Lakers worked out Shelden Williams on Wednesday

A quick note on Williams from Wednesday…

Yahoo! Sports: Free-agent forward Shelden Williams worked out with the Lakers on Wednesday.

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  • Freshh

    Hopefully things ‘Work Out’ with LO.

    Our other routes aren’t too dandy

  • NBA executive

    do we really need a back up for Mbenga??

  • Eidraq

    i dont really like the sound of this

  • Eidraq

    perhaps we plan to sign both? and buss is trying to work out a deal with odom which will allow us to sign sheldon as well..who knows..this just hurts my head

  • king.manu

    why? we got dj, powell,gasol, bynum and hope so lamar..
    maybe its to put a bit presure on lamar…

  • Jayswun57

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    thats my guess

  • showboat

    Getting Sheldon Williams gives us a legit shot at acquiring Candace Parker!

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Who’s working out with the Lakers today…Benoit Benjamin?

  • Docholidae

    LMAO!! Worked out who? Hell ta da Nah!! I hope they are not working out S.Williams to put pressure on Lamar! That would be like Fiji putting pressure on Japan!LMAO Please just sign Odom!

  • WeLoveIt

    How about signing Andre Miller?
    He would be a better pickup instead and give us solid pg play.

  • Freshh

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    Lakers can’t offer him the money he’s asking for,
    and IMO I’d pass on A.Miller .

  • candace_parker_hottie

    i bet candace parker is happy with that….i cant believe she married that guy….she shudve married dj bhenga

  • David Regoso

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    ANdre Miller is a guard, Lakers need a powerforward…I think the Clippers should be the one to get Andre Miller Back again:)

  • David Regoso

    WTF SHELDEN SUCS…this guy does better>>> free agent

  • seniornba

    Andrea Miller is going to Portland. That means more trouble for LA, he’s a god point guard that will get the ball to his guys.

  • seniornba

    I meant to say good point guard, not refer to Andrea as if he were celestial.


    wtf is buss thinking WHAT THE FU-CK

  • gus26

    this was a favor to the lakers organization’s other star.. candice parker.. don’t forget the lakers also own the sparks and parker is coming up on a contract year and while the wnba might not be a big money draw.. ok they probably losing money.. knowing that lisa leslie is retiring after this year.. imagine how much more money they would lose should candice walk… the lakers org (sparks) know they have to keep her happy.. if they don’t pick up sun’s contract i could see them signing him to a 1 year deal for the min… this has nothing to do with the LO situation..

  • LakersFirst

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    Jerry Buss sold the sparks in 2006.

  • Evil Empire

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    They could have Congo Cash Kids

  • The Spector


  • Joanna Flores

    i always liked him i think he will be a nice sexy addition to my team!!! Now all we need now is yummy joel pryzbilla and we are set!!!!

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

    Sheldon Williams Break down from

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

  • keith williams

    GOOD FOR SHELDEN!!! He just needs to be on the right team, and be able to be the great role player he can be. The Lakers have enough offense, and Shelden is a defensive specialist.