love about being a Laker fan IS THE ARROGANCE but it’s how you use it. I’m not a voicestress Laker fan,I’m one of if you push me I’m gonna dropsick your sorry A%$! My brothers can’t stand Kobe and that’s only because of the Shaq situation so I’ll say things like,”HOW MANY DID SHAQ WIN WITH PENNY OR WADE(1),NOW,HOW MANY WITH KOBE” and usually the conversation ENDS. They’ll try me again by saying Kobe snitched on Shaq,here comes that dropkick I was telling y’all about,well if Shaq wouldn’t have paid some TRAMP at the club for some ‘BRAINS’then Kobe would’ve had anything to talk about,OUT OF SIGHT,OUT OF MIND,then I pop open a CORONA and it’s a wrap.

  • Phant0M


  • lakersisbomb

    im pretty sure lakers can get into the finals but im not sure if they can get that ring

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #27767 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe played with Shaq eigth years and those were Shaq’s prime years 25-32. Penny is not in the class of a kobe or wade. Shaq was young to in those Magic days. Also Don’t forget Wade was injured in the PO Shaq’s first yr. and then the next yr. after they won a title with wade the MVP. Last yr. Shaq only played 40 games and we all know he has been going down very fast since the title 2 yrs ago. They both together were only healthy the yr. they won the ship.

    On another note I was glad to see Shaq go… his decline could be seen alittle bit his last year with the lakers.

  • Phant0M

    Take this down


    bring it back when we win..

    just dont keep it now

  • Phant0M


  • LakerFan

    I’m a big Laker fan, but this article is just too short-sighted. The Lakers, strong as they are now, are really porous on perimeter defense. This article talks as if the Lakers are going to steam roll all other teams in the playoffs. I don’t think this is the case.

  • ab4sure

    Gasol played with heart tonite, kobe “The Closer” was an orchestra leader making a beautiful symphony of basketball music. I think Sasha needs a body guard becuz i believe the spread was 8 pts.. and anyone who bet on the spurs just got ripped off because Sasha was a Vujabiytch for shooting. Lets not settle Lakers……

  • ab17



    you jinxed it man!!!!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    i think u are a year too early

  • Tia Clemmer

    Good blog, some amusing details. I believe seven of days ago, I have viewed a similar article. Does anyone know how to track future posts?