This would be great. A big who can block shots and defend may be on his way to a Lakers roster spot…

HoopsHype: The Lakers may not be done adding players to their frontcourt. Free agent center Jelani McCoy is currently working out at the team’s facility with the coaching staff, Andrew Bynum, Chris Mihm and Josh Powell, agent Giovanni Funiciello told

“We are waiting on some other clubs that have shown interest in Jelani,” Funiciello said. “We shall see our next move. He has lucrative offers overseas, but we have looked more towards the NBA… Not to say if something very interesting comes our way we wouldn’t entertain it.”

  • ShortDiezel

    NO!!!!!!!!!!! that is all i have to say


    WHY? Please, can someone tell me why they haven’t at least gone after ‘ZO?

  • E-ROC

    Zo will probably return to Miami.

    I like Jelani McCoy’s shotblocking ability and he’s healthy, which is something that the Lakers may not be able to count on from Mihm.


    I’d call up Chi-town and ask for the services of …TYRUS THOMAS!!

  • LakersFirst

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    Could it be because he’s a 40 year old man that had a major knee injury less than a year ago. Are you one of the same guys that wanted an old, and formerly injured, Chris Webber in a Laker jersey last year?

    Remember what happend? The Lakers offered Webber a 10 day contract so he could prove to the FO that he was a go. Webber declined and Golden St. signed him for the rest of the year. What happened you ask? Webber was too old and has never fully recovered from his knee injury, so he barely played for GS.

  • fabz24lakers

    well let’s hope that he’s improved since his last stay as a laker….


    LakerFirst,I’m not goin’ to read your comment ’cause I KNEW you were goin’ to try to prove me wrong….said the Spider to the Fly,BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


    …and don’t give that 40 yr.old crap…PJ BROWN,case closed.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    probably not :cool:

  • Imadogg

    Bring back everyone from the 02 team.

    Samaki Walker please.



  • Michael_23

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    Even if Zo is healthy he wont be available til Mid-Season, at least that’s what I heard.

    But I agree, I’d still leave a roster spot and go for Zo! If we’re at the top of the Western Conference and Miami is a mediocre team, Zo would have to consider coming to LA!


    Good Point.

  • LakersFirst

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    PJ Brown didn’t have a blown out knee…stupid a&&

  • yellowpurplefever

    Zo is staying in Miami. Mccoy not again, pls. If Zo is avail, hell yeah!
    I hate “old man dirty Brown” freaking elbows all finals long and the refs gave him a break cuz he’s 40something. He did not earn the ring, he got lucky and hop on to the right team at the right time, that goes for ET Sam too!

  • THEbrownblurr

    big waste of time! Mihm AND Mbenga are better than Jelani! He sucked when he was a laker before… why even waste everyone’s time?!


    LakerFirst,you @@@@, and your a $$$$****88, and a ****$$$$ but you already know that…so I still say ‘ZO (and so does alot of us on this site,C@@@%%%%**)!

  • LakersFirst

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    Apparently you also wanted Chris Webber.

    Prayer time: Lord Christ Jesus, my lord and savior, I thank you everyday the DCLaker is NOT the GM of the Lakers. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you (a million times thank you). I know he tries, and even cries, for players that he thinks can make a difference, but little does he know those players aren’t right. Again, I thank you for not making him the GM of the Lakers. I also thank you that he lives in D.C., because he would make a fool out of himself if he lived in Los Angeles. I thank you so much and I know you listen. In closing, I pray that you give him the wisdom to know what players are good players and what players aren’t (remember Keyon Dooling is not good, God you know what, hopefully DCLaker). God, you rock! Amen.


    HAHAHAHAHAHA…hold on…HAHAHAHAHA,again,can I please have my rebuttal against you and leave at that,I’m too busy studying The Trailblazers right now,ya’know,1st game gitters,also,I not diving into the relm of NEGATIVITY right now (except when it comes to Vlad and gettin’ Tyrus in a Laker uniform…Bynum/Thomas),peace.

  • iskerfan567

    LakerFirst still hating?

  • daboss1849

    lakersfirst is a F a g


    It keeps things interesting…so yes he’s still hatin’.

    Good to have you back,Icker.

  • LakersFirst

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    daboss1849 – don’t you have a NAMBLA meeting to go to?

  • xtro

    Jelani won a ring w/ the Lakers. He knows the triangle offense.

  • pr0mega

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    Looks like you did read his comment.


    Couldn’t help myself,he just craves my comments.