Lakers wither under Kobe’s glare

Yahoo! Sports: On his way into the losing locker room, the most angry man in the Garden was heard to bellow a spontaneous stream of curses into the ears of his Los Angeles Lakers. As the door slammed behind them, a witness heard Kobe Bryant(notes) screaming that he needed some-bleeping-one to make a stand with him.

The Lakers have been pushed to the edge and Bryant to the brink. Here it was, the most important night of these NBA Finals, a Game 5 with everything even, and it felt like the post-Shaq Lakers with Bryant left to fend for himself. Bryant had gone for 38 points at the Garden, one tough shot after another, a great Celtics defense daring him to make baskets from one more odd angle, one more contested circumstance.

The loneliest Laker had to be Bryant, watching one breakdown after another, a procession of Celtics getting baskets and rebounds and loose balls when they most needed them. He needed someone to grab a defensive rebound, stop Paul Pierce(notes) and get between Rajon Rondo(notes) and the rim.

A little more than an hour after the 92-86 loss, the surliness was gone, replaced with pursed lips and a glare gone to Game 6 now. Bryant wore unlaced high-tops for an ankle that had been hurt again as he walked to a waiting bus on the loading dock.

“We’ve regressed since Game 1,” Bryant confessed to Yahoo! Sports. “Our defense belongs on milk cartons in the last two games.”

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  • kobe-wan kenobi

    lakers got soft again
    after 2 years of commenting about revenge, LO Gasoft did not learn shit
    they still gets soft and get owned by the celtics
    lakers can play great defense at times
    too bad they cant do it cdonsistently and especially in crucial moments
    tuesday which lakers team will show up?
    the one that can win by 20 or the one that will be blown out like in game 6 of 2008?

    shameful display of softness against the celtics…

  • laker16

    the lakers will show up tomorrow night…theres no way boston celebrates at staples…one game at at time lakers u got this!..GO LAKERS!!!!

  • lakershow2010

    the lakers’ over-reliance on gasoft has always been an issue..when he gets swallowed the entire team just shells up and hopes for kobe to bail them out..they need to run the offense much more through kobe

    • Quidnunc

      You are an idiot.

  • Robert

    OK … I’ll say it now — LeBron joins Kobe with Lakers this summer!
    Don’t get mad now, TLN …
    If the Lakers were to lose (yes, I still believe they will win it all – they have to), the ONLY way to save the Lakers franchise would be to get one of the SuperStars here. (I ain’t talking about Boozer, etc. – I mean one of the Super All Stars).
    If not, Buss will lose LOTS of $$$. The Lakers brand will drop in value if they don’t get another franchise player. Trust me – $30 Million is a drop in the bucket compared to the loss in $$$ from having a disappointing finals loss, losing popularity in a World Wide Brand. The Lakers make so much from their label, Buss would have to sign a big gun to keep it alive in the hearts of the World. That would be the only way to erase a tragic loss (again, I’m bucking for the Lakers to win it all this year, so don’t get me wrong about this).
    These next 2 games will determine the future fate of the Lakers. If they win it all, the Lakers just retool slightly, get rid of baggage, sign a ‘regular’ all star, and make another title run. If they were to lose – look for big change. Why else do the Lakers have a ‘small’ roster? They play only their main players, and a few off the ‘remaining small’ roster (only 13 there, as opposed to 15 for most teams, including Boston). Lakers management wanted to see if they could win it all with this smaller group, but kept a small roster in anticipation of the summer of 2010 (also, Buss was already over the luxury, and cap).
    So, KEEP THE FAITH, TLN — Lakers will win it all! If for some reason they wouldn’t — some ridiculous reason – then there will be the creation of the next Lakers dynasty coming this summer.

  • Robert

    More to say – I’m beginning to think that this series has more to do with Kobe’s legacy, as most of TLN has voted on in the recent poll.
    The Lakers will survive no matter what happens, but Kobe needs this win to move forward with his run on MJ as the greatest player ever. Agreed that if the Lakers overhaul the roster, and get another big star, Kobe would get at least 2 more rings, but it wouldn’t quite be the same.

  • Laker s Army

    Its ass hole La mar never stepping up. Pau seems a little tired and overwelmed. Artest need s\to step up and fisher play Allen or Rondo some one need s to gaurd this fool.
    Whats the deal with the bench ? If they all suck why didnt Mitch make some trades. Luke was hurt all season and Sasha not even the same player he was.
    Shannon is lost dribble all over the place and can only dunk. Josh Powell when is he used ? Ammo is useless and Mobenga is like a bell hop. Where is the bench.
    Boston has Nate Mike f baby Rasheed and they thugs are hard and play like we can spank these little BITCHES.
    Only Kobe has Balls and Drew. The rest need to reach between there leggs and feel there balls. Play like fucking you just got out of county jail and someone is doing your wife and you have been in the pen eating shit for 2 years.

  • Robert

    One more comment – a TLN blogger posted the real source behind all this drama:
    The Celtics are a SOULLESS team.
    They are the personification of evil in the basketball world. The Lakers, of course, represent all that is good and pure about basketball. The Celtics represent what can be considered a ‘winning’ attitude, but at the cost of integrity and sportsmanlike ethics. They represent the Beast.
    The Lakers (from Minneapolis) were around ‘first’, and were the first champion franchise. Then the Celtics came around and bullied them in the 60s. Ask Jerry West (one of the greatest players of all time) how it felt. He was the Knight of the 60s.
    Magic was the Knight of the 80s, and successfully vanquished the evil Celtics, at the time, once and for all. That is one of the reasons Magic is so revered here in LA. He conquered the Beast.
    Now it’s Kobe’s turn. He has a chance to be the Knight of the new century. But his minions (the other Lakers) are cowering. Another similar Knight (LeBron James) could not vanquish the evil Beast. And neither could the Super Knight (Dwight Howard).
    If the Beast survives, it will be years of sadness and grief. The Beast MUST be conquered now.
    Sir Kobe, you have fought valiantly. It’s time to tap into the soul of basketball legends who are part of the Circle of Great: The Big Dipper (Wilt Chamberlain), Coach (John Wooden) & Captain (Kareem), our legend Knight Sir Magic, and of course the great Jerry West who anointed you — time to gather up all the greatness that IS basketball, and vanquish the Beast ONCE AND FOR ALL.
    DO IT!

    • LakersMike31


    • kobe all the way

      You are f***ing moron. F***ing a** hole like you disgrace lakers. Catch your spirit a** hole!!!!

      • Robert

        You are obviously a useless shard cropped off from the likes of the Beast.
        Kobe will vanquish you too.

  • 151RUMMER

    You know what?…..I dont blame Kobe if he demands to be traded if they lose again. This could have been his 7 th ring…..and although leaving wouldnt change any of that….u gotta feel bad for the guy whether ur a fan or not. I mean come on…..the Lakers have the best talent by far of any team…..but they have no heart! I still believe thay can pull this out w/ a game 7 victory. Its almost like they need to have their backs up against the wall in order for the team to respond. But thats the difference between Kobe and the other guys…..he brings it every nite, they only do it on rare occasions! Can u even imagine how great this team would be if half of these guys played with the fire and passion Kobe does? SCARY!!!!!

  • Mr.Laker

    I feel sorry for Kobe honestly. Ive questioned the last few games if he could even take over like he once could. Last night he did… and it was in vein. He left it on the floor and his teammates watched him. Artest who was brought in because he was hungry and was tough and could play good defense. I watched him get pushed down by skinny azz Rondo. Then let Pierce torch him. Then miss all but two shots, didnt finish on a breakaway. Got fouled and then missed both freethrows. Odom, who basically held out at the beggining of the season because he felt like he was worth more money, played a ok game but i would of liked to see him step up on D after being destroyed by big baby in game 4. Pau… smh, he pissed me off. He is still Pau Gasoft until he beats the Celtics in a series, no matter what he does. For him to get blocked from behind by Tony Allen shows he went up soft and deserved to not make the shot. Fisher is Fisher, he is going to be what he is. Old, but effective down the stretch. He made a great play to tap that ball, thats what he does, kobe got it, pushed it down the court. Thats all they can do. They cant do it all. When you have only TWO players that rise to the ocassion consistently comapred to a team who has bench players waitng for a opportunity to step up (dont get me started on our bench) you cant win. The whole team has to want it. Not just two guys. I have lost faith in this team. I will not watch game 6. They have to earn my eyes back after this performance. I am disgusted…

    • laker16

      make sure u dont come on here tuesday night after the lakers win to brag about how big of a fan u r….or how u knew the lakers were gonna force game 7 and win…real fans dont lose faith man, last i checked its the first team to win 4 games

      • LakersMike31

        It’s not about losing faith, it’s about feeling cheated when you back a team with your heart and soul, and only one of them shows up in the biggest game of the year. Losses are part of the game, no doubt. But not showing up when the stakes are this high is unacceptable. There are all types of fans, bro. We come in all different shapes, sizes, and dispositions.

        • laker16

          but to not even watch game 6??…i understand game 5 was terrible to watch but at least we have another shot at home to win, but u cant just throw in the towel like that…its not like the next game is in boston its here in LA, stay positive and keep rooting for them.

          • LakersMike31

            I understand. But I feel his pain. I’ve had to turn games off because of disgust. Remember X-mas against the Cavs? Lakers didn’t show up that game, either. I had to turn that off, b/c games like like can ruin my day, weekend, etc. Can you imagine how it would feel this summer losing to these Celtics…AGAIN? But it’s more than that. Teams don’t deserve blind adoration. I think they have to earn it. Think about how much time we devote to the Lakers throughout an entire season, year after year? The LEAST we expect from our team is that they play hard at all times. All day long on sportstalk radio, the main point has been the that the Lakers are being outworked. To some fans, that’s not acceptable. These Lakers have to earn their fanbase. Not by beating cupcakes like Orlando, but by beating the Celtics. It would be a different tune if the Lakers played their tails off, and were beaten by a better team. But you couldn’t have watched that game and reasoned that the Lakers gave it everything they had. I know I couldn’t.

          • mr.laker

            First, you dont determine who is a real fan or not. I only did this one other time in my life and that was game 7 in 2006 when we were up on Phoenix 3-1 and they came back. They didnt deserve my eyes then and they certainly dont now. The pain I feel from watching them is too much. I cant dare to watch them lose when they dont even play there best. Im more of a fan than anyone. I take it on the chin everyday in St. Louis where most people hate the Lakers for no reason. Ive been a fan all my life and I know ima true fan. By the way, I have a ticket to the Cardinals game tomorrow in box seats that i would of STILL given up if they competed yesterday. But they didnt so im goin to the game. If that makes me not a fan in YOUR eyes i dont really give a shit and you can personally kiss my ass. Ill celebrate if they win and cry if they lose regardless

  • bdmf

    i know kobe will be ready
    but idk about the other lazy fukers

  • bdmf

    I wudnt mind losin the finals
    but to the CELTICS!!!!
    those biatches are gonna be talkin real smack if they win

  • http://lakersnation cgris

    i still think the nba is fake this Sh!t is goining to game 7 and its going down to the final minutes of the 4th.

    • LA-in-7

      You idiot, NBA is NOT >WWE

  • getgasol

    “a witness heard Kobe Bryant(notes) screaming that he needed some-bleeping-one to make a stand with him.”

    I agree. Kobe did everything in his power to save that game. All he needed was someone, anyone, to step up and help him. Kobe, as great as he is, can’t do it on his own. No one can. And NO ONE else on the Lakers showed up that night. Not Gasol, not Bynum, Artest, Odom, Fisher, the bench, no one. No one else even scored in double figures. Ridiculous. If one other player just played even a DECENT game, the Lakers would have won.

  • gugy

    You guys are freaking out too much.
    When the Lakers lost game two I just wanted them to win at least one game in Boston and bring Paul Pierce back to LA. That happened.
    So, next 2 games will be at our court. If we win game 6 we will be in a great position. Game 7 is anybody’s game.
    All that said, I hope the Lakers can regroup and the “team” show up and not only Kobe. PJ needs to work out on the psyche of the team and bring the best out of these guys. Specially Mr. Lamer Odom.
    Have faith guys. Some of you are too quick giving up.

  • gugy

    One more thing, Kobe lashed out at the players. If they have the balls they will prove him wrong and get this win at game 6.
    This is not over until it is really over. Giving up now is just a sign of being a bandwagon fan.



  • justdogm1

    if kobe would pass the damn ball,5 on 1 never works kobe,no matter how great you think you are you are not JORDAN.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      you are an incredible IDIOT
      did u watch the game?
      NOBODY else was doing anything, if kobe did not try to take over the freaking game lakers lose by 30
      GASOFT cant create a shot for himself, he cant even get free enough to receive the ball!
      watch the fucking game retard
      LO is the usual braindead ghost talked for 2 years about getting revenge on boston, and now he is as soft as a mango jelly
      bynum is injured
      fish does whatever he can, unfortunately sometimes it is not enough
      artest…oh well choking big time
      u fukking hater, i am sure if kobe kept passing the ball and we lost by 30 you would have said he did not step up, he choked
      KOBE FIGHTS ALWAYS, he has the heart of a champion
      and pains me so much seeing this team riuning another ring for the lakers and for kobe.

      yeah kobe aint jordan, mainly because he does not have PIPPEN and RODMAN and KERR, instead he has gasoft, LO and farmar
      here u go


      • Josh Herrington

        justdogm1. Kobe did play 5 on 1 and only lost by 6. Celtics aren’t a championship team by far.

        • gameplan

          justdog!!!kerr is a pure shooter, rodman is a rebounding prowess and pippen is a defensive artist not artest, and jordan is like kobe it means their a complete team.

  • mr.laker

    What pisses me off is I can still hear Ray Allen saying “Another win in LA”… why do I feel like im more mad and I have more intensity then most of the players on the team??

  • williedebo

    Listen, the Lakers need to STEP UP, but Kobe NEEDS to have that glare. In fact, here is the pregame speech that Kobe needs to deliver:

  • Touch ME

    Watching nostradamus run from this site cuz he know LA is losing it makes me very sad, no guts i guess. He is the hero of lakersnation who let us all down. He’s been missing since LA lost game 4. Well its been nice chatting with ya. Nostra if u cant handle the heat don’t bring the ice.

    • LakerLand Nostradamus

      I did not run away f-a-g.
      I am not like you that wish the Laker demise at every turn and lie saying is a Laker hater. Be at least a man and assume you are a Boston idiot.
      I stand by my prediction that you are indeed a F-A-G!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!

      • Touch ME

        WOW YOU ARE BACK ! I am not a Boston fan, I have no respect for that team. I just know when a team is better. It’s ok Nostra if you want to change your mind and admit the C’s will win at least 1 out of the next 2 games I understand nobody is perfect. I am happy that we won it all last year, but I don’t want to see LA lose so we become fake champions.

        Ill make you this bet, if Boston win the whole thing you break your crystal ball, If LA win it i will personally write an apology letter to you and all Lakersnation for having little faith and huge doubt.

        If you reject this bet or not reply, Ill take it as if you are admitting im not a fag and Boston won it.

        • LakerLand Nostradamus

          I don’t need to change my mind. I am not a bandwagon fan. I bleed purple and gold. unlike you that just wish the worse to my team.
          You maybe are not a Boston fan but for sure you are not a Laker fan. Be a man an admit here.
          You can stick your bet right up your @ss! LMAO!!!

  • lakers35

    Lakers still got this
    there’s no reason for panic!

  • lakerfan_4ever

    Kobe is a true warrior, and I can’t believe that I’m more fired up and passionate about this series(no sleeping ’cause the game starts at 2:00 am here in Italy,talking and thinking about it the whole day,wishing I could play at least 5 minutes so I could beat the crap out of ANY Celtics player) than dumba$$ Lamar Odom…jeez,regardless of the outcome of this series I’m totally convinced that Odom doesn’t have the heart,passion or love for this franchise as some of the greatest that ever played for our team.He gives for granted that he ain’t playing for the Clipps or the Heat…this is the LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!…tradition,pride and expecting to excel is what we are about and he doesn’t feel any of that,he should just go and make room for someone that actually cares….when you have an old fart knocking the floor in front of you or clapping his hands taunting you to beat him and you don’t do something about it,there’s gotta be something wrong with you…when a bench player that is way heavier than you, passes you for a layup,he mocks you,he stares at you and you don’t do nothing about it,there’s gotta be something wrong with you…when a punk like Nate Robinson,which is 5’9”,after you give him a foul,stands in front of you and taunts you and you don’t do anything about it,there’s gotta be something wrong with you…I’m done with Lamar…
    However,I’m really confident that our team led by Fish,Pau and Kobe are gonna stand up and win the next 2 games for us…GO LAKERS!!!

  • vivavegas

    We need to bring the fight to them tomorrow!!! Someone please get ejected please!!!

  • gameplan

    I am sorry to say but if the lakers fail let’s close this site for a while, co’z it is gonna really hurt!

  • trippleocho

    I these guys have ANY pride they will not let the Celtics celebrate a Championship win at Staples. If we lose this title, it’s gonna hurt so much for a long time.

  • Touch ME

    WOW YOU ARE BACK ! I am not a Boston fan, I have no respect for that team. I just know when a team is better. It’s ok Nostra if you want to change your mind and admit the C’s will win at least 1 out of the next 2 games I understand nobody is perfect. I am happy that we won it all last year, but I don’t want to see LA lose so we become fake champions.

    Ill make you this bet, if Boston win the whole thing you break your crystal ball, If LA win it i will personally write an apology letter to you and all Lakersnation for having little faith and huge doubt.

    If you reject this bet or not reply, Ill take it as if you are admitting im not a fag and Boston won it.

  • Touch ME

    All right Nostradamus thats your way of saying YES you accept the bet. Make sure when its over, you soften up that crystal ball like gasoft and paint Lamar odoms face on it. You got a lot of guts to guarantee these next 2 games in LA favor. Thats what I like about you. You change your thoughts. I wasn’t even gonna watch the game tonight cuz I have to work, now because of you I will take those hours off. I’m glad you bleed purple and gold, I don’t want Kobes legacy to end in this series and i am not g@y.

    • Touch ME

      I meant you DON’T change your thoughts

  • CraigAnt

    After reading this article again, I’m even more fired up.

    HOW BOUT we take this approach.
    Lakers Fans AT THE GAME…Let’s take a stand with Kobe. If no one on the floor is gonna do it, why not the 7th man (us fans). Get off your hands, stop biting your nails…and lets make some noise. Let’s will our way to this championship.

    Celtics took care of home court…now all we have to do, is the same thing. It all starts with a belief.

    Let’s Go Lake Show!