Interesting news for all you scouts out there – what are your thoughts on Hill?

Update: Spurs take Hil at #26.

CBS Sports: The Lakers are close to getting a second-rounder from Seattle and want IUPUI guard George Hill.

  • Whatsa

    What are the Lakers going to do to get that 2nd rounder..?

  • LD2k

    Who knows – small moves perhaps? We’ll have to see. Interesting either way…

  • Whatsa

    Yeah it is interesting.. I’m loving this off-season.

    Is George Hill productive on both ends? Would he fit for the Lakers?

  • e

    perhaps trading him and lamar for artest? or maybe keeping hill as back up pg and trading farmar in his place?? i dont know guys, but its getting interesting

  • Fantastic5LAL

    if they trade for #32

    draft Nathan Jawai or Joey Dorsey please

    someone who rebounds and plays with tenasity

  • LakersNo1

    Do we need another PG? why cuz fisher is getting old? Can’t we focus on something that we needed the most right now….SF?

  • Whatsa

    Who’s #32?


    [Comment ID #42001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    seattle’s pick

  • fabz24lakers

    is this guy good?

  • Thuggishdeer

    Lakers are trading luke walton for seattles pick and jeff green

  • ryguy2303

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    lol good one

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Cash and #58 pick

  • dub824

    isnt this guy turnover prone?

  • lakerschamps08

    so we tradin for a 2nd pick??? we gonna give them picks or players???

  • ricky

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    haha now thats one damn genius idea.

    perhaps trade radmanovic back to his old team instead of luke and the 58th pick for jeff green. he is young, athletic, and will solve our defensive problems at the SF along with Ariza and we can still keep odom.

  • lakers-r-pimpilicous

    we still need to get a consistant shooter forward this offseason

  • BringDFishBack

    This is stupid. No need for another point guard, everyone cried when Critt didn’t play, and now all you guys want another point guard? And who are they going to trade? Unless its a pick, there is no reason to do this. Gonna break a team that got the Finals to add a 2nd round rookie?

  • Daryl Imhoff

    George Hill had some impressive numbers this past year. He is 6’2” and 180lbs. His numbers are .545% FG, .812% FT, .45% Threes with 6.8 reb per game and 4.3 ast per game. If these numbers transfer to the NBA he could really help keep the defenses honest.

  • Fred A.

    This is good.
    I say Walton/Radmonivic/G.Hill/Newble 4 Artest/L.Wright
    ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • sclakerfan

    If they are interested in that guy, they shouldn’t advertise it. If I were the team picking before the Lakers, I might just take him to spite the Lakers.

  • kaynam24


  • lakerfan81

    They don’t have to trade any players for the pick. They will probably send cash consideration and the #58 pick, if they do it. Then the last roster spot will be between coby karl and Hill. Whoever gets it will play in the D-league and get very limited minutes. Usually picks in the 2nd rnd are projects unless you get lucky. Most never become rotation players in the NBA.

  • Erickson

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    lmao seattle will not take the 58th pick for jeff green.

  • ricky

    okay so here’s a list of ’08 free agents (unrestricted FA’s only because restricted FA’s usually are tougher to deal for).

    note: * indicates my personal favs to join LA

    james posey*
    eduardo najera
    jarvis hayes*
    mickael pietrus*
    quinton ross
    kwame brown*
    jason williams*
    desagana diop*
    maurice evans*
    carlos arroyo*
    keith bogans
    brian skinner
    kurt thomas*


    who the hell is george hill???

  • Thuggishdeer

    lakers just want to get a guy nobody knows aka sleeper. he knows the triangle he is decent at shooting, passes, and we need another guard who actually creates. so throw in Puke walton and get Damien Wilkins. that way we wont have to deal with puke’s sissy layups getting blocked and maybe get some toughness. im sick of puke, radman at least makes 3 pointers, luke gets yelled at by kobe, and kobe never even yelled at kwame so you know hes down with a trade.

  • BringDFishBack

    Let me say one thing. Who saw the Pau Gasol trade coming? How many times was a KG trade in place? Or a Jermain O’Neal one? How many times was the Shaq trade to Phoenix reported? Things that are widely reported hardly ever actually go down.

  • daboss1849

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    we pick up kwame again and mitch is a dead man!!!!!


    i think we want hill because i heard he knows how to run the triangle and you know how phil loves a guard who can run the triangle i say let pick him play him for the summer and see how he turns out you never know i mean remember where gilbert arenas was picked i mean what about ben wallace he was undrafted i full trust the lakers organization and i think if they really want this guy so bad theyll get him

  • Nabil

    If we’re looking to get a good rookie in a trade, why not do biz again with Memphis? They got the 5th pick and also the rights to Pau’s brother, who I’m sure would love to play with his older bro. Also, they got a couple of good pieces like Mike Miller, and a burning desire to get money off the books asap.

    Lamar is one of the biggest expiring contracts out there, right? So doesn’t that make him pretty damn valuable to Memphis?

    Of course, they would have to deal with all the backlash.

    With that 5th pick, we could get a playa. The dude form Italy they say is impressing and he’s a SF.

    Anyways, it might be an exciting day in Lakerland. Don’t forget how we got Kobe!

  • GT

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    lol, let’s scam Memphis again :D

    btw, whoever suggested we re-signing Kwame Brown is pretty funny lol

  • DieHardFan

    why don’t the lakers trade luke for some towel and water boys?


    Miami wants Luke.I say trade Luke and Mihm for Haslem…..then Trade Vlad for Pietrus(Mickael Pietrus highlight reel 07-08 on YOUTUBE).


    What about the Chinese pick last year? Why can’t we bring him to L.A. and see what he can do? Anything would be an upgrade from Fluke. Even the bumb that will work for food outside the 110 offramp. I think he can ball better then fluke.

  • BringDFishBack

    Apparently not.