CBS2: Vladimir Radmanovic scored 14 points and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers’ bench also made a sizable contribution in a 113-93 rout of the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday night.

Kobe Bryant had six points and four assists in 21 minutes and did not play in the fourth quarter after the Lakers built a 23-point lead. Luke Walton had 10 assists.

Derek Fisher was back in a Lakers uniform in front of the home crowd at Staples Center for the first time since Game 2 of the 2004 NBA finals, when Los Angeles beat Detroit 99-91 for its only victory of the series.

The 12-year veteran, who spent his first eight NBA seasons with the Lakers and helped them win three championships, received a warm reception from the fans during the introductions and scored 13 of the Lakers’ first 22 points to help them take a 12-point lead. He played only 9 minutes and sat out the final three quarters.

Gerald Wallace scored 28 points for Charlotte and Jason Richardson added 18.

Wallace picked up his fifth foul with 7:09 left in the third quarter with his team down 74-57, and the Lakers cruised the rest of the way. Their bench held a 73-40 scoring advantage over Charlotte’s reserves at the end.

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  • Ed

    We are the 4th best team in the West. Mark my words the Lakers will be the 4th seed in the west. I’ll even gaurantee that we will have a better record than the Spurs. I’m not saying that we’re better than the Spurs, I’m just saying that we will have a better record, which will put us in the 3RD seed in the West. I gaurantee it!!!!

  • kobe

    i think we will be better than the rockets, jazz, golden state, nuggets so that will put us in 4 th or 3rd seed.

  • http://LAL Jonas Joseph


  • TheLAunit

    Be Forreal, the lakers will be in the 2nd or 3rd place this is why. The lakers will do better against the teams under five hundred this year then they did last year because Phil has them doing more in practice this year, and we all no that the lakers beat dallas, Spurs and the Jazz when healthy. so we will be a better team this year I’m Sure. Chemistry is better, now we need to keep the media out of our business.

  • kevin bryant

    a little bit optimistic by saying that we are going to have a better record than spurs but i hope lakers get 4 seeded this year VIVA KOBE!!!!!!

  • sdsuballa

    Everyone looked good and vlad rad is starting to come around which is a really huge plus, and even farmer had his moments, but we can’t really assume anything until we face a team of formidable competition cuz even though charlotte beat us a few times last year, it’s not reasonable to give a thorough analysis of our team based on the crappy teams we played, so we will see what we are about when Houston comes to town opening night, so far we are coming along people are gaining confidence at the right time and our D is tenacious I love it!

  • BEC

    I like the optimistic views but these six teams: Spurs, Dallas, Suns, Houston, Jazz, and Nuggets are clearly better than us. The Spurs, Dallas, Suns, and Houston have veteran players wholl play consistently night in and night out and will definitely have a better record than us. I think the best seed we can place is the fifth seed, but even thats going to be tough. Not one player on this team except Kobe has proven they can really play on a consistent basis, so realistically I think we’ll place 7th. Jazz have shown they can take care of business and Nuggets just have a much better team than us at this point. If our guys play consistently we can easily get the fourth or even third seed, but that has yet to be proven for the last three years so I wont count on it.

  • kb24 4life


  • MILO

    Let’s not get carried away here!!!I am one of the most optimistic persons in this planet, but i think the Lakers will end up more like in the 6th spot.And yes we do have what it takes to beat Dallas,Phoenix,SA ect let’s just hope the Lakers could grind it out without injuries!!!

  • http://LAL Jonas Joseph

    1. DALLAS
    2. SUNS
    3. SPURS
    6. LAKERS
    7. DENVER

  • Ed

    The Spurs are not known for dominating the league during the regular season. They consistently win 52-57 games a season. I have the Lakers winning 55 games. THE LAKERS WILL HAVE A BETTER RECORD THEN THE SPURS. I GAURANTEE IT!!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    Wow people are optimistic. I think people are taking too much from the preseason. You can’t really take anything that happens in the preseason too seriously. But winning like they did last night, even in the preseason against a bad team, will help with chemistry and confidence. I don’t know why so many people have the rockets as such a low seed. They have the best (yes the best) center in the game who gets better every year and I see no reason why that trend won’t continue. They have a coach that should help with the offensive woes they have been having and their defense should be as good as ever. Scola is the real deal and likely will be one of the top 3 rookies this year (mark that down this guy is good I wish the Lakers could have drafted him he would be awesome in the Triangle, great moving without the ball, good rebounder, good midrange shot). Their biggest problem is some issues at fitting in people at PG. I am going to have them winning anything until McGrady and Yao can prove they can win a playoff game but I think they are clearly contenders this year.

    BEC. On paper Denver looks like a much better club than the Lakers. But I am not sold that they are. Yes they have Melo and AI, Camby but I’m not sold on them yet. THey may end up with more regular season winds than the lakers but I think they are in the same position as the Lakers; they only go as far as their defense takes them and their not much better in that category than the Lakers. Also alot of their playoff success will depend on Martin. And i think he will have a long way to come back after having his knees (correct if I am wrong but I think he had microfracture surgery on both of them, but it could have been two surgeries on one knee) surgically repaired especially for a guy who depends so much on his athletic ability.

    I would put the Lakers at 6th or 7th in the west but that could go up or down depending on health (not only the Lakers but other teams health as well).